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Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

Cupcake Christmas Ornaments are as Cute as…..Well Cupcakes!

I love cupcakes and I love Christmas so when I saw that they were now making cupcake Christmas ornaments I knew the manufacturers were onto a winner! I love the idea of decorating my whole tree in these sweet cupcake ornaments, but I think I’ll just have to settle for a couple to start with (I don’t think hubby will relinquish his footy ornaments being on the family Christmas tree!!)

More and more people are choosing to have themed Christmas trees and I think that a cupcake themed tree would look awesome as either a big, floor standing tree or a small tabletop tree. In fact I think I’ve just thought of how I can have a cupcake Christmas tree – a tabletop tree on our breakfast bar, perfect!

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White Christmas Tree & Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

A Sweet Looking Christmas TreeI think that all of the cupcake Christmas ornaments I’ve seen would look fantastic on a white Christmas tree. I’m sure they’d look okay on any tree, but if you are going for an artificial tree think about a white one – it’ll make your ornaments really pop!

There are so many different cupcake Christmas ornaments available that it’s hard to know where to start so I’m going to start with Santa because we all know he loves eating cupcakes!

Santa Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

Funny Cupcake OrnamentsSanta loves cupcakes so be sure to leave him one on a plate or else he just might dive into one of your cupcake ornaments like he did below!

Jillson Roberts Christmas Cupcake Ornament, Santa’s Favorite

Santa really couldn’t resist this very festive looking cupcake so dived right in – this is a really fun Christmas ornament that I’d love to hang on the Christmas tree …… in fact I think this would have my daughter in stitches!

If you don’t like the pink and white swirl on the cupcake I have seen it in a beautiful green swirl complete with sprinkles and that’s a cool looking one too.

Santa Claus with Glitter Cupcake Body Christmas Ornament

This Santa isn’t diving into any cupcakes, but you know that saying you are what you eat? Well it looks like Santa had so many cupcakes his body turned into one!

This cool Christmas ornament was made by Kurt Adler which you’ll know means it’s a great quality ornament for your tree.

A Cute Hallmark Cupcake Ornament

A Couple Of Cupcakes Hallmark Ornament

Take cupcakes, snowmen and love and you have an ornament worthy of popping on a Christmas tree, add in the fact that this was lovingly made by Hallmark and I’m sold on the need to have this!

Personally I think Hallmark have knocked this ornament out of the park, two cupcakes that are decorated as snowmen even have a festive touch when it comes to their arms – forget sticks, candy canes look cool! Not only is this ornament perfect for a cupcake themed tree I think it would be great to give a couple who are celebrating their first Christmas together or a special anniversary like their 25th Christmas.

Hallmark have created a number of different cupcake Christmas ornaments over the years and here’s a few for you to choose from –

 Hallmark 2010 Oh, so Sweet! Ornament Hallmark 2011 Christmas Cupcake Ornament Hallmark 2012 Christmas Cupcake Ornament Hallmark 2013 Christmas Cupcake Ornament Hallmark 2014 Mom Cupcake Ornament Hallmark 2014 Dad Cupcake Ornament 2014 Hallmark Christmas Cupcakes Ornament 2012 Hallmark Christmas Cupcake Ornament Santa Cupcake 2013 Hallmark Ornament

Cupcake Christmas Ornament Sets

Delicious Looking Ornaments for Your Cupcake Themed Christmas Tree

Sometimes it’s nice to get more than one ornament at a time and there are quite a few cupcake Christmas ornament sets available to purchase, you can choose from ornaments that are all based on a particular color or just go with ornaments that really do look good enough to eat.

Here’s a couple of sets that I particularly like….

Kurt Adler Set of 6 Cupcake OrnamentsKurt Adler Set of 6 Cupcake OrnamentsDept 56 Cupcake Ornament pack of 4 - Colors may varyDept 56 Cupcake Ornament pack of 4 – Colors may vary


So will you be hanging cupcake Christmas ornaments on your tree this year? I’m certainly thinking of it, but I’m not sure if I’ll go totally cupcakes with my decorating as I think I could combine these ornaments nicely with some coffee ornaments and maybe some other sweet things like chocolates, smores etc. I’m going to definitely fulfill my sweet tooth at any rate!

Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornaments - they look like a very festive treat!

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DIY Christmas Ornaments

Make Your Own Unique Christmas Ornaments

DIY One Direction Celebrity Christmas Ornaments

1D Christmas Ornament by Louanne Cox

If you’re after some really unique Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree these holidays then why not make your own? I have quite a few ideas for you on how to create your own ornaments which are not only fun to do, but can help save you money at the same time.

Making your own Christmas ornaments can also be a cool crafting activity to do with your children in the lead up to the holidays. I can remember my brother and I ‘decorating’ pine cones with our parents in the lead up to Christmas and I’ve enjoyed making a few ornaments with my own daughter over the years including the pictured One Direction ornament last year (how quickly they grow up!).

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Let’s have a look at how to make some unique ornaments for your tree from baubles to beads, wooden ornaments to paper…..

diy bauble christmas ornaments

These clear plastic acrylic baubles can be used in lots of different ways to create your very own unique ornaments and they come in a range of different sizes.

Clear Plastic Acrylic Fillable Ball Ornament 80mm

1D Christmas ornamentsMy daughter and I used two of these ornaments last Christmas to create some One Direction Christmas ornaments for our tree (this made not only my daughter happy, but her cousin extremely jealous…..might have to make her one for Christmas next year!). I took some photos so that you could follow what we did step by step, you can actually use the same ideas as us for other ornaments to reflect your own personality.

Let’s have a look at how we started with the photo to the side and ended up with the two ornaments below –

homemade one direction christmas ornaments

Homemade One Direction Christmas Ornaments

How to Make 1D Christmas Ornaments

1d christmas ornamentsWe made two different ornaments and the first step was choosing two images – one was of the band members together and the other was the band logo. We cut out the circles, got the two acrylic baubles and then had to think about what else we could use for the ornaments.

We had some red whistle, party blowers which I thought I could use for the logo ornament and some light blue tissue paper which looked good with the image of the boys. We were ready to put these ornaments together.

First 1D Christmas Ornament

The Logo Ornament

one direction logo ornament

Step One – Take the tape off of these party blowers/whistles so that you’re left with the red ‘tinsel’ type material.

Step Two – Cut the tape part off of the bottom leaving just the red.

Step Three – After placing the logo into one side of the acrylic bauble push the red ‘tinsel’ type of material into the bauble half and then snap the other half into place.

Step Four – Voila! The completed 1D logo ornament for your tree.

2nd 1D Christmas Ornament

The One Direction Photo Ornament

One Direction photo ornament

Step One – Take the image/photo, the tissue paper and the bauble.

Step Two – Place the image in one half of the bauble.

Step Three – Crunch up the tissue paper to fill up the bauble.

Step Four – Snap the two sides together – this is the ‘back’ part of the ornament.

More Ideas for DIY Bauble Ornaments

Homemade Holiday Decorations for your Tree

Great ideas for some diy Christmas ornaments, fun craft ideas to decorate your Christmas tree with.You can adapt the ideas above to use images of your family pets, family members or other idols. There are other ideas that you can use these baubles to achieve however and they include –

  • Adding a small figurine like one you’d get from a Happy Meal.
  • Adding Lego blocks.
  • Adding fabric scraps.
  • Adding wool.
  • One idea I saw recently was taking a spare wedding invitation and cutting it into fine strips and popping it into a bauble as a first Christmas as a married couple idea.

There really are lots of different ideas for filling these baubles and I’ve even found a few more ideas online which you can check out here –

  • Christmas Ball Ornaments – this video shows how to use tape, a page from an old book and a clear glass or acrylic fillable ornament to create your very own unique ornament.
  • Glitter Christmas Ornaments – this video shows how to make simple glitter ornaments that won’t leave glittery remains on the floor by the tree!
  • DIY Disney Ornaments – this video shows how a lady made a few different Disney Princess ornaments, but you can adapt the ideas to include any of your favorite characters.

glass christmas ornaments

Personalizing Existing Christmas Ornaments

If you’re like me you have a lot of plain Christmas baubles to add to your tree alongside your more unique or personal ornaments. You can take some of these and personalize them in a number of different ways.

Our local school sell personalized Christmas ornaments as a fundraiser and they simply get plain colored ornaments and a couple of the parents use glass paint to ‘write’ the names onto the ornaments – this is very simple to do. Another way which is a better idea if you want your children to help is to use stickers to pop the name onto the ornaments.

If you have really young children who’s handprints will still fit on an ornament you could simply apply paint to their hand and get them to carefully hold onto an ornament – also a great gift idea for grandparents. If your children are a little older you could make fingerprint ornaments instead ….. boys particularly seem to like this idea for some reason (or that’s been my experience anyway!)

You can also add glitter to plain ornaments to bring them alive more (although you will find glitter around the tree when you’re putting all of the decorations away). Use glue in a pattern – like a Christmas tree – or a name and then sprinkle glitter onto the ornament so that it sticks to the glue – beautiful!

Make Your Own Glass Christmas Ornaments

Cool DIY Baubles for Your Christmas Tree!

Of course if you’re an aspiring artist you may want to try your hand at painting your own glass Christmas ornaments. Personally I’d probably use a stencil as I’m not confident of my artistic ability! I have seen some handmade marbled glass effect ornaments for sale and they are apparently really easy to do yourself (I’ve yet to try it myself however). If you’re interested here’s a helpful link for you –

Here’s some plain glass ornaments that you can use, the round ones are quite easy to find, but this is the first time I’ve seen the teardrop ornaments available.

 Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments Glass Teardrop Christmas Ornaments 66mm Glass Disc Christmas Ornaments


My daughter just loves Minions for some reason so when I saw someone had made Minion glass Christmas ornaments I just had to check them out. These are fun and easy to make and can be adapted to any number of characters – the ones featured are a Minion, Elmo & Mike from Monsters Inc.

DIY beaded christmas ornaments

I do love some of the beaded Christmas ornaments you can get, some of them can be quite ornate and incorporated into Victorian themed Christmas trees.

Here’s some links for how you can make some homemade beaded ornaments this holiday season –

Of course another option when it comes to making Christmas ornaments with beads is simply to buy a kit and I just so happen to have some available for you below.

This beautiful set includes all the beads you need to make 6 different snowflake ornaments. I don’t know about you, but I love the look of snowflake ornaments on my tree so this kit is one that I definitely recommend!

Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

I would suggest this as a crafting activity for kids from about 7 upwards as these beads can be a little fiddly.

These ornaments also end up looking really nice so you could get your children to make them as gifts for aunts and uncles, grandparents etc.

If you’re a beader with some weaving experience then you might like to try your hand at some of the Miyuki Beading kits and there are quite a few available to make Christmas ornaments from Santa to Angels – here’s a few that I thought you might like –


Miyuki Bead Kit Miyuki Christmas AngelMiyuki Bead Kit Miyuki Christmas TreeMiyuki Bead Kit Miyuki Christmas Santa

diy wooden christmas ornaments

The very first Christmas ornaments I got my daughter to help me make were a diy kit I brought with wooden cut out stars and little mirrors. My daughter was two and a half and decided that out of all the paint colors we had the stars should be purple!

We painted the stars and then I stuck the mirrors on to them and (although they’re very faded now) they still get hung up on our Christmas tree.

Here’s a few kits that you can decorate and then hang onto your Christmas tree this holiday season –

 Unfinished Round Wood Christmas Ornaments Unfinished Wood Lace Snowflake Xmas Ornament Unfinished Wood X-Mas Tree Cutout Ornament


Of course you could always get some plywood or balsa wood and cut out your own shapes to make your own ornaments if you want to.

One of my dad’s friends is a whittler and makes some amazing ornaments, spoons, citrus squeezers etc and I’m sure if you know how to whittle you won’t need any help designing your very own ornaments. If you do whittle I’d suggest making extra ornaments as they could make some very personal and gorgeous gift ideas for friends and family as well!

more homemade christmas ornaments

It’s almost impossible to list all of the different ways in which you can make your own Christmas ornaments. If you know how to cross-stitch or your do embroidery then you can use both of these crafts to stitch your own ornaments. If you have fun with felt then this can also be turned into a Christmas ornament – my daughter actually brought home a felt star she made for our tree one year at school, she was very proud to hang that on the tree!

I’ve added a few ideas here for Christmas ornaments, but I will be adding more to the list in the future so be sure to bookmark this page for when you want some homemade Christmas decorating inspiration.

  • Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments
    I think this idea is absolutely gorgeous and would look perfect on our Christmas tree, I just don’t want to use up our scrabble tiles!
  • Wooden Spool Ornament
    I used to save up all of the spools from thread and make things with them when I was younger, but I’d never thought of making Christmas ornaments with them until I saw this page.
  • Almond Bird Christmas Ornament
    This is such a cute looking Christmas ornament that you use a whole almond to make – definitely on my ‘I want to make this’ list of Christmas crafts!
  • Heart Shaped Snowman Ornament
    Another very cute looking Christmas ornament that looks easy to make.
  • Origami Christmas Ornaments
    My daughter learned how to make origami last year and has promised to show me how to make some Christmas ornaments this year, but for now I’ve found this site which has lots of instructions for you.
  • Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament
    At last a way to use up those bottle caps and at the same time create a fun looking snowman Christmas ornament!
  • Yarn Ball Christmas Ornaments
    Using yarn and water balloons can not only be a lot of fun, but also produces some pretty cool homemade Christmas ornaments.

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Beauty and the Beast Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Christmas Ornaments

Does your child love the story of Beauty and the Beast?  Imagine the look on their face if you hung some Beauty and the Beast Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree this year.   I think they would probably be awestruck!

The story of Beauty and the Beast has been heralded as the most beautiful love story ever written.   It also has a powerful message that we can teach our children about not judging people by their looks.

I do love seeing my favorite Disney characters hanging on Christmas trees.  If your favourite is Belle and her Beast/Pince then you will want to display these ornaments all year long, not just during the holidays!

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I have actually seen people display their special Christmas ornaments in things like shadow boxes when the tree is down and these ornaments would certainly look amazing like that.

Beauty and the Beast Christmas Ornaments

Castle in the Forest Beauty and the Beast Disney 2002 Hallmark Ornament

This Hallmark Christmas ornament is based on the castle from Beauty and the Beast and has a special lighting effect.

By attaching a clip, which is located inside the base of the ornament, to a lamp socket, you can see this beautiful castle all lit up.   I think this makes the ornament even more magical, don’t you?

This next Belle Christmas ornament is brought to you by Disney and Bradford Exchange and is designed to be a collectible for use in many years to come.

Disney Beauty And The Beast Christmas Ornament: by Hawthorne Village

This is an absolutely gorgeous Christmas ornament that will cause children everywhere to stare at it with their eyes open wide – why? Well, the ornament actually moves!

The plates and napkins ‘dance’ around the table when you gently pull on the rose – now that’s what I call an extra special Christmas ornament!

The boring details are that it comes with a certificate authenticating your ornament (great for collectors, personally I just love the ornament certificate or not!).

This ornament also measures 5 1/2″ high.

Beauty & the Beast Christmas Ornament Set

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Storybook Ornament Set

This beautiful set of Christmas ornaments comes in a bound storybook box in which to keep all of these ornaments safe. It also looks sensational which makes it a fantastic gift idea.

I do like the idea of a set as it’s a great way of filling up the tree quicker than by simply having individual ornaments!

More Beauty and the Beast Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Belle Christmas Ornaments

 Hallmark 2014 All Eyes on Belle Beauty and the Beast Ornament 2014 Beauty and the Beast Princess Belle Christmas Ornament Belle Sketchbook Ornament – a Disney Princess Christmas Ornament Belle’s Grand Entrance – A Disney Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Beautiful Belle – Disney Beauty and the Beast 2013 Hallmark Ornament The Enchanted Rose Disney 2011 Hallmark Ornament

Beauty & the Beast Christmas Ornaments - a lovely Disney Princess Christmas ornament idea

Hi I’m Louanne from Christmas Tree Ideas, welcome to my blog! I just wanted to let you know that this post may contain affiliate links which means, at no cost to YOU, that I might receive compensation if you purchase something through a link on my site. In the online world this is called ‘affiliate marketing’ and is a very common way that bloggers make their money, if you want to find out more then check out this post to find out what is affiliate marketing and how we make money on this site,  If you want to see my full affiliate disclosure and the other ‘legal stuff’ then click here.

A Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree

Celebrate the Holidays with a NFL Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree This Year!

What makes a perfect Baltimores Ravens Christmas tree? Obviously you need some Raven’s Christmas ornaments, but it’s more than that you want the tree to be totally decked out in your team colors.

Check out the tabletop tree opposite, not only are there Ravens decorations on the tree but also purple and gold ornaments as well.

You can actually buy a ready made table top Baltimore Raven’s Christmas tree (just below), but imagine decorating a large family tree – that’s the sign of a true Ravens fan and I’m going to help you in your quest to bring a touch of Raven style to your holidays!

NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases – more information below

A Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree for the Office

A Desk Top NFL Christmas Tree

Tabletop Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree

Tabletop Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree

This Baltimore Ravens 16 inch tree set is usually available on Amazon, but at the moment I can’t find any available online – I will provide a link when this changes.

If you’re after a small Baltimore Ravens Christmas tree for the office then this is an ideal one to purchase (when available) and if you’re not ‘allowed’ to decorate the family’s Christmas tree like a true Ravens fan then you could even have one of these in your home office, heck my uncle used to have one for his team on his car dash!

Christmas Tree Lights

Adding Light to Your Baltimore Ravens TreeNow the first thing I string up on my Christmas tree when decorating are the lights – I know some people don’t have lights on their Christmas tree, but I love them and so does my daughter which means they’re staying! Now some NFL teams do have their own Christmas lights available, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any for the Baltimore Ravens.

Sylvania 100-Count Purple Halloween Lights Set with Black Wire

You can however get purple Christmas lights that you can hang on to your tree, some of them are a little on the pinky side of purple though. The ones I’ve featured here are purple Halloween lights which I think are perfect and come on a black wire.

Now you don’t have to just use Christmas string lights on your tree for a lighting effect as some of the Christmas ornaments you can get are light up ones as you’ll see when we get on to ornaments so skip these lights if you want.

Do You Hang Tinsel on Your NFL Tree?

Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree – Alternatives to Tinsel

After the lights the next thing we hang on to our tree is the tinsel, but the past few years we’ve actually used alternatives to tinsel occasionally and for the perfect NFL Ravens Christmas tree I think alternatives are a great idea.

There’s no ‘official’ Ravens tinsel on the market, although you can get tinsel in lots of different colors if you love the look of tinsel otherwise check out these products –

 Baltimore Ravens Pennant String (3 foot) Baltimore Ravens Mardi Gras Beads with Medallion


Now I bet you never thought about hanging pennant string from your tree, but if you have a big enough tree I think this will be an awesome idea – just wrap it around like you would tinsel and you won’t need many ornaments. The other great thing is that you can use this pennant string to decorate your home during the rest of the year which is always a bonus.

When it comes to beads I have been using a long string of beads to decorate my Christmas tree for some time now and it works really well. You can use beads as well as or instead of tinsel. The fact that these beads also come with a team medallion is an extra bonus as it will look like a tree ornament once strung up.

You can use both of these ideas together, or none of them… is your Christmas tree after all.

Baltimore Ravens Christmas Ornaments

NFL Christmas OrnamentsNow it’s time for my favorite part of decorating the tree – hanging all of your Christmas ornaments. There are lots of different Ravens ornaments for you to choose from so let’s have a look at the selection I’ve found for you here –

 Baltimore Ravens Street Lamp Christmas Ornament Baltimore Ravens Painted Round Xmas Ornament Baltimore Ravens Stadium Chair Ornament Ravens Metal Street Sign Christmas Ornaments NFL Baltimore Ravens Silver Star Ornament Baltimore Ravens Logo Candy Cane Ornament Set Baltimore Ravens Glass Snowman Player Ornament NFL Zombie Christmas Ornament Baltimore Ravens Glass Football Player Ornaments Baltimore Ravens Team Sayings Ornament Set Ravens Glass Gingerbread House Ornament Vintage Burlap Ornament Set -, Baltimore Ravens


Topping Off Your Baltimore Raven’s Christmas Tree

Of course you can’t finish off the tree without a tree topper can you? Forget about the traditional star tree topper than you likely grew up with and look at this cool star tree topper with the Baltimore Raven’s logo standing proud, this is the perfect way to top off your Raven’s tree!

Glass Star Treetopper – Baltimore Ravens

Finishing Off Your Baltimore Raven Tree

Now all that’s left to do is to add a tree skirt or something similar… the ideas here depend on if you have a real tree or an artificial tree. If you’ve gone for an artificial tree then you’re going to have to go for a tree skirt – or leave it plain. To be honest I have an artificial tree and I usually don’t put a skirt on it.

If you did want to use a tree skirt then I can’t source a Baltimore Ravens tree skirt so the best thing would be to get a plain one in either purple, black, gold or white.

If you have a real Christmas tree then there are a few ways we can ‘Raven’ up this tree!

Depending on the size you can pop the tree into a Baltimore Ravens pail (like the one featured below) that has sand or soil in it.

Another alternative is to use a plain bucket (or whatever you usually put your Christmas tree into) and use Baltimore Ravens wrapping paper to cover it.

As kids my brother and I used to always wrap the bucket our Christmas tree was ‘planted’ into with Christmas gift wrap and it was almost as much fun as decorating the actual tree! Again if you wanted to you could just use paper in team colors, but I have sourced some NFL Baltimore Ravens gift wrap for you (below).

 Baltimore Ravens NFL Metal 5 Quart Pail NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Gift Wrap


Of course you can always add other ornaments to your tree such as ‘generic’ football ornaments or use other items to personalize your tree like ticket stubs from games, there’s really not hard and fast rules when it comes to creating an awesome Christmas tree.

How to create a Baltimore Raven's Christmas Tree

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How to Create a Coffee Lovers Christmas Tree

Coffee Christmas Ornaments – Add Some Java to the Holidays!

Funny Coffee Ornament

If you love that heavenly aroma of freshly brewed coffee, that little shiver of anticipation just before you take your first sip and then the java-licious flavor meets your taste buds and for just a second (or longer if you’re lucky) you’re transported from your hectic kitchen, busy workplace etc to a tiny piece of paradise then you’re a true coffee lover.

All true coffee lovers deserve to be able to declare their affection for this humble beverage during the holidays and what better way than by hanging coffee Christmas ornaments on their tree?

I like the idea of bags of coffee beans hanging on the tree, but that’s quite a waste of coffee beans when you could be turning them into that elixir we all love, but luckily there’s lots of different types of coffee ornaments you can hang on your tree instead.

I have selected some of the best coffee ornaments for your Christmas tree here and whether you can theme your whole tree around them or whether you have to limit yourself to just one I’m sure you’ll find a perfect ornament right here. I’m married to a tea drinker so I have to limit myself to just one (or 2 or 3 or…..) ornaments on our tree as opposed to a whole coffee themed tree!

Plain Colored Christmas Baubles for a Coffee Themed Tree

What Filler Ornaments Do You Need?

Before we get to the gorgeous coffee ornaments you have to think about what other ornaments you might want to buy. If you’re planning a tabletop tree then you can simply add a few coffee ornaments and it’s decorated, but a big tree…….You’re probably going to need some filler ornaments so that your tree doesn’t look too bare.

Using plain ornaments in colors that compliment your theme you can make your tree look full without having to get too many specialized ornaments. If you’re looking at a coffee themed Christmas tree then you need to look for brown, beige, cream, champagne and gold colored ornaments as these will keep up the warm feel of the tree and look good with the rest of your ornaments.

12ct Matte Mocha Brown Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments


There are different shades of brown that can be used and I like to buy my filler ornaments as sets like the bauble styled ones (pictured to the side) as this is much more affordable.

Sometimes you can get sets that include ball style ornaments with finials, icicles and onion shaped ornaments and these are great for adding more depth to your tree.



8ct Chocolate Brown Shatterproof 4-Finish Finial Christmas Ornaments


These delicious chocolate brown colored finial drop ornaments come in four different finishes – matte, shiny, glitter and holographic which just helps to add a feeling of texture to the tree as well.




As you can see from the selection below there are lots of different sets of coffee ornaments available to add a little ‘java flavor’ to your tree!

Set of 6 Coffee Break Latte, Espresso and Java Glass Christmas Ornaments


Buying sets of ornaments does help to fill out your tree quicker than buying individuals and this set of 6 cute coffee bauble ornaments are perfect.




Coffee Christmas Ornaments (Set of 4)


Ornaments actually shaped like the coffee’s you’d order when you’re out with friends look great among the more ‘usual’ bauble style ornaments.

Another idea for using on a coffee themed tree is children’s tea set cups. If you have a child who’s grown out of having tea parties with her dolls then you can take the cups from the set, add ribbons and tie them onto your tree.

Fun Coffee Ornaments

I love some of the fun sayings that seem to accompany coffee and I loved it when I saw that you could incorporate some of these onto Christmas ornaments as well.

So perk up and add a touch of fun to your Holiday Java decor!

 Christmas Coffee Cups Ornament I DONT DO DECAF – Coffee Ornaments Coffee Ornament with Quote

More Coffee Ornaments for the Holidays

There are lots more ornaments you can get for your coffee themed tree, I could fill pages for you, but I hope that I’ve managed to give you a little taste as to how good your tree could look.

If you still want to look at more ornaments then check out this post –

Coffee Christmas Ornaments – this post has options for ‘coffee to go’ style ornaments as well as ornaments for all of the different styles of coffee from Lattes to Espresso and more.

Extra Ideas for a Very Java-licious Tree

When it comes to a coffee themed tree you don’t have to stick to just coffee, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. One example is teaspoons – who has coffee without a teaspoon to stir it? Simply tie teaspoons to your tree for a hint of silver or use plastic teaspoons painted in festive colors.

Another idea is to add a little something sweet to your tree to compliment your coffee – I always like a slice of cake when I’m meeting ‘the girls’ for coffee so you could add cupcake Christmas ornaments, donut Christmas ornaments etc to your tree as well.

If, like me, you share your Christmas tree with a tea drinker then you can always have a tea and coffee themed Christmas tree and add a joyous plethora of tea ornaments scattered among your coffee ones (make sure there’s more coffee represented though!).

Will You Be Celebrating Coffee on Your Tree?

If you’re a coffeephile then I hope you’ll give at least a little nod to your favorite caffeine source on your Christmas tree even if it’s only one ornament.

Coffee Christmas tree ornaments

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