London Town Christmas Ornaments

london christmas ornaments
London Christmas Ornaments

Let’s look at how to decorate your Christmas tree with a London theme this year. We can use ornaments that represent London’s icons along with other cool ornaments that represent different parts of old London Town.

So what does a London Christmas tree look like to you? Well for me I think you just have to add London icons link Big Ben and the Tower Bridge along with the Queen’s Guards and Beefeaters. I also don’t think you can avoid adding a few British icons such as the red telephone boxes, union jack and red double decker buses, but that’s just me. What are you waiting for let’s start exploring what London ornaments are available…

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London Ornaments at a Glance

London Combo Christmas Ornaments | Big Ben Christmas Ornaments | Beefeater Christmas Ornaments | The Tower of London Christmas Ornaments | Tower Bridge Christmas Ornaments | Queen’s Guard & Buckingham Palace Christmas Ornaments | Red Telephone Box Christmas Ornaments | London Bus Christmas Ornaments | London Eye Christmas Ornament | Houses of Parliament Christmas Ornaments | Vintage London Christmas Ornaments | More Ideas for a London Inspired Christmas Tree

London Combo Christmas Ornaments

There are so many different things that represent London that if you want to just add a single ornament to a tree you might find it hard to know whether to go for Big Ben, beefeaters, red buses or something entirely different. Luckily for people who can’t decide (and actually don’t want a whole London themed tree) then we have some London Combo Christmas ornaments for you – I call them this because they combine a few different London elements into one ornament.

 Kurt Adler Glass London City Ornament, 5-Inch 3D London Christmas Ornament Kurt Adler 5-Inch Glass London City Ornament

Big Ben Christmas Ornaments

London’s Famous Clock Tower

Big Ben is one of the widely recognized symbols of London, much like we recognize the Eiffel Tower as belonging to Paris and the Sydney Opera House belonging to Sydney when we see a picture of Big Ben we instantly think of London. What better image is there to hang on a London inspired Christmas tree than this big clock tower that was built during the 1850s and is the largest four faced chiming clock in the world.

When you visit London you are actually obligated to take a photo with Big Ben … well okay I just made that up, but most people do!

 Kurt Adler Noble Gems Glass Big Ben Ornament City-Souvenirs London Big Ben Christmas Ornament

Beefeater Christmas Ornaments

London’s Yeoman Warders

Beefeaters are an iconic sight in London where they were originally tasked with safeguarding the Tower of London and in particular the Crown Jewels. Their official name is the Yeoman Warders and they were formed way back in 1485 by the first Tudor King of England – Henry VII. These days Beefeaters act as a tourist guide and are regularly photographed by tourists to London.

 Beefeater Tower of London Guard – Polish Glass Christmas Ornament

The Tower of London Christmas Ornaments

As I said above the Beefeaters were originally tasked with the job of guarding the Tower of London which is now a tourist attraction in London, partly for people who want to see the Crown Jewels and partly by people who want to know about the Tower’s long, dark history.

 Tower of London Ceramic Ornament

Tower Bridge Christmas Ornaments

London’s Tower Bridge, not to be confused with London Bridge, is another iconic sight in London and I just loved watching the bridge open up whenever I visited London as a child. It seemed so big and imposing that I wondered how it managed to open up so easily to allow ships to pass through.

How could you have a London inspired tree and not include at least one ornament of the Tower Bridge?

 Tower Bridge, London During Day Christmas Ornament Tower Bridge, London Metal Ornament London Tower Bridge Christmas Ornament

Queen’s Guard & Buckingham Palace Ornaments

Right Royal Christmas Ornaments!

Lots of people come to London in hopes of seeing the Royal family. When I was growing up Buckingham Palace wasn’t open to the public, but now it’s a popular destination to visit. What was (back when I was living in the UK) and still continues to be a popular event for people to watch is the Changing of the Guard. The Queen’s Guard is definitely another icon of London and makes a pretty cute looking Christmas ornament as well.

 London Palace Guard Christmas Ornament Buckingham Palace Christmas Ornament Queens Guard-Blown Glass Ornament


How to create a London Themed Christmas Tree

Red Telephone Box Christmas Ornaments

A British Icon

The red telephone box is an iconic image of the UK and so has really earned it’s place on your ‘London’s Calling’ Christmas tree.

 Santa Claus with British Telephone Box Christmas Ornament Old World Christmas English Phonebooth Ornament London Phone Booth with Sherlock Holmes Christmas Ornament

London Bus Christmas Ornaments

Although red double decker buses are seen around Britain, in fact I used to take one to college every day in Dorset when I was younger, they are also seen as an icon of London along with the black taxi cabs. I must admit that when I returned to England after living overseas for 9 years it was the sight of a red double decker bus from the airplane as we were circling that tugged at my heart and made me excited to be back!

 City Tour Bus Blown Glass Ornament Kurt Adler GLASS LONDON BUS ORNAMENT London Bus Christmas Ornament

London Sights – Old and New

From the London Eye to the Houses of Parliament there are popular London destinations which are available as Christmas ornaments for your tree. London has been a settlement since Roman times which means there are lots and lots of places in London that mean something special to someone, not just the iconic tourist destinations. Let’s check out old London town…

London Eye Christmas Ornament

A relatively new attraction to London (in terms of London’s history that is) is the London Eye which opened it’s doors in 2000. Despite only being around in this millennium the London Eye has quickly made it’s mark as a recognizable London attraction which is why it’s also available as a cool Christmas ornament.

 London Eye Ferris Wheel Landmark Christmas Ornament

Houses of Parliament Christmas Ornaments

London’s Houses of Parliament is also known as the Palace of Westminster and the site was originally built in the eleventh century where it was the primary London residence for England’s Kings until it was destroyed by fire in the 16th century after which it became home to England’s Parliament. The Houses of Parliament that you can see today were rebuilt in the middle of the 1800s and are pictured in these Christmas ornaments-

 Houses of Parliament in London Ornament London Pride Houses of Parliament Metal Ornament Houses of Parliament, Westminster Ornament

Vintage London Ornaments

London has been around as a settlement since Roman times when the very first London Bridge was built (mere yards away from the modern London Bridge sight). This means that there are lots of old buildings and historical sights which represent London and here are a few vintage images of them. Buildings such as St Paul’s Cathedral, The Royal Mint, The Old Bailey etc.

 Ludgate Circus, London Metal Ornament The Royal Mint, London Metal Ornament The Royal Exchange, London Metal Ornament The Old Bailey, London Metal Ornament View of Smithfield Meat Market, c.1905 Metal Ornament Old Covent Garden Market, 1825 Metal Ornament View of Covent Garden Market, 1900 Metal Ornament London Thames Vintage Map Ceramic Ornament St Paul’s Cathedral pen and ink drawing Metal Ornament

More Ideas for a London Inspired Christmas Tree

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