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So Who Is Christmas Tree Ideas?

Our Christmas TreeWe’ve loved Christmas time for as long as we can remember as soon as the Christmas lights go up in the shopping malls and the window displays start to include tinsel, trees etc and the radio plays Christmas music we go to our happy place!

Decorating the Christmas tree is something we love to do each year, adding special ornaments and reminiscing about Christmases past as we sip hot chocolate and listen to some of our favorite Christmas tunes at the same time.

Setting up a website for Christmas tree decorations was a no brainer, it’s fun and we love it, however we are also running the site in order to be able to pay for our own holiday season (and the rest of the year too!) in other words for us it’s a job, even though it’s also fun!   This leads me to let you know about the legal stuff – our affiliate disclosure in other words.

Affiliate Disclosure

If you click on any links on this site or purchase any products from this site then we may be paid a commission for it.   For our full disclosures and legal stuff check out our disclosure page.

More Christmas Fun

Once you’ve got your tree sorted there are a few other things you make be after like Christmas cards, gift idea and even Christmas gift wrap.   We have a few links here which might make your life a little easier….

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We hope your holiday season is a great one for you and those you hold dear – Merry Christmas!

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