Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Aurora Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever thought about hanging some Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornaments on your tree? The idea of a prince kissing you awake has been the stuff that little girls have dreamed of for years. You could turn your Christmas tree into the type of fairy tale tree that young girls dream of by adding some of these beautiful Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornaments.

Whether you choose to have a whole tree dedicated to Sleeping Beauty or whether you just add a few Sleeping Beauty ornaments to your tree your holidays are bound to be full of sweet dreams with this gorgeous selection.

Beautiful Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Holiday Ornaments

You could stick with just Princess Aurora on her own like with these ornaments or you could add other characters from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale as well.

Disney Store Aurora Christmas OrnamentDisney Store Aurora Christmas OrnamentDisney Sleeping Beauty Christmas OrnamentDisney Sleeping Beauty Christmas OrnamentLenox Aurora Sleeping Beauty Cameo OrnamentLenox Aurora Sleeping Beauty Cameo Ornament


Of course for those of us who remember the story it all started at Aurora’s christening so an ornament or two featuring her fairy godmothers might be a good touch. I’ve found a couple which feature Disney’s favorite godmothers, Flora, Fauna & Merryweather.

Disney's Sleeping Beauty 'Flora, Fauna & Merryweather' Set of 3Disney’s Sleeping Beauty ‘Flora, Fauna & Merryweather’ Set of 3Disney Sleeping Beauty - Her Fairy Godmothers Christmas OrnamentDisney Sleeping Beauty – Her Fairy Godmothers Christmas Ornament


Of course what is a fairy tale without a villain? The witch that cast the spell to send Aurora to sleep was Maleficent and it may be that you’d like to hang her on your Christmas tree, not sure that I’d want her celebrating the holidays with me, but….

Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent OrnamentDisney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent OrnamentDisney Parks Maleficent OrnamentDisney Parks Maleficent OrnamentDisney Maleficent Christmas OrnamentDisney Maleficent Christmas Ornament


Of course all Disney fairy tales that feature Disney Princesses just have to have their own Prince and so we have some Aurora and Philip ornaments for your tree right here, starting with the one when Aurora’s true love kisses her and breaks the spell waking her up from her long, deep sleep.

True Love's Kiss - Disney Sleeping Beauty Hallmark Keepsake OrnamentTrue Love’s Kiss – Disney Sleeping Beauty Hallmark Keepsake OrnamentDisney's Sleeping Beauty 'Prince Philip and Aurora' Ornament Set of 2Disney’s Sleeping Beauty ‘Prince Philip and Aurora’ Ornament Set of 2Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip Disney Sleeping Beauty Hallmark OrnamentPrincess Aurora and Prince Phillip Disney Sleeping Beauty Hallmark Ornament


Of course if you can’t decide which ornaments to get, and let’s face it with so many choices it can be a little over whelming, then you can just start off with a set of ornaments like this gorgeous one I’ve found below for you to enjoy.

Disney's Sleeping Beauty Storybook Christmas Ornament SetDisney’s Sleeping Beauty Storybook Christmas Ornament Set


If you’re after more Disney Princesses be sure to check out my Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments post.

Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornaments

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Disney’s Little Mermaid Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Ariel Christmas Ornaments

The Little Mermaid Christmas tree ornamentsChristmas trees don’t usually adorn the sea bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the undersea home of the Disney Princess Ariel on your tree this holiday season with these Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments.

The selection of Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments that are available to buy are a beautiful addition to any Christmas tree. They really do add a lovely touch of the nautical to the holiday season.

These ornaments will also make any little Ariel fan’s eyes light up in delight (almost as much as after Santa has been). Decking the tree with ornaments that various members of the family will adore just makes your holiday decorating even more special.

Hallmark Little Mermaid Christmas Ornaments – Disney Princess Ariel Christmas Ornaments

This Little Mermaid Christmas ornament features Ariel with her two friends Flounder and Sebastian who are helping her decorate her very own coral Christmas tree. As an aside I do love the idea of using coral as a Christmas tree!

Little Mermaid Ariel 2009 Hallmark OrnamentLittle Mermaid Ariel 2009 Hallmark Ornament

To me this ornament really captures Ariel in her natural environment and always brings a smile to my face when I see it.
I love the way that Flounder and Sebastian are ‘helping’ to decorate the ‘tree’ by draping pearls over it while Ariel adds the star (or is that starfish?) to the top.
If I could only have one of these ornaments on my tree this is probably the one I would pick



Ariel’s Dream – Another Hallmark Christmas Ornament

This set of two Hallmark Christmas ornaments represents Ariel wishing she had legs so that she could be with Prince Eric who she had fallen in love with upon first sight.

Ariel's Dream 2008 Hallmark OrnamentAriel’s Dream 2008 Hallmark Ornament

A great representation of the two sides of Ariel – the princess with legs and the little mermaid.
This represents a great set of Christmas ornaments for any little girl who wishes she was Ariel, I’ve found over the years that little girls in general either want to be a princess or a mermaid and as Ariel was both then I’m not surprised as to how popular she is 🙂



The Little Mermaid Christmas Ornament Set

Disney's The Little Mermaid Storybook Ornament SetDisney’s The Little Mermaid Storybook Ornament Set


This beautiful set of Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments comes in a bound storybook box to keep them safe. It also looks very impressive so would make a gorgeous gift for someone who loves Disney’s Princess Ariel. The set includes Ariel in two different poses, her father, Sebastian the crab, her best friend Flounder and more.

I know not only a very little girl who would love this as a gift, but also a few ‘not so young girls’ who would love to have this set for their tree. You could hang these ornaments on any tree – a real one, an artificial one in green or white, but what I would love to do is to get a pale turquoise colored table top tree to represent the ocean and hang these ornaments on it.

There are so many different Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments available to purchase that it’s impossible to add them all here. I do think that the ornament set is ideal if you want your whole tree to be a Little Mermaid or a fairytale nautical theme.

I have featured a few more below and be sure to check out the other Disney Princess ornaments available if you want to tree dedicated to all of your royal favorites.

Hallmark Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel OrnamentHallmark Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel OrnamentHallmark Ornament: Disney's ArielHallmark Ornament: Disney’s ArielDisney's 'Ariel with Eric' Ornament SetDisney’s ‘Ariel with Eric’ Ornament Set

Gorgeous selection of Disney's Little Mermaid Christmas Ornaments for a gorgeous under the sea inspired Christmas tree.


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Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments

Gorgeous Bull Terrier Christmas ornaments - how can you pick just one?Are you looking for Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments? I absolutely love these Christmas ornaments because of a beautiful dog I used to have. Let me tell you the story while we look at some gorgeous Bull Terrier Christmas ornaments together.

When I was first married my hubby and I got our first dog together, her name was Shelly. She was a cross between a Bull Terrier and a Fox Terrier, she was as nosy as a Foxie and as stubborn as a Bull Terrier!

Finding these Bull Terrier Christmas ornaments online are a fantastic reminder of our Shelly who passed away a few years ago.

My hubby met Shelly before me when she was holding on to the lead of a fully grown German Shepherd dog (she was only a few weeks old) and taking it for a walk. The shepherd saw hubby come in and took off with our Shells trying to pull him backwards – very unsuccessfully. Well my hubby was hooked!

That day he picked me up from work and said ‘you’ve got to meet this dog’, well our Shelly was always a very bright dog and this was evident when we first walked into the SPCA. I knelt down slightly and she bolted towards me and did a running jump straight into my arms, obviously I was a goner Shells was getting adopted!

She had been named Shelly after a schoolgirl who had raised money for the SPCA when they were visiting local schools and we thought we’d keep the name as I imagine that little girl would have been so proud 🙂

Pit Bull Terrier Sleigh Ride Christmas OrnamentBlack & White Staffordshire Bull Terrier OrnamentPitt Bull Terrier Christmas OrnamentBrindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier OrnamentCute Christmas Bull Terrier OrnamentFawn Pit Bull Terrier Christmas OrnamentAmerican Pit Bull Terrier Xmas OrnamentBull Terrier Christmas Ceramic OrnamentChristmas Pit Bull Terrier OrnamentLittle Drummer Brindle Bull Terrier Xmas OrnamentPit Bull Terrier Miniature Dog Ornament – WhiteStaffordshire Bull Terrier Christmas Ornament

Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments

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Koala Christmas Ornaments

Gorgeous Koala Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

Christmas Ornament: Koala

I love decorating the Christmas tree every year and I like to have a diverse collection of Christmas ornaments on my tree as well. This year I’m going to add a koala Christmas ornament to my tree – have you thought about hanging koala ornaments on your Christmas tree?
Australia’s cuddliest ambassador certainly makes for a gorgeous looking addition to the holiday decorations.
We have a kangaroo ornament on our Christmas tree at the moment, but I can’t believe that I haven’t added a koala before, especially when I see what gorgeous ones are available.


Cute Koala Christmas Ornaments

Here’s a few koala ornaments that you can purchase online for your Christmas tree – they’re just so cute I think I’d like all of them!

Old World Xmas Koala OrnamentKoala Bear OrnamentWildlife Koala Polish Glass OrnamentPlush Koala Christmas OrnamentKoala Bear Christmas OrnamentMerry Koala Hallmark Ornament


Make Your Own Koala Bear Christmas Ornaments – Cute DIY Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree

Mini KOALA Thread CROCHET Bear PATTERN by Edith Molina

If you know how to crochet you could even make your own koala bear ornament with this pattern –
This koala is only 2″ tall which makes him ideal to hang (or perch) on a Christmas tree either an Australian themed one or just a plain cute Christmas ornament!

Another way of making your own koala Christmas ornaments is with these crewelwork ornament kits –

“Kris Koala in a Skate” Crewelwork Ornament Kit“Kris Koala Plays Golf” Crewelwork Ornament Kit

Each of these kits make a 3-D ornament of a koala bear. The embroidery is sampler in style and uses many different stitches to create a very interesting piece that will be cherished for years to come. Everything that you need to make these ornaments is included in the kit so it’s also a cool gift idea to give to older children as a Christmas craft in the lead up to the holiday season.

Cute koala Christmas ornaments

More Koala Ornaments

Cute Koala Bear Pictures on Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are ready to hang and basically have images of the cute little koalas on them.

cute koala snowflake pewter christmas ornamentkoala bear square metal christmas ornamentCorrosive Koala Round Metal Christmas Ornament

These next ornaments are cute cartoonized versions of koalas and are available with a range of different background colors and even different backgrounds altogether so if red or green aren’t the colors you’re looking for be sure to look at the other backgrounds these are offered on here.

Koala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas Ornament

I absolutely love all of these ornaments and am torn about what one to get for our tree this year. I think I’ll probably get one of the cartoon koala ornaments first and then decide on what other one to add to it. Will you be adding a koala to your Christmas tree?

Gorgeous selection of koala Christmas ornaments

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Red & White Christmas Trees

Making Your Candy Cane Christmas Tree!

Are you over green this year? What about having a red and white Christmas tree? Red and white is still very festive – think candy cane. Now I do have an actual red and white Christmas tree for you below, but the easiest way to obtain your own red and white tree is to use either a red Christmas tree or a white Christmas tree.

Let’s take a look at how to create YOUR perfect red and white Christmas tree and be the envy of all your friends and family.

How to Make Your Red and White Christmas Tree

First of all you need to decide if you’re going to start with a red tree or a white tree. I think red trees look awesome, but the white trees are a lot easier to find and as far as decorations go……do you know how many red Christmas tree ornaments there are???

I am going to start with the red tree, but you can jump ahead to the white if you wish.

Red Christmas Trees

There are lots of red Christmas trees available, but I’ve kept my selection to three for you. All of them are different in shape so you should see one that suits you.

6.5′ Pre-Lit Red Hot Tinsel Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree – Red Lights

This 6.5ft tall Christmas tree not only looks festive all lit up, it’s also a narrow tree which means it’s perfect if you’re living in an apartment and space is at a premium.

It’s a pre-lit tree with 300 red mini lights and the great thing about these lights is that if one of the bulbs stop working it doesn’t effect the others and as both the lights and tree are red you don’t really notice the odd ‘non-working’ bulbs like you do with some trees. If you find it ‘too red’ with the lights and tree you can add some clear or white lights to the tree before you add your ornaments, but I do like a little red holiday cheer myself!

Vickerman Pre-Lit Fir Tree with 100 Mini Lights, 3-Feet, Red

This fir tree shaped Christmas tree is the type of traditional tree that my hubby prefers, although convincing him to get a red one will take a bit of doing!

Vickerman make a lot of artificial Christmas trees and have a great reputation as well.

This particular style of red tree comes in a range of sizes to suit so i the 3 foot one I’ve featured here isn’t the right size for you just click on it anyway and choose a different height from 3 ft up to 14 ft (if available at the time of clicking).

Vickerman B101361 Christmas Trees, 6′, Red

I do love the whimsical shape of this Christmas tree, there’s just something about it that appears almost magical and that’s before you even turn on it’s lights and add any ornaments!

Now all of these Christmas trees are pre-lit so there’s no need to worry about lights which is great. Just choose the one you prefer, personally I like the whimsical looking tree that I’ve featured last, but I know my hubby would go for one of the more traditional shaped trees.

Now it’s time to decorate which means…………….

White Christmas Decorations

The white of these ornaments against the red of the tree is going to make your Christmas tree ‘pop’ this year. Start off with finding your perfect white Christmas tree topper whether you prefer a Christmas star or Angel tree topper it’s up to you. Next it’s time to find some cool white Christmas ornaments to add to your red tree for a stunning red and white themed Christmas tree.

White Christmas Tree Toppers

I’ve included the more traditional Christmas angel tree topper for you to enjoy, but I’ve also found a fun snowman tree topper that is (mainly) white, but also has a red hat – what could be better for a red and white Christmas theme?!

Kurt Adler 10-Light 9-Inch White Angel TreetopSnowman Head with Red Santa Hat Glittered Christmas Tree Topper

I personally think the snowman head Christmas tree topper is priceless.

White Christmas Tree Ornaments

There are a lot of different white Christmas ornaments you can use from icicle style ornaments and snowflake ornaments to a range of others including traditional baubles, finials and more.

125-Piece Club Pack of Shatterproof Ice Palace White Christmas Ornaments

There are so many fun ornaments available in the classic white color that I’ve actually written a page that encompasses quite a few of them that you can check out below.

Adding white ornaments to a bold, red tree gives a great red and white Christmas tree effect which makes quite a statement.

  • White Christmas Ornaments
    I love hanging white Christmas ornaments on the tree because they make me think of snow! This selection of Christmas ornaments will help you to have a white Christmas if that’s what you’re dreaming of!


White Christmas Trees

If you’re thinking of going with a white Christmas tree instead of a red one you’ll certainly find them much easier to source, here’s some for you to choose from now –

4 Ft. Pre-Lit Clear White Indiana Spruce Tree2′ Pre-Lit Snow White Artificial Christmas TreeVickerman 6 ft unlit Sparkle White Spruce Pencil Tree

Now if you’re thinking ahead for future Christmas tree themes I do have to say that a white Christmas tree does lend itself to a lot more theme ideas than the red Christmas tree does. If you want to see some of the other themes that you can use for future years then check out the page I wrote on white Christmas trees –


Red Christmas Tree Decorations

Now that you’ve chosen your white Christmas tree it’s time to find some red decorations to dress it up with. I’m going to first show you some red Christmas tree toppers which will add the finishing touch to your tree very nicely. Next I’m going to show you a range of red Christmas ornaments which will help to add their holiday brightness to your tree.

Red Christmas Tree Toppers

Red is one of the perfect colors for Christmas as it’s a very warm and cheery color as you can see in these gorgeous Christmas tree toppers I’ve found for you.

Red Star Christmas Tree TopperRed Christmas Angel Tree Topper


Red Christmas Tree Ornaments

A white Christmas tree can be used for lots of different colored ornaments, but to create that classic candy cane red and white look you’ll need to add red ornaments.

96ct Red Shatterproof 4-Finish Xmas Ball Ornaments

There are lots of different red Christmas ornaments to choose from including the traditional ball style of ornaments that I’ve selected here as well as icicles, snowflakes, finials and more.

There’s such a wide selection of ornaments available in this traditionally festive color that I’ve even compiled a collection of them on the page below which I think you’ll enjoy browsing through for ideas.


Red & White Christmas Tree

Red & White Christmas Tree

Red & White Christmas Tree

While we’re talking about red and white themed Christmas tree what about a combined red and white tree like the one above? This is actually for sale and I think it looks awesome, don’t you?

Youngcraft Christmas Tinsel Pop Up Tree 5′ Red

Now I think it’s awesome, but I’m not sure if I could add any ornaments to this tree, if I had room I would have this tree in the hallway and another one in the family room complete with ornaments galore (because I do love decorating my tree!)
This tree is described as a pop up tree which are usually really easy to assemble, but I haven’t actually seen this tree to be able to let you know whether or not it is as easy as most pop up trees.
The design is said to represent a candy cane swirl which is very festive, but it also reminds me a little of a light house so I’d love to use this in combination with lighthouse ornaments one year as I think it would make a great themed tree, but initially as I said above I’d just use it as it is.


Red & White Christmas Ornaments

Beautiful on Any Christmas Tree!

Now there are some ornaments which you can use on either your red or white Christmas tree and they are these beautiful red and white ones.

Using red and white Christmas ornaments is also a way in which you can ‘ease in to’ a red and white Christmas – pop these on to your tree and get the feel for the color scheme…..maybe next year? There are lots of different red and white Christmas ornaments to choose from and you can even add candy canes to your tree to fill it out along with plain red and plain white ornaments – so many different options.

Vickerman 5-Piece Candy Cane Ornament SetVickerman Red & White Ball Ornaments3ct White with Red Polka Dot Xmas Ornaments

Are you going to go for a red and white Christmas celebration this year?

Red and White Christmas Trees

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