Pink Christmas Ornaments

Buy Pink Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree!

pink Christmas ornamentsI must admit until a few years ago I wouldn’t have thought of putting pink ornaments onto my Christmas tree, but times have changed! One of my most popular selling Marilyn Monroe Christmas ornament was a beautiful pink color which is what first got my attention.

The next thing that got my attention was a display in a small baby shop where they had two table top silver Christmas trees one was decorated in blue ornaments the other in pink. The pink and silver tree actually looked very nice indeed, I only wished I’d had my camera with me on that day.

Now I can’t decorate my own tree in pink and silver, methinks my hubby would definitely have something to say about that! I can, however, add a few pink ornaments if I like…………………………and I have found a few very nice ones on my travels.

I’ve found some great pink ornaments for you to look at, so what are you waiting for – scroll down and start enjoying my pink Christmas ornaments collection.

Pink Christmas Ball Shaped Ornament Sets

If you’ve decided that you want to have a pink themed Christmas tree then you have to make a few decisions, namely are you going to have all different shades of pink or primarily the pastel pinks or the hot pinks etc. The next step is to decide if you’re going to have another theme alongside the pink theme this could be a ‘baby girl’ theme, a shoe theme, a ballet theme, shopping theme etc. Whatever decisions you make a couple of sets of plain ball styled pink ornaments are great as a starting point like these ones here –

Pink Magenta Sequin and Glitter Xmas BaublesShiny and Matte Pink Glass Ball Christmas OrnamentsShiny Bubblegum Pink Christmas Ball Ornaments

Pink & Black Christmas Ornaments

Pink and black go together really well and you can add both pink Christmas ornaments and black Christmas ornaments together on a tree and highlight with ornaments like this funky animal print pink and black Christmas ornament.

Pink and Black Iridescent Animal Print Glitter Christmas Ball Ornament

Pink & Green Christmas Ornaments

Pink and green go well together as well especially a bright pink with lime green.

Candy Fantasy Pink Polka Dot Christmas Ornament

This Christmas ornament shows that green and pink work really well together for a fun themed Christmas tree and I must admit I love this particular pink ornament.

You could combine this ornament with other plain pink, green or blue ornaments to make a statement

Green Polka Dot Christmas Ornament

You can also add a few lime green ornaments that pick out pink in their dots like this one to compliment your plain pink ornaments and the dotty one above.

Lime green and bubblegum pink is certainly a very ‘fresh’ color combination and works incredibly well on a white Christmas tree.

This is a combination I would never have thought of if I hadn’t seen it in a local department store in the lead up to Christmas last year – my daughter particularly loved it as it does have a youthful ‘feel’ to it as well.

Pink Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Snowflakes are a classic Christmas ornament and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can get pink ornaments that are decorated in snowflake designs. As well as snowflake decorated pink ornaments you can also get pink snowflakes for your Christmas tree and I must say I love the shocking pink snowflake below – it’s funky!

Bubblegum Pink Glitter Snowflake Ornaments (24)Dazzling Pink Snowflake Design Finial OrnamentsFuschia Pink Mirrored Snowflake Ornament

More Pink Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments come in lots of different shapes and sizes and here’s a few for you to look at –

Chandelier Icicle Crystal 38mm, Pack of 20 (Pink)Hawaiian Glass Christmas Ornament Pink PlumeriaPink Acrylic Diamond Hanging Ornament

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my pink Christmas ornaments – do you have a favorite? I have quite a few, but I must admit the hot pink polka dot with green and blue dots ornament is pretty funky ……. my dd would like the Fuschia Snowflake Ornament.

Pink Christmas Ornaments
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New Orleans Saints Christmas Ornaments

Create Your Very Own New Orleans Saints Christmas Tree

Create a New Orleans Saints Christmas tree that fans will love with a few New Orleans Saints Christmas ornaments.

New Orleans Saints Christmas Tree

If you’re a fan of the New Orleans Saints then why not decorate your Christmas tree in New Orleans Saints Christmas ornaments?   It’s time to decorate your Christmas tree in black and gold New Orleans’ style with a dash of white in the mix too.

This Louisiana football team are based in New Orleans (no surprises there!) and pay tribute to the city’s French heritage with their team logo – the fleur de lis which is often associated with French royalty. I bet you never realized that adding your team colors to your tree could add an aristocratic touch to it did you?

There are a few ways in which you can celebrate Christmas in Saints fashion, one is buy having a table top tree (like in the picture here), another way is to get a tree in your team colors – yes it does exist! Another way is to simply add Saints Christmas ornaments to your ‘usual’ Christmas tree and maybe an official tree skirt as well……

A New Orleans Saints Christmas Tree

A Black & Gold Team Colors Tree

Did you know that you can actually get a Christmas tree in black and gold team colors? It really makes a statement, but unfortunately it no longer seems to be available to purchase anywhere that I look (I will be keeping my eye out for you, however). The tree actually consisted of a black tree with gold lights which got me thinking – why not create your own team tree?

Black Artificial Christmas Twig Tree in Burlap Base

The great thing about having an artificial Christmas tree is that you don’t have to go out and get one each year simply get it out of the attic/garage/wherever you keep your Christmas decorations and it’s ready to decorate.

Now add the gold Christmas lights to complete your New Orleans Saints tree, it looks just as good as if you’d brought a pre-lit one in team colors.

Set of 50 Gold Mini Christmas Lights

One advantage is that you can add other colored lights if you want to use it for a Halloween tree one year as well as keeping it decorated as a Saints tree for the festive season.

New Orleans Saints Christmas Ornaments

Now it’s time to add ornaments to your Christmas tree, because let’s face it a tree is naked without ornaments on it! Here are some specific New Orleans Saints NFL ornaments for your Christmas tree, but remember you can also add plain black and gold Christmas ball style ornaments on your tree as well and just add a few of these ornaments. Sometimes it’s nice to add extra team ornaments every year as long as you have some ‘filler’ ornaments to stop the tree from looking empty.

NFL New Orleans Saints Silver Star OrnamentNFL New Orleans Saints Gingerbread HouseNew Orleans Saints Official NFL OrnamentNew Orleans Saints NFL Diving Santa OrnamentNFL New Orleans Saints Train OrnamentNew Orleans Saints Player Christmas OrnamentNew Orleans Saints Jolly Snowman OrnamentOfficial NFL Saints Stadium Seat Christmas OrnamentNFL Licensed Top Hat Snowman Ornament

Sets of Saints Holiday Ornaments

Sometimes if you haven’t got any themed ornaments to start with it can be a great idea to purchase a set of two instead of individual ones and I’ve found some cool sets for you to choose from.

NFL New Orleans Saints Ball Ornament (Set of 12)New Orleans Saints Burlap Ornament Assortment, 4New Orleans Saints 31 Pack Xmas Ornament Set

New Orleans Saints Tree Topper Idea

What Do You Put On Top of a Saints Themed Christmas Tree?

Now I haven’t been able to find a tree topper, but there are a few different ideas that you can use depending on your talents. If you can use a needle and thread then you could buy an angel or Santa tree topper and sew a dress/Santa outfit in Saints colors to dress them in.

Alternatively I think a Christmas Santa hat is a cool idea or a foam finger – I’d go with the Santa hat myself, but I think my hubby would prefer a foam finger on his team’s tree!

NFL New Orleans Saints Black #1 Fan Foam FingerNFL New Orleans Saints Santa Hat

Support A Different Team?

That’s Okay I’m Sure They Have Christmas Ornaments Too!

If you support a different football team then check out what ornaments you can get to celebrate them on Christmas Tree Ideas, Who’s Your Team. From the Arizona Cardinals right through to the Washington Redskins that page has you covered.

If you’re in a household like mine you all support different teams which can get a little problematic when it comes to decorating in team colors – my ideal solution is to get separate trees, but for now we just have an equal number of ‘our teams’ ornaments on the family Christmas tree!

New Orleans Saints Christmas Tree

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Great Coca-Cola Christmas Ornaments

Have a Coca-Cola Christmas!

coca-cola christmas ornamentsIs there anything quite as refreshing as a cold glass of coca-cola on a warm summers day? If like me and millions of others around the globe you enjoy the odd coke or two then you might be interested in hanging a few coca-cola ornaments on your Christmas tree.

When I was growing up we used to have a glass of coke at Christmas, a coke float when we went out for family birthday dinners and sometimes when on holiday in Europe (although the request for coca-cola often got lost in translation and would result in fanta or some other fizzy drink!). This made coke seem like a very special drink and as Christmas is a special time of the year it totally makes sense to add an ornament or two onto the Christmas tree.

Some Great Coke Christmas Ornaments

I must admit that I hadn’t realized until a couple of years ago that you could get Coca-Cola Christmas ornaments and then when I looked for them I couldn’t believe the range that was available.

It would be very easy to deck your whole tree in these ornaments and still not add all of them, this really could be a great idea to start collecting……

Let’s start with just a few coke ornaments for you to enjoy.

Coke Bottle Cooler OrnamentClassic Coca-Cola Can OrnamentCoca-Cola Six Pack Ornament

Coca-Cola Train Christmas Ornaments

I don’t remember trains featuring in any of my Christmases growing up and yet they seem to be very much a part of Christmas these days. I’m not sure where the tradition of having a train running around the tree came from although I did read an interesting article about it a couple of years ago which seemed to suggest the tradition started in the 1950s or 60s in the American mid-west. I have no idea if this is correct, but I do know a lot of people who love to have a train of some description on or under their tree each year.

Luckily if you don’t have a train set you can still have a train ornament in keeping with the coke theme to pop onto your tree, in fact there’s more than one to choose from –

Kurt Adler Coca-Cola Train OrnamentEnescoCoca-Cola Choo Choo Christmas OrnamentCoca-Cola Happy Holidays Train Christmas Ornament

The Coca-Cola Polar Bear Ornaments

Now although I wasn’t aware of these ornaments until a couple of years ago I had been paying tribute to coke on our tree for a little while thanks to the Coke Polar Bear.

Here are some cool ornaments celebrating these cute animals, although none of them are like the ones that I hung on our Christmas tree – I’ll tell you about them in a moment!

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Cub on Ice OrnamentPolar Bear Cub in Coca Cola Christmas OrnamentCoca-Cola Polar Bears and Cubs OrnamentsCoca-Cola Polar Bear on Bottle Opener OrnamentCoca Cola Polar Bear CollectionPolar Bear Collection Coca Cola Downhill Sledder

My Plush Coke Ornaments

coca-cola polar bear christmas ornamentsThese ornaments (I have two of them, but only one is in the photo) weren’t actually supposed to be Christmas ornaments, but were plush coke polar bears that Burger King in New Zealand were giving away many years ago as a promotion. I thought they were absolutely gorgeous and one year I popped them on our Christmas tree and as my daughter loved that idea they’ve been popped on our tree several times over the years.

Last year they actually couldn’t fit on the tree (my Christmas ornament addiction caused me to have to leave some of the ornaments in the box until I ‘work’ on my husband to let me have another tree) so they were put on the sideboard instead right next to some plush animals we have managed to acquire who sing carols when pressed!

There are lots of different Coca-Cola ornaments that you can get to add to your tree, far too many for me to list on a single postlike this one, but I do have to let you know that if you’re fond of that fat, jolly old fella we call Santa then you can actually get ornaments that celebrate both coke and him.

Coca-Cola Christmas Ornaments

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S’Mores Christmas Ornaments

Add a Sweet Flavor to Your Christmas Tree with a S’Mores Ornament!

What do you get when you take graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows and put them together? S’mores of course and what could be better than a s’more? S’more and S’mores of s’mores of course!

If you’re a fan of this sweet camping treat (and who isn’t really?) then maybe you’d enjoy decorating your Christmas tree with s’more inspired ornaments. Sweet is certainly one word to describe these ornaments although I prefer to say gorgeous as they really are.

In the introduction you can see a very basic s’mores Christmas ornament, but my favourite are the ones that seem like a cross between a s’more and a marshmallow snowman. If you haven’t seen these before then you’re in for a treat and if you have …… well if you’re like me you’ll enjoy checking them out again.

I think these ornaments look good combined with a variety of other ornaments or as an addition to a camping inspired Christmas tree, a chocolate inspired Christmas tree or even on a snowman inspired tree.

Chocolate Shop S’mores Dangle Christmas Ornament

Here you can purchase the ornament we featured in the introduction – it’s a great way of reminding yourself of the ingredients required to make s’mores at home.

Graham crackers – check
chocolate – check
marshmallows – check
taste buds salivating – check!

If you only get one s’more ornament then this is certainly a great one to consider.

There are certainly lots of different S’more ornaments available and the number increases every year so let’s have a look at a few cool ornaments that I’ve found for you…

Celebrating ‘Firsts’ With S’mores Christmas Ornaments

Our First Christmas Together | Baby’s First Christmas

These two ornaments are a sweet way of celebrating special occasions in your life …

S’mores ‘Our 1st Christmas’ Christmas OrnamentS’mores ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ Ornament

More S’mores Christmas Ornaments

S’mores Can Do Anything!

You can get S’mores ornaments doing just about anything from decorating the Christmas tree to playing a musical instrument and more, here are a few fun hobby inspired s’mores ornaments for you to enjoy….

S’mores Gardener Christmas OrnamentS’mores In Fishing Boat Christmas OrnamentS’mores Camo Hunter Christmas OrnamentS’mores Poker Player Christmas OrnamentS’mores Ballerina with Shoes Christmas OrnamentS’more Ice Skater Christmas Ornament

Some of My Favorite S’more Ornaments

As I’ve said there’s lots of these to choose from, in fact you could not only decorate one Christmas tree with nothing but s’mores ornaments, you could probably decorate two and not have any double ups!

Let me show you a few of my favorites….

S’mores Character in a Hot Cocoa Mug Christmas Ornament

I really like this ornament as I think it looks cute, it also makes me think of Christmas.

In my house I love to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa on Christmas Eve while I’m wrapping up gifts to pop into the Christmas stockings. I think that’s why this ornament really appeals with me because I feel like it was designed with me in mind!

Set of 2 S’mores Santa Christmas Ornaments

This set of two ornaments appeals to me because I’m a big kid at heart and I do still love Santa.

I think the s’mores character makes the cutest Santa, don’t you? I love the Santa sign and as for milk and cookies……we’re talking classic Christmas.

These ornaments deserve to be on a Christmas tree this holiday season which is why they’re also a couple of my favorites.

S’mores with Penguins Christmas Ornament

Why is this one of my favorite ornaments? Well I think penguins are cute that’s why!

I’m not sure why it should be on my tree, I just like it!

I hope you enjoyed my ‘sweet’ collection of ornaments and that you’ve got more ideas for creating a fun themed Christmas tree. Of course you don’t have to just have s’mores on your Christmas tree you could use s’mores along with camping inspired ornaments to remind yourself of summer holidays, alternatively just have a favorite foods inspired tree. Your choice of Christmas tree theme is limited only by your imagination so have a little fun this holiday season.

S'Mores Christmas Ornaments

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Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

Cupcake Christmas Ornaments are as Cute as…..Well Cupcakes!

I love cupcakes and I love Christmas so when I saw that they were now making cupcake Christmas ornaments I knew the manufacturers were onto a winner! I love the idea of decorating my whole tree in these sweet cupcake ornaments, but I think I’ll just have to settle for a couple to start with (I don’t think hubby will relinquish his footy ornaments being on the family Christmas tree!!)

More and more people are choosing to have themed Christmas trees and I think that a cupcake themed tree would look awesome as either a big, floor standing tree or a small tabletop tree. In fact I think I’ve just thought of how I can have a cupcake Christmas tree – a tabletop tree on our breakfast bar, perfect!

White Christmas Tree & Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

A Sweet Looking Christmas Tree

I think that all of the cupcake Christmas ornaments I’ve seen would look fantastic on a white Christmas tree. I’m sure they’d look okay on any tree, but if you are going for an artificial tree think about a white one – it’ll make your ornaments really pop!

There are so many different cupcake Christmas ornaments available that it’s hard to know where to start so I’m going to start with Santa because we all know he loves eating cupcakes!

Santa Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

Funny Cupcake Ornaments

Santa loves cupcakes so be sure to leave him one on a plate or else he just might dive into one of your cupcake ornaments like he did below!

Jillson Roberts Christmas Cupcake Ornament, Santa’s Favorite

Santa really couldn’t resist this very festive looking cupcake so dived right in – this is a really fun Christmas ornament that I’d love to hang on the Christmas tree …… in fact I think this would have my daughter in stitches!

If you don’t like the pink and white swirl on the cupcake I have seen it in a beautiful green swirl complete with sprinkles and that’s a cool looking one too.

Santa Claus with Glitter Cupcake Body Christmas Ornament

This Santa isn’t diving into any cupcakes, but you know that saying you are what you eat? Well it looks like Santa had so many cupcakes his body turned into one!

This cool Christmas ornament was made by Kurt Adler which you’ll know means it’s a great quality ornament for your tree.

2013 Hallmark Cupcake Ornament

A Couple Of Cupcakes 2013 Hallmark Ornament

Take cupcakes, snowmen and love and you have an ornament worthy of popping on a Christmas tree, add in the fact that this was lovingly made by Hallmark and I’m sold on the need to have this!

Personally I think Hallmark have knocked this ornament out of the park, two cupcakes that are decorated as snowmen even have a festive touch when it comes to their arms – forget sticks, candy canes look cool! Not only is this ornament perfect for a cupcake themed tree I think it would be great to give a couple who are celebrating their first Christmas together or a special anniversary like their 25th Christmas.

Hallmark have created a number of different cupcake Christmas ornaments over the years and here’s a few for you to choose from –

Hallmark 2010 Oh, so Sweet! OrnamentHallmark 2011 Christmas Cupcake OrnamentHallmark 2012 Christmas Cupcake OrnamentHallmark 2013 Christmas Cupcake OrnamentHallmark 2014 Mom Cupcake OrnamentHallmark 2014 Dad Cupcake Ornament2014 Hallmark Christmas Cupcakes Ornament2012 Hallmark Christmas Cupcake OrnamentSanta Cupcake 2013 Hallmark Ornament

Cupcake Christmas Ornament Sets

Delicious Looking Ornaments for Your Cupcake Themed Christmas Tree

Sometimes it’s nice to get more than one ornament at a time and there are quite a few cupcake Christmas ornament sets available to purchase, you can choose from ornaments that are all based on a particular color or just go with ornaments that really do look good enough to eat.

Here’s a couple of sets that I particularly like….

Kurt Adler Set of 6 Cupcake OrnamentsKurt Adler Set of 6 Cupcake OrnamentsDept 56 Cupcake Ornament pack of 4 - Colors may varyDept 56 Cupcake Ornament pack of 4 – Colors may vary


So will you be hanging cupcake Christmas ornaments on your tree this year? I’m certainly thinking of it, but I’m not sure if I’ll go totally cupcakes with my decorating as I think I could combine these ornaments nicely with some coffee ornaments and maybe some other sweet things like chocolates, smores etc. I’m going to definitely fulfill my sweet tooth at any rate!

Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornaments - they look like a very festive treat!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.