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Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Aurora Christmas Ornaments

Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornament

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Have you ever thought about hanging some Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornaments on your tree? The idea of a prince kissing you awake has been the stuff that little girls have dreamed of for years. You could turn your Christmas tree into the type of fairy tale tree that young girls dream of by adding some of these beautiful Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornaments.

Whether you choose to have a whole tree dedicated to Sleeping Beauty or whether you just add a few Sleeping Beauty ornaments to your tree your holidays are bound to be full of sweet dreams with this gorgeous selection.

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Beautiful Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Holiday Ornaments

You could stick with just Princess Aurora on her own like with these ornaments or you could add other characters from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale as well.

 Disney Store Aurora Christmas Ornament Disney Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornament Lenox Aurora Sleeping Beauty Cameo Ornament


Of course for those of us who remember the story it all started at Aurora’s christening so an ornament or two featuring her fairy godmothers might be a good touch. I’ve found a couple which feature Disney’s favorite godmothers, Flora, Fauna & Merryweather.

 Disney’s Sleeping Beauty ‘Flora, Fauna & Merryweather’ Set of 3 Disney Sleeping Beauty – Her Fairy Godmothers Christmas Ornament


Of course what is a fairy tale without a villain? The witch that cast the spell to send Aurora to sleep was Maleficent and it may be that you’d like to hang her on your Christmas tree, not sure that I’d want her celebrating the holidays with me, but….

 Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Ornament Disney Parks Maleficent Ornament Disney Maleficent Christmas Ornament


Of course all Disney fairy tales that feature Disney Princesses just have to have their own Prince and so we have some Aurora and Philip ornaments for your tree right here, starting with the one when Aurora’s true love kisses her and breaks the spell waking her up from her long, deep sleep.

 True Love’s Kiss – Disney Sleeping Beauty Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Disney’s Sleeping Beauty ‘Prince Philip and Aurora’ Ornament Set of 2 Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip Disney Sleeping Beauty Hallmark Ornament


Of course if you can’t decide which ornaments to get, and let’s face it with so many choices it can be a little over whelming, then you can just start off with a set of ornaments like this gorgeous one I’ve found below for you to enjoy.

 Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Storybook Christmas Ornament Set


If you’re after more Disney Princesses be sure to check out my Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments post.

Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornaments

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