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Koala Christmas Ornaments

Gorgeous Koala Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

Christmas Ornament: Koala

I love decorating the Christmas tree every year and I like to have a diverse collection of Christmas ornaments on my tree as well. This year I’m going to add a koala Christmas ornament to my tree – have you thought about hanging koala ornaments on your Christmas tree?

Australia’s cuddliest ambassador certainly makes for a gorgeous looking addition to the holiday decorations.
We have a kangaroo ornament on our Christmas tree at the moment, but I can’t believe that I haven’t added a koala before, especially when I see what gorgeous ones are available.

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Cute Koala Christmas Ornaments

Here’s a few koala ornaments that you can purchase online for your Christmas tree – they’re just so cute I think I’d like all of them!

 Old World Xmas Koala Ornament Koala Bear Ornament Wildlife Koala Polish Glass Ornament Plush Koala Christmas Ornament Koala Bear Christmas Ornament Merry Koala Hallmark Ornament

Make Your Own Koala Bear Christmas Ornaments – Cute DIY Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree

Mini KOALA Thread CROCHET Bear PATTERN by Edith Molina

If you know how to crochet you could even make your own koala bear ornament with this pattern –
This koala is only 2″ tall which makes him ideal to hang (or perch) on a Christmas tree either an Australian themed one or just a plain cute Christmas ornament!

Another way of making your own koala Christmas ornaments is with these crewelwork ornament kits –

“Kris Koala in a Skate” Crewelwork Ornament Kit“Kris Koala Plays Golf” Crewelwork Ornament Kit

Each of these kits make a 3-D ornament of a koala bear. The embroidery is sampler in style and uses many different stitches to create a very interesting piece that will be cherished for years to come. Everything that you need to make these ornaments is included in the kit so it’s also a cool gift idea to give to older children as a Christmas craft in the lead up to the holiday season.

Cute koala Christmas ornaments

More Koala Ornaments

Cute Koala Bear Pictures on Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are ready to hang and basically have images of the cute little koalas on them.

cute koala snowflake pewter christmas ornamentkoala bear square metal christmas ornamentCorrosive Koala Round Metal Christmas Ornament

These next ornaments are cute cartoonized versions of koalas and are available with a range of different background colors and even different backgrounds altogether so if red or green aren’t the colors you’re looking for be sure to look at the other backgrounds these are offered on here.

Koala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas OrnamentKoala Round Metal Christmas Ornament

I absolutely love all of these ornaments and am torn about what one to get for our tree this year. I think I’ll probably get one of the cartoon koala ornaments first and then decide on what other one to add to it. Will you be adding a koala to your Christmas tree?

Gorgeous selection of koala Christmas ornaments

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Elephant Christmas Ornaments

Did you know that elephant ornaments are supposed to be lucky? There is one caveat though – the trunks must be pointing up not down, otherwise all of your good luck will ‘fall out’ of the trunk!
Baby Elephant Christmas Ornament with Santa Hat

I think that when Christmas time comes around and we have to overcrowd our home with family members of different personalities a little luck is always a good thing. This means that having an Elephant Christmas ornament is definitely a great idea to use as part of your holiday decor this year!

I love elephants, heck I love most animals (not that fussy about snakes as I have a bit of a phobia, but…) and I think these ornaments look gorgeous. The reason I discovered elephant Christmas ornaments however is thanks to my youngest niece.

A few years ago before my niece hit her teenage years and started to drool over the likes of Justin Bieber and One Direction she loved elephants. I was trying to think of something original to give all of my nieces and I decided to give them all a Christmas ornament that was representative of their loves at that time in their lives. This led to me discovering a range of different elephant Christmas ornaments (along with other types from Twilight to Lego and beyond!).

I’m sharing a few cool ornaments here in case you love elephants yourself, or know someone who would love to hang an elephant on their tree and I should just mention that they can look pretty cool hanging off a ring holder (or ornament tree) all year around!

 Large Elephant Old World Christmas Little Elephant Ornament Large Elephant Polish Mouth Blown Glass Christmas Ornament Elephant Ornament StealStreet SS-UG-HG-682 Flying Elephant Decoration Figurine Elephant Gift Box Christmas Ornament – DELIGHTFUL! Elephant Zadari Holiday Ornament CafePress KiniArt Elephant Snowflake Ornament – Standard White David Strand Kurt Adler Glass Trunk Show Parade Ornament, 7.7-Inch


Elephant Christmas Ornaments

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Siamese Cat Christmas Ornaments

I’ll confess that I’ve never owned a Siamese cat before, but I do think they’re beautiful especially the seal point and chocolate point varieties. Anyone who owns one is bound to love these Siamese cat Christmas ornaments.

Siamese Cat Christmas Ornament

Let’s face it not only are cats part of the family, but they’re usually the interesting members of the family!!! For this reason alone they should have some say in the Christmas decorating and I don’t know about your Siamese, but my late cat would have showered the Christmas tree with cat ornaments if he had his way 😀

These ornaments are also a great gift idea for any cat lover, they seem to add a touch of class to the holiday with their regal stance and cool blue stare.

Gorgeous Siamese Cat Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are designed to make cat owners fall in love with them – they’re just so cute! The great thing these ornaments have over your cat is that they won’t tip the tree over when they’re placed on it – your cat on the other hand…….. let’s just say my late cat used to think that we’d brought him some inside adventure playground equipment for the holidays!

The funniest thing was when something was knocked off of the tree or even if he was caught swinging on the branches he would have this way of looking from us to the dog and back as though to say – ‘the dog did it honestly!’


 Siamese Cat Candy Cane Christmas Ornament Siamese Cats Unique Gift Box Christmas Ornament New Siamese Cat Ornament round porcelain Christmas Great Gift Idea

More Siamese Ornaments

Click on the one you like for more information and/or to buy

These next Christmas ornaments are all available through a company called Zazzle who uses an amazing printing process that results in wonderfully clear, crisp images. All bar one of these ornaments are made of a white ceramic and come complete with the ribbon to hang them on your tree with.

The sole one that’s different is the one that looks like it’s been framed – it’s a silver colored metal (not actual silver) that looks just a tad more expensive (great if you’re looking to get one as a gift!).

All of these designs can be brought in any of these ornaments so if you want the square silver colored metal ornament, but you like the image on the first ornament here then you can select the image you like and change the ornament type on the page it’ll take you too – very easy!

Siamese Cat Ornament Siamese Christmas Christmas Tree Ornaments Siamese Cat Christmas Ornament

Snow Cat Ornament Siamese Cat Heart Christmas Ornament SIAMESE CAT -STRIKING BLUE EYES Christmas Ornament


If you prefer other cat ornaments then I do have a selection available for  you to enjoy at – Cats Christmas Ornaments.

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Rabbit Christmas Ornaments

Rabbits aren’t just for Easter anymore!   If you or someone in your family loves bunnies then why not add one or two or a whole warren of rabbits to your family Christmas tree this year?

There’s just something about rabbits that make them look so cute which is probably why so many people (especially children) have them as pets.   Unfortunately I live in Queensland, Australia where it’s illegal to own rabbits so my daughter didn’t see one until we were holidaying in New Zealand and there were some wild ones outside of our hotel.   She would’ve loved to have owned her own, but all she could have were cuddly toy rabbits and ornaments of them 🙁

Rabbit Christmas Ornaments

Add A Cute Bunny to Your Tree These Holidays!

If you’ve had bunny rabbits as pets them I’m sure you’d want to celebrate them on your tree, I know we celebrate past and present pets on our tree each year.   Here’s a few of the rabbit ornaments I’ve found for you –


Rabbit Christmas OrnamentRabbit Christmas Ornament

White Bunny OrnamentWhite Bunny Ornament

Hand Painted Glass OrnamentHand Painted Glass Ornament

Snowshoe Rabbits in Winter OrnamentSnowshoe Rabbits in Winter Ornament

Old World Christmas OrnamentsOld World Christmas Ornaments

Bunny Christmas OrnamentBunny Christmas Ornament


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Dog Christmas Ornaments

If you’re a dog lover then you might like to get some dog themed Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree.   Alternatively if you can’t think what to get a friend or family member for Christmas and they dote on their dog you might want to consider buying them a dog Christmas ornament.

There are so many different types of dog ornaments available that it’s hard to know where to start – with a generic dog ornament or with a specific breed dog ornament.


Adorable Dog Christmas Ornament Sets

Everyone will fall in love with any of these dog Christmas ornaments when they see your tree and they’ll wish they had some of their own. These dog ornaments are really fantastic for dog lovers especially the ones that love all types of dogs equally. If they should have a favorite breed of dog then further down the page you’ll see links to some specific dog breed Christmas ornaments which will really make their Christmas special.

 Clay Dough Dog Christmas Ornament – Set of 3 Dog Angel Christmas Wooden Ornament Set of 3 Christmas Dog Ornament Assorted 4-Pack

Personalized Dog Christmas Ornaments

A cool idea for an extra special dog Christmas ornament is a personalized one and I have a few ideas for you as far as personalized dog ornaments go. First you could get your very own paw print Christmas ornaments (parents do this for their babies all the time, just because your’s is a fur baby why should that stop you?). A second idea is a photo frame style of ornament where you can put a favorite picture of your dog into the ornament.

 Sculpey Keepsake Deluxe Pawprint Kit

The other idea is to use a POD site to create a dog Christmas ornament specifically for your own dog (or a friends dog as a gift idea). I like to use Zazzle for creating my own Christmas ornaments as their quality is really great and there are some great templates available for you to simply upload your own photo and dog’s name, like this one below –

 Personalized Pet Photo Christmas Ornament

Specific Dog Breed Christmas Ornaments

As I’ve said there are a lot of different dog ornaments to choose from for your Christmas tree, it’s just a case of looking for your favorite breed – or just have a menagerie of different breeds on your tree.

Some of the dog Christmas ornaments that are available include –

Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments

Chihuahua Christmas Ornaments

Dachshund Christmas Ornaments

Fox Terrier Christmas Ornaments

Labrador Christmas Ornaments

Old English Sheepdog Christmas Ornaments

Poodle Christmas Ornaments

Pug Christmas Ornaments

Rhodesian Ridgeback Christmas Ornaments

Westie Christmas Ornaments

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.