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Rabbit Christmas Ornaments

Rabbits aren’t just for Easter anymore!   If you or someone in your family loves bunnies then why not add one or two or a whole warren of rabbits to your family Christmas tree this year?

There’s just something about rabbits that make them look so cute which is probably why so many people (especially children) have them as pets.   Unfortunately I live in Queensland, Australia where it’s illegal to own rabbits so my daughter didn’t see one until we were holidaying in New Zealand and there were some wild ones outside of our hotel.   She would’ve loved to have owned her own, but all she could have were cuddly toy rabbits and ornaments of them 🙁

Rabbit Christmas Ornaments

Add A Cute Bunny to Your Tree These Holidays!

If you’ve had bunny rabbits as pets them I’m sure you’d want to celebrate them on your tree, I know we celebrate past and present pets on our tree each year.   Here’s a few of the rabbit ornaments I’ve found for you –


Rabbit Christmas OrnamentRabbit Christmas Ornament

White Bunny OrnamentWhite Bunny Ornament

Hand Painted Glass OrnamentHand Painted Glass Ornament

Snowshoe Rabbits in Winter OrnamentSnowshoe Rabbits in Winter Ornament

Old World Christmas OrnamentsOld World Christmas Ornaments

Bunny Christmas OrnamentBunny Christmas Ornament


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