Dog Christmas Ornaments

If you’re a dog lover then you might like to get some dog themed Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree.   Alternatively if you can’t think what to get a friend or family member for Christmas and they dote on their dog you might want to consider buying them a dog Christmas ornament.

There are so many different types of dog ornaments available that it’s hard to know where to start – with a generic dog ornament or with a specific breed dog ornament.


Adorable Dog Christmas Ornament Sets

Everyone will fall in love with any of these dog Christmas ornaments when they see your tree and they’ll wish they had some of their own. These dog ornaments are really fantastic for dog lovers especially the ones that love all types of dogs equally. If they should have a favorite breed of dog then further down the page you’ll see links to some specific dog breed Christmas ornaments which will really make their Christmas special.

 Clay Dough Dog Christmas Ornament – Set of 3 Dog Angel Christmas Wooden Ornament Set of 3 Christmas Dog Ornament Assorted 4-Pack

Personalized Dog Christmas Ornaments

A cool idea for an extra special dog Christmas ornament is a personalized one and I have a few ideas for you as far as personalized dog ornaments go. First you could get your very own paw print Christmas ornaments (parents do this for their babies all the time, just because your’s is a fur baby why should that stop you?). A second idea is a photo frame style of ornament where you can put a favorite picture of your dog into the ornament.

 Sculpey Keepsake Deluxe Pawprint Kit

The other idea is to use a POD site to create a dog Christmas ornament specifically for your own dog (or a friends dog as a gift idea). I like to use Zazzle for creating my own Christmas ornaments as their quality is really great and there are some great templates available for you to simply upload your own photo and dog’s name, like this one below –

 Personalized Pet Photo Christmas Ornament

Specific Dog Breed Christmas Ornaments

As I’ve said there are a lot of different dog ornaments to choose from for your Christmas tree, it’s just a case of looking for your favorite breed – or just have a menagerie of different breeds on your tree.

Some of the dog Christmas ornaments that are available include –

Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments

Chihuahua Christmas Ornaments

Dachshund Christmas Ornaments

Fox Terrier Christmas Ornaments

Labrador Christmas Ornaments

Old English Sheepdog Christmas Ornaments

Poodle Christmas Ornaments

Pug Christmas Ornaments

Rhodesian Ridgeback Christmas Ornaments

Westie Christmas Ornaments

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