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Elephant Christmas Ornaments

Did you know that elephant ornaments are supposed to be lucky? There is one caveat though – the trunks must be pointing up not down, otherwise all of your good luck will ‘fall out’ of the trunk!
Baby Elephant Christmas Ornament with Santa HatCheck Price

I think that when Christmas time comes around and we have to overcrowd our home with family members of different personalities a little luck is always a good thing. This means that having an Elephant Christmas ornament is definitely a great idea to use as part of your holiday decor this year!

I love elephants, heck I love most animals (not that fussy about snakes as I have a bit of a phobia, but…) and I think these ornaments look gorgeous. The reason I discovered elephant Christmas ornaments however is thanks to my youngest niece.

A few years ago before my niece hit her teenage years and started to drool over the likes of Justin Bieber and One Direction she loved elephants. I was trying to think of something original to give all of my nieces and I decided to give them all a Christmas ornament that was representative of their loves at that time in their lives. This led to me discovering a range of different elephant Christmas ornaments (along with other types from Twilight to Lego and beyond!).

I’m sharing a few cool ornaments here in case you love elephants yourself, or know someone who would love to hang an elephant on their tree and I should just mention that they can look pretty cool hanging off a ring holder (or ornament tree) all year around!

Large ElephantCheck PriceOld World Christmas Little Elephant OrnamentCheck PriceLarge Elephant Polish Mouth Blown Glass Christmas OrnamentCheck PriceElephant OrnamentCheck PriceStealStreet SS-UG-HG-682 Flying Elephant Decoration FigurineCheck PriceElephant Gift Box Christmas Ornament – DELIGHTFUL!Check PriceElephant Zadari Holiday OrnamentCheck PriceCafePress KiniArt Elephant Snowflake Ornament – Standard WhiteCheck PriceDavid Strand Kurt Adler Glass Trunk Show Parade Ornament, 7.7-InchCheck Price

Elephant Christmas Ornaments

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