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Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments

Gorgeous Bull Terrier Christmas ornaments - how can you pick just one?Are you looking for Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments? I absolutely love these Christmas ornaments because of a beautiful dog I used to have. Let me tell you the story while we look at some gorgeous Bull Terrier Christmas ornaments together.

When I was first married my hubby and I got our first dog together, her name was Shelly. She was a cross between a Bull Terrier and a Fox Terrier, she was as nosy as a Foxie and as stubborn as a Bull Terrier!

Finding these Bull Terrier Christmas ornaments online are a fantastic reminder of our Shelly who passed away a few years ago.

My hubby met Shelly before me when she was holding on to the lead of a fully grown German Shepherd dog (she was only a few weeks old) and taking it for a walk. The shepherd saw hubby come in and took off with our Shells trying to pull him backwards – very unsuccessfully. Well my hubby was hooked!

That day he picked me up from work and said ‘you’ve got to meet this dog’, well our Shelly was always a very bright dog and this was evident when we first walked into the SPCA. I knelt down slightly and she bolted towards me and did a running jump straight into my arms, obviously I was a goner Shells was getting adopted!

She had been named Shelly after a schoolgirl who had raised money for the SPCA when they were visiting local schools and we thought we’d keep the name as I imagine that little girl would have been so proud 🙂

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Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments

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