Disney’s Little Mermaid Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Ariel Christmas Ornaments

The Little Mermaid Christmas tree ornamentsChristmas trees don’t usually adorn the sea bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the undersea home of the Disney Princess Ariel on your tree this holiday season with these Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments.

The selection of Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments that are available to buy are a beautiful addition to any Christmas tree. They really do add a lovely touch of the nautical to the holiday season.

These ornaments will also make any little Ariel fan’s eyes light up in delight (almost as much as after Santa has been). Decking the tree with ornaments that various members of the family will adore just makes your holiday decorating even more special.

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Hallmark Little Mermaid Christmas Ornaments – Disney Princess Ariel Christmas Ornaments

This Little Mermaid Christmas ornament features Ariel with her two friends Flounder and Sebastian who are helping her decorate her very own coral Christmas tree. As an aside I do love the idea of using coral as a Christmas tree!

Little Mermaid Ariel 2009 Hallmark OrnamentLittle Mermaid Ariel 2009 Hallmark Ornament

To me this ornament really captures Ariel in her natural environment and always brings a smile to my face when I see it.
I love the way that Flounder and Sebastian are ‘helping’ to decorate the ‘tree’ by draping pearls over it while Ariel adds the star (or is that starfish?) to the top.
If I could only have one of these ornaments on my tree this is probably the one I would pick



Ariel’s Dream – Another Hallmark Christmas Ornament

This set of two Hallmark Christmas ornaments represents Ariel wishing she had legs so that she could be with Prince Eric who she had fallen in love with upon first sight.

Ariel's Dream 2008 Hallmark OrnamentAriel’s Dream 2008 Hallmark Ornament

A great representation of the two sides of Ariel – the princess with legs and the little mermaid.
This represents a great set of Christmas ornaments for any little girl who wishes she was Ariel, I’ve found over the years that little girls in general either want to be a princess or a mermaid and as Ariel was both then I’m not surprised as to how popular she is 🙂



The Little Mermaid Christmas Ornament Set

Disney's The Little Mermaid Storybook Ornament SetDisney’s The Little Mermaid Storybook Ornament Set


This beautiful set of Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments comes in a bound storybook box to keep them safe. It also looks very impressive so would make a gorgeous gift for someone who loves Disney’s Princess Ariel. The set includes Ariel in two different poses, her father, Sebastian the crab, her best friend Flounder and more.

I know not only a very little girl who would love this as a gift, but also a few ‘not so young girls’ who would love to have this set for their tree. You could hang these ornaments on any tree – a real one, an artificial one in green or white, but what I would love to do is to get a pale turquoise colored table top tree to represent the ocean and hang these ornaments on it.

There are so many different Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments available to purchase that it’s impossible to add them all here. I do think that the ornament set is ideal if you want your whole tree to be a Little Mermaid or a fairytale nautical theme.

I have featured a few more below and be sure to check out the other Disney Princess ornaments available if you want to tree dedicated to all of your royal favorites.

 Hallmark Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Ornament Hallmark Ornament: Disney’s Ariel Disney’s ‘Ariel with Eric’ Ornament Set


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