Tea Christmas Ornaments

Tea Christmas OrnamentsAs someone who loves their cuppa I think the idea of tea Christmas ornaments on my Christmas tree is an absolutely fantastic idea.   Whichever tea you prefer – black, white, green, oolong, earl grey etc – there is just something about a tea inspired Christmas tree that I think is perfect.

There are lots of different options when it comes to a tea themed Christmas tree – you could go with a high tea theme – tea ornaments along with tea cup Christmas ornaments and some dainty food inspired Christmas ornaments as well.

Another option includes mixing up your drinks, especially if you live in a household that regularly debates which is best – tea, coffee or even hot chocolate!   Personally I love all three, but hubby goes for tea any day of the week.   You could add hot chocolate Christmas ornaments, coffee Christmas ornaments and tea Christmas ornaments on your tree and make it a tribute to your favorite hot beverages!

Let’s take a look at some of the tea Christmas ornaments available….

Tea Christmas Ornaments

What’s Your Favorite Brew?

 OOLONG TEA Christmas Ornament Tea Bag Christmas Ornaments Set GREEN TEA BAG Xmas Ornament

Of course tea always tastes better when made in a tea pot instead of a bag in a mug, don’t you think? I’ll admit I rarely use a teapot, but when I’m brewing up for a crowd I do and it really is more enjoyable. The whole process of tea making can become quite an art form for some people.

Tea Pot & Tea Cup Christmas Ornaments

Who’s For Tea?

 Kurt Adler Set of 3 Tea Cup & Saucer Xmas Ornaments Snowbabies You’re My Cup of Tea Christmas Ornament Set of 6 Teapots & Tea Cups Xmas Ornaments Mary Engelbreit Glass Tea Pot Christmas Ornament Kurt Adler Downton Abbey Teapot Set Ornament Spode Christmas Tree Ornament – Teapot

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find tea lovers have embraced showing off their favorite beverage as part of their holiday decorating. Will you become another person to embrace the idea of adding a tea Christmas ornament to your tree?

Tea Cup Christmas Ornaments

Tea Themed Tree including a Miss Tea Christmas ornament.  This little doll like Hallmark Christmas ornament is very cute and is based on a Madame Alexander doll, what you can’t see from this picture is that she’s carrying a teapot shaped handbag in her left hand which is simply gorgeous.

Of course you don’t have to restrict yourself to buying tea Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree with you can make your own.   Look at secondhand shops or go to yard sales and see if you can find solo tea cups (if you have a large Christmas tree), you can simply tie a ribbon around their handle and hang them on your tree.

Another alternative is to look for children’s old tea sets or tea sets from dolls houses – these can be re-purposed as unique Christmas tree ornaments for your ‘tea tree’ by just adding a little hanging ribbon or heavy duty metallic thread.

Tea Christmas Ornaments

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