Foodie Christmas Ornaments

Great selection of food inspired Christmas ornamentsThese food inspired Christmas ornaments are just about good enough to eat!

They are great for cooks, chefs, bakers or people who just plain love their food from popcorn to veggies, from kitchen utensils to gingerbread men there are some awesome ‘foodie’ inspired ornaments to add on your tree.

Not just for foodies these food Christmas ornaments also have history to them and some have a few stories to tell as well.

Christmas Ornaments for Food Lovers Everywhere

The early Christmas trees used to be decorated with edible ornaments such as fruit (particularly apples), nuts and pretzels, the first Christmas trees mentioned in Britain were erected within the royal family and a 13 year old Princess Victoria (later to become the Queen that popularized the Christmas tree across her empire) wrote about her delight with the Christmas tree that was decorated in lights and sugar ornaments in her 1832 diary entry

Other edible ornaments that started to be seen on Christmas trees during the 1800s were gingerbread cookies made in different shapes such as stars and angels – this is probably why we associate gingerbread men with the holiday season these days. From this German idea other hard cookies were also used and then we started seeing other ornaments added as the tradition spread from wooden and hand blown glass ornaments to the ideas of threading popcorn and cranberries to give us our first ‘tinsel’ style of decoration.

If you like the idea behind edible Christmas ornaments but also want the simplicity of opening up your box of Christmas ornaments each year and letting the children decorate the tree while you can relax and watch them having fun then why not get ornaments that simply look like food?

There are lots of different types of food inspired Christmas ornaments to choose from which means that everyone can have their favorite food represented on your tree from cupcakes to French fries, you can even add ‘kitchen tools’ for any aspiring chef or baker in the household.

Like Take Out Food? – Decorate Your Tree with Fast Food!

Whether you like eating french fries, Chinese takeout hot dogs or more these Christmas ornaments are sure to make your mouth water.

Chinese Take Out Box Glass Christmas OrnamentChinese Take Out Box Glass Christmas Ornament


If you have a large Christmas tree then you can always get the small craft boxes that look like Chinese takeout boxes and get your children to decorate them to hang on a tree along with other Chinese themed objects like a dragon, panda or even Bruce Lee ornaments.

Then again you could just add other take out foods that you also enjoy indulging in……



Old World Christmas Hot Dog OrnamentOld World Christmas Hot Dog Ornament


A hot dog is another popular take out food and you can also add a hot dog truck to these hot dogs to make your tree a hot dog themed tree. Of course you could also add the likes of burgers, pizzas and other favorite take out foods.

I do have a friend who has a Yankees themed tree and he’s added a couple of hot dog ornaments to his baseball ornaments and I have to say they look great!

Another idea is to add hot dog ornaments on a New York themed Christmas tree as we do think of hot dog trucks and yellow cabs when we think of the Big Apple don’t we?

Old World Christmas Glass Ornament French FriesOld World Christmas Glass Ornament French Fries


Of course the humble french fries is a stalwart of take out food and you can add a few of these ornaments along with burgers, milkshakes and more because let’s face it most take out tastes better with fries!

Of course there’s more than take out to think of when you’re talking food, think of grilling foods for your friends and family, baking goodies for everyone and then there’s the foods themselves.

A foodie Christmas tree or a food inspired Christmas tree can be totally unique to you as there are so many different ways in which you can go with your favorite food theme. For now let’s look at Grills….

Grilling Inspired Christmas Ornaments
Barbeque Christmas Ornaments

If you like to grill or know someone else who likes grilling then one of these Christmas ornaments would look fantastic on the tree……a reminder of summer barbeques in the middle of winter!

 Glass Barbeque Christmas Tree Ornament Midwest CBK Licensed To Grill Christmas Ornament BBQ Barbeque Santa Christmas Ornament

Of course you can always add some food to those grills! I’ve found a steak Christmas ornament which looks like it’s right up my hubby’s street and my daughter’s favorite treat for a barbecue – toasted marshmallows!

Old World Christmas T-Bone Steak Glass OrnamentChristmas T-Bone Steak Glass Ornament


Whether you like to grill your own steaks or just eat them I know a number of people who would love to hang steak on their trees, don’t you?

Of course you could add a few beer Christmas ornaments on the tree to accompany these steaks or even a few vegetable ornaments to add a little roughage to your tree!



Marshmallow Snowmen Christmas OrnamentsMarshmallow Snowmen Christmas Ornaments


Most people think of toasting marshmallows around a camp fire, but they can also be nicely toasted on a barbecue.

They are also a great way of ensuring your kids eat their grilled veggies because they want to be sure you’ll throw some marshmallows onto the grill afterwards!



S’Mores Christmas Ornaments – An Iconic Camping Food in Ornament Form!

S’mores are an iconic camping treat for American children and it comes as no surprise that in the middle of winter you’d like to think of summer camping trips and adding a s’mores ornament or two is a yummy way of doing that.

There are actually a lot of different s’mores ornaments to choose from and some people actually collect them, in fact you could decorate your whole tree with these cool s’mores ornaments. Check out the selection of s’mores inspired ornaments on the page below, they really do look good enough to eat!

Chocolate Christmas Ornaments – A Favorite Christmas Treat

Now I used to absolutely love those chocolate Christmas Santas that you could buy to hang on the Christmas tree, unfortunately the little elves used to come out and ‘steal’ them off of our tree when I was growing up and somehow my brother and I always got the blame!

These days I live in a warm climate (our Christmas is celebrated during summer) and I don’t have aircon which means that actual chocolate ornaments are out of the question, but I can still enjoy the look of a chocolate Christmas tree.

There are lots of different ideas which your inner chocoholic would enjoy from a whole tree decorated in a bright candy coated chocolate treat – yes I’m talking about an M&Ms Christmas tree – to a few of the delicious looking ornaments on the page below.




Baker’s Christmas Ornaments

If you have a baker in the family then what about getting them some of these gorgeous baking inspired Christmas ornaments? I love some of these ornaments and I can imagine having a smaller tree in the kitchen completely covered in baking inspired Christmas ornaments …… along with some other food ornaments as well like cookies or cakes.


 Dusty and Smidgen 2006 Christmas Ornament Ginger Baker Glass Christmas Ornament MERRY BAKERS – DOLLOP 2006 Ornament

Will you be having any ‘delicious’ Christmas ornaments on your tree this year?

Great selection of food inspired Christmas ornaments

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