Owl Christmas Ornaments

Selection of owl Christmas ornamentsI love owls, I always think of them as wise old birds which is probably why I think owl Christmas ornaments look great on a Christmas tree.   My favorite looking owl would have to be the Snowy owl although I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these in the wild.

The owl I used to see regularly when I was growing up was the Barn owl although where I live now I very rarely see owls …….. except for owl ornaments that is.   My mother collects owls so whenever I visit her there are always lots of owl ornaments to look at!

Here are a few owl Christmas ornaments to whet your appetite…….

Rustic Owl Ornaments

I do love the owl ornaments that have a realistic look to them and there are a range to choose from, these are some of my favorite made from items such as feathers, sisal, burlap and pine cones they really are rustic in style


 Flat White Feather Owl Christmas Ornament Feathered Owl Christmas Tree Ornament Pair of Furry Gray Owls Set 2 Piece Ornament Rustic Style Owl Christmas Ornament Brown & White Sisal Owl Christmas Ornament Gorgeous Rustic Owl Ornament


If you’re looking for some great owl ornaments to pop on your Christmas tree then check out – Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments.   They have a range of different ornaments to choose from including some cool retro style owls if you want more of a fun looking tree than the ornaments above will offer you.

Have a hoot of a Holiday with these owl Christmas ornaments on your tree

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