S’Mores Christmas Ornaments

Add a Sweet Flavor to Your Christmas Tree with a S’Mores Ornament!

What do you get when you take graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows and put them together? S’mores of course and what could be better than a s’more? S’more and S’mores of s’mores of course!

If you’re a fan of this sweet camping treat (and who isn’t really?) then maybe you’d enjoy decorating your Christmas tree with s’more inspired ornaments. Sweet is certainly one word to describe these ornaments although I prefer to say gorgeous as they really are.

In the introduction you can see a very basic s’mores Christmas ornament, but my favourite are the ones that seem like a cross between a s’more and a marshmallow snowman. If you haven’t seen these before then you’re in for a treat and if you have …… well if you’re like me you’ll enjoy checking them out again.

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I think these ornaments look good combined with a variety of other ornaments or as an addition to a camping inspired Christmas tree, a chocolate inspired Christmas tree or even on a snowman inspired tree.

Chocolate Shop S’mores Dangle Christmas Ornament

Here you can purchase the ornament we featured in the introduction – it’s a great way of reminding yourself of the ingredients required to make s’mores at home.

Graham crackers – check
chocolate – check
marshmallows – check
taste buds salivating – check!

If you only get one s’more ornament then this is certainly a great one to consider.

There are certainly lots of different S’more ornaments available and the number increases every year so let’s have a look at a few cool ornaments that I’ve found for you…

Celebrating ‘Firsts’ With S’mores Christmas Ornaments

Our First Christmas Together | Baby’s First Christmas

These two ornaments are a sweet way of celebrating special occasions in your life …

 S’mores ‘Our 1st Christmas’ Christmas Ornament S’mores ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ Ornament

More S’mores Christmas Ornaments

S’mores Can Do Anything!

You can get S’mores ornaments doing just about anything from decorating the Christmas tree to playing a musical instrument and more, here are a few fun hobby inspired s’mores ornaments for you to enjoy….

 S’mores Gardener Christmas Ornament S’mores In Fishing Boat Christmas Ornament S’mores Camo Hunter Christmas Ornament S’mores Poker Player Christmas Ornament S’mores Ballerina with Shoes Christmas Ornament S’more Ice Skater Christmas Ornament

Some of My Favorite S’more Ornaments

As I’ve said there’s lots of these to choose from, in fact you could not only decorate one Christmas tree with nothing but s’mores ornaments, you could probably decorate two and not have any double ups!

Let me show you a few of my favorites….

S’mores Character in a Hot Cocoa Mug Christmas Ornament

I really like this ornament as I think it looks cute, it also makes me think of Christmas.

In my house I love to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa on Christmas Eve while I’m wrapping up gifts to pop into the Christmas stockings. I think that’s why this ornament really appeals with me because I feel like it was designed with me in mind!

Set of 2 S’mores Santa Christmas Ornaments

This set of two ornaments appeals to me because I’m a big kid at heart and I do still love Santa.

I think the s’mores character makes the cutest Santa, don’t you? I love the Santa sign and as for milk and cookies……we’re talking classic Christmas.

These ornaments deserve to be on a Christmas tree this holiday season which is why they’re also a couple of my favorites.

S’mores with Penguins Christmas Ornament

Why is this one of my favorite ornaments? Well I think penguins are cute that’s why!

I’m not sure why it should be on my tree, I just like it!

I hope you enjoyed my ‘sweet’ collection of ornaments and that you’ve got more ideas for creating a fun themed Christmas tree. Of course you don’t have to just have s’mores on your Christmas tree you could use s’mores along with camping inspired ornaments to remind yourself of summer holidays, alternatively just have a favorite foods inspired tree. Your choice of Christmas tree theme is limited only by your imagination so have a little fun this holiday season.

S'Mores Christmas Ornaments

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