Great Coca-Cola Christmas Ornaments

Have a Coca-Cola Christmas!

coca-cola christmas ornamentsIs there anything quite as refreshing as a cold glass of coca-cola on a warm summers day? If like me and millions of others around the globe you enjoy the odd coke or two then you might be interested in hanging a few coca-cola ornaments on your Christmas tree.

When I was growing up we used to have a glass of coke at Christmas, a coke float when we went out for family birthday dinners and sometimes when on holiday in Europe (although the request for coca-cola often got lost in translation and would result in fanta or some other fizzy drink!). This made coke seem like a very special drink and as Christmas is a special time of the year it totally makes sense to add an ornament or two onto the Christmas tree.

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Some Great Coke Christmas Ornaments

I must admit that I hadn’t realized until a couple of years ago that you could get Coca-Cola Christmas ornaments and then when I looked for them I couldn’t believe the range that was available.

It would be very easy to deck your whole tree in these ornaments and still not add all of them, this really could be a great idea to start collecting……

Let’s start with just a few coke ornaments for you to enjoy.

 Coke Bottle Cooler Ornament Classic Coca-Cola Can Ornament Coca-Cola Six Pack Ornament

Coca-Cola Train Christmas Ornaments

I don’t remember trains featuring in any of my Christmases growing up and yet they seem to be very much a part of Christmas these days. I’m not sure where the tradition of having a train running around the tree came from although I did read an interesting article about it a couple of years ago which seemed to suggest the tradition started in the 1950s or 60s in the American mid-west. I have no idea if this is correct, but I do know a lot of people who love to have a train of some description on or under their tree each year.

Luckily if you don’t have a train set you can still have a train ornament in keeping with the coke theme to pop onto your tree, in fact there’s more than one to choose from –

 Kurt Adler Coca-Cola Train Ornament EnescoCoca-Cola Choo Choo Christmas Ornament Coca-Cola Happy Holidays Train Christmas Ornament

The Coca-Cola Polar Bear Ornaments

Now although I wasn’t aware of these ornaments until a couple of years ago I had been paying tribute to coke on our tree for a little while thanks to the Coke Polar Bear.

Here are some cool ornaments celebrating these cute animals, although none of them are like the ones that I hung on our Christmas tree – I’ll tell you about them in a moment!

 Coca-Cola Polar Bear Cub on Ice Ornament Polar Bear Cub in Coca Cola Christmas Ornament Coca-Cola Polar Bears and Cubs Ornaments Coca-Cola Polar Bear on Bottle Opener Ornament Coca Cola Polar Bear Collection Polar Bear Collection Coca Cola Downhill Sledder

My Plush Coke Ornaments

coca-cola polar bear christmas ornamentsThese ornaments (I have two of them, but only one is in the photo) weren’t actually supposed to be Christmas ornaments, but were plush coke polar bears that Burger King in New Zealand were giving away many years ago as a promotion. I thought they were absolutely gorgeous and one year I popped them on our Christmas tree and as my daughter loved that idea they’ve been popped on our tree several times over the years.

Last year they actually couldn’t fit on the tree (my Christmas ornament addiction caused me to have to leave some of the ornaments in the box until I ‘work’ on my husband to let me have another tree) so they were put on the sideboard instead right next to some plush animals we have managed to acquire who sing carols when pressed!

There are lots of different Coca-Cola ornaments that you can get to add to your tree, far too many for me to list on a single postlike this one, but I do have to let you know that if you’re fond of that fat, jolly old fella we call Santa then you can actually get ornaments that celebrate both coke and him.

Coca-Cola Christmas Ornaments

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