Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

Cupcake Christmas Ornaments are as Cute as…..Well Cupcakes!

I love cupcakes and I love Christmas so when I saw that they were now making cupcake Christmas ornaments I knew the manufacturers were onto a winner! I love the idea of decorating my whole tree in these sweet cupcake ornaments, but I think I’ll just have to settle for a couple to start with (I don’t think hubby will relinquish his footy ornaments being on the family Christmas tree!!)

More and more people are choosing to have themed Christmas trees and I think that a cupcake themed tree would look awesome as either a big, floor standing tree or a small tabletop tree. In fact I think I’ve just thought of how I can have a cupcake Christmas tree – a tabletop tree on our breakfast bar, perfect!

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White Christmas Tree & Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

A Sweet Looking Christmas TreeI think that all of the cupcake Christmas ornaments I’ve seen would look fantastic on a white Christmas tree. I’m sure they’d look okay on any tree, but if you are going for an artificial tree think about a white one – it’ll make your ornaments really pop!

There are so many different cupcake Christmas ornaments available that it’s hard to know where to start so I’m going to start with Santa because we all know he loves eating cupcakes!

Santa Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

Funny Cupcake OrnamentsSanta loves cupcakes so be sure to leave him one on a plate or else he just might dive into one of your cupcake ornaments like he did below!

Jillson Roberts Christmas Cupcake Ornament, Santa’s Favorite

Santa really couldn’t resist this very festive looking cupcake so dived right in – this is a really fun Christmas ornament that I’d love to hang on the Christmas tree …… in fact I think this would have my daughter in stitches!

If you don’t like the pink and white swirl on the cupcake I have seen it in a beautiful green swirl complete with sprinkles and that’s a cool looking one too.

Santa Claus with Glitter Cupcake Body Christmas Ornament

This Santa isn’t diving into any cupcakes, but you know that saying you are what you eat? Well it looks like Santa had so many cupcakes his body turned into one!

This cool Christmas ornament was made by Kurt Adler which you’ll know means it’s a great quality ornament for your tree.

A Cute Hallmark Cupcake Ornament

A Couple Of Cupcakes Hallmark Ornament

Take cupcakes, snowmen and love and you have an ornament worthy of popping on a Christmas tree, add in the fact that this was lovingly made by Hallmark and I’m sold on the need to have this!

Personally I think Hallmark have knocked this ornament out of the park, two cupcakes that are decorated as snowmen even have a festive touch when it comes to their arms – forget sticks, candy canes look cool! Not only is this ornament perfect for a cupcake themed tree I think it would be great to give a couple who are celebrating their first Christmas together or a special anniversary like their 25th Christmas.

Hallmark have created a number of different cupcake Christmas ornaments over the years and here’s a few for you to choose from –

 Hallmark 2010 Oh, so Sweet! Ornament Hallmark 2011 Christmas Cupcake Ornament Hallmark 2012 Christmas Cupcake Ornament Hallmark 2013 Christmas Cupcake Ornament Hallmark 2014 Mom Cupcake Ornament Hallmark 2014 Dad Cupcake Ornament 2014 Hallmark Christmas Cupcakes Ornament 2012 Hallmark Christmas Cupcake Ornament Santa Cupcake 2013 Hallmark Ornament

Cupcake Christmas Ornament Sets

Delicious Looking Ornaments for Your Cupcake Themed Christmas Tree

Sometimes it’s nice to get more than one ornament at a time and there are quite a few cupcake Christmas ornament sets available to purchase, you can choose from ornaments that are all based on a particular color or just go with ornaments that really do look good enough to eat.

Here’s a couple of sets that I particularly like….

Kurt Adler Set of 6 Cupcake OrnamentsKurt Adler Set of 6 Cupcake OrnamentsDept 56 Cupcake Ornament pack of 4 - Colors may varyDept 56 Cupcake Ornament pack of 4 – Colors may vary


So will you be hanging cupcake Christmas ornaments on your tree this year? I’m certainly thinking of it, but I’m not sure if I’ll go totally cupcakes with my decorating as I think I could combine these ornaments nicely with some coffee ornaments and maybe some other sweet things like chocolates, smores etc. I’m going to definitely fulfill my sweet tooth at any rate!

Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornaments - they look like a very festive treat!

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