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Frank Sinatra Christmas Ornaments

Frank Sinatra Christmas Ornaments

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Having arguments about what theme your Christmas tree is going to have this year? Just say we’re going to do it My Way and decorate your tree with Frank Sinatra, the chairman of the board himself!

There are some awesome Frank Sinatra Christmas ornaments to choose from so let’s have a look at some of them.

The first one that I’m going to feature is my favorite one which shows him in his prime as that very dapper gentleman that he was.

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Hang Ol’ Blue Eyes on Your Christmas Tree!

This one is one of my favorites as Frank is carrying Christmas parcels and decked out for winter, it’s quite hard to find though so the best place to find it is on ebay.  Apparently the Sinatra family didn’t like the way he looked and halted production which is why it is a little rarer – I don’t know how true that is, but here it is …

 Frank Sinatra Christmas Ornament

What makes this one my favorite?

There are lots of different Frank Sinatra Christmas ornaments to choose from, but my favorite one has to be this cool 2011 collectible Frank Sinatra ornament (shown above). I really like this one as it shows Frank off in his very best 1950s fashion and also adds a sense of the Holiday spirit with the snowflakes behind him and, of course, the hoards of gifts under his arm.

This particular Christmas ornament is also musical, when you press the button on the rear of the base you can hear Frank singing part of his iconic song – “Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas” – does it get much better?

More Holiday Ornaments for Sinatra Fans

Frank Sinatra Christmas ornaments are a great gift idea for anyone who loves the sultry tones of Frank Sinatra, an original member of the Rat Pack. If you love the original Ol’ Blue Eyes yourself then you are going to love these Sinatra Christmas ornaments, there’s only one problem – which one to choose!

Frank Sinatra really was a legend and these Christmas ornaments do their best to capture him at the height of his success.

Even though Frank Sinatra died in 1998 he still has a legion of fans around the world, in keeping with Christmas Frank even released Christmas albums so you can listen to his crooning while hanging an ornament or two on your Christmas tree this year.

 Frank Sinatra – Young At Heart 2005 Carlton Cards Musical Christmas Ornament Frank Sinatra Carlton Cards Ornament Carlton Cards Frank Sinatra Ol’ Blue Eyes Musical Ornament That’s Life – Frank Sinatra – 2014 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Frank Sinatra – I’ve Got You Under My Skin 2008 Carlton Cards Ornament Frank Sinrata Music Orniment Ledgends Series

For a few years Carlton Heirloom ornaments in conjunction with the Sinatra family were bringing out a Christmas ornament for fans to add to their trees during the holiday season. Of course some fans actually have an ornament tree on display all year round dedicated to the smooth crooner.

I also know that some of these ornaments aren’t even put on a Christmas tree but are placed as a centerpiece on a table which is a lovely idea.

I think it’s quite appropriate to have a Sinatra ornament on the tree at Christmas because listening to him singing Christmas songs is definitely a nice way to enjoy an evening or two – in fact popping on one of his Christmas albums before decorating the tree is a lovely tradition that you should try and start (if you don’t already do this that is).

More Ideas for a Frank Sinatra Christmas Tree

Of course you can also add a few other things to your tree besides these Sinatra ornaments, the first two songs I think of when I think of the old crooner is My Way and New York, New York so obviously if it was me I’d be adding a few New York Christmas ornaments to the tree.

I love the idea of a couple of old fashioned television ornaments, record player ornaments and retro microphone ornaments filling out the tree as well.  What other things would you like to add to a Sinatra tree?

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Marilyn Monroe Christmas Ornaments

Marilyn Monroe Christmas OrnamentsIt’s been nearly 50 years since Marilyn Monroe died and yet her candle still hasn’t burned out as she’s kept alive in millions of hearts around the world and one way that we keep her alive is by decorating our Christmas trees with her image every year.

Marilyn Monroe Christmas ornaments just keep getting more and more popular as people embrace the ideas of having a themed Christmas tree.   What more beautiful theme could you have on your Christmas tree than Marilyn?

You can include Marilyn Monroe on a celebrity Christmas tree with other celebs or you can decorate your whole Christmas tree around the sex symbol herself.

Another great way of incorporating some Marilyn Monroe ornaments on your Christmas tree is by having a classic Hollywood Christmas tree.   Style your tree in black and white for glamor – adding a few film camera oranments and clapper board ornaments and them dot a few Marilyn Monroe ornametns around the tree to add a touch of color……..and of course more glam!

Even the Hollywood sign is available as an ornament –

Hollywood Sign Christmas Ornament

But let’s just look at decking our whole tree with Marilyn ornaments for now…..

Vintage Marilyn Monroe Christmas Ornaments

Marilyn Monroe started her career as a pin-up girl and model although she never actually won a beauty contest in real life……In one of her early films she did play a lady who had won two beauty contests.

These Christmas ornaments celebrates Marilyn Monroe’s early look before she gained worldwide sex symbol status.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Marilyn Monroe Collector’s Series 1999

First we have a Hallmark collector’s series which shows Marilyn in a bathing costume – a very vintage Marilyn look.

This next ornament is from Carlton Cards and moves on from the bathing costumes which first got her noticed as a pin up girl for GIs and gives a nod to her acting career with her provocatively perched on a directors chair.

Marilyn Monroe – Hollywood Marilyn 1999 Carlton Cards Christmas Ornament

It’s the little touches on this ornament that makes it a collector’s ornament. The painted toe nails are a nice touch, but what you can’t see in this picture is the back of the director’s chair. On this ornament the back of the chair has Marilyn’s signature scrawled across it in gold – just in case you didn’t know who it was!


The Marilyn Monroe Christmas Collection

Hollywood Glamour on Your Christmas Tree!

There really is something special about Marilyn Monroe – it’s that little something that you can’t put your finger on, but you know it when you see it – star quality! There has to be a reason why decades after her death her image can still make you catch your breath …… for me it’s something about her smile – forget the Mona Lisa, when I see an image of Marilyn with her playful smile it just makes me want to smile too.

Why not add a touch of ‘Marilyn Magic’ to your holidays with some of these gorgeous ornaments…..

 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 2013 Hallmark Ornament Marilyn Monroe 2004 Christmas Ornament Marilyn Monroe in Red Dress Christmas Ornament Hallmark Marilyn Monroe Collector’s Series Ornament Kurt Adler Glass Marilyn Monroe Ornament Marilyn Monroe (White Fur) Hanging Glass Ornament Marilyn – Some Like It Christmasy 2002 Ornament Marilyn Monroe 5pc Christmas Ornament Set Marilyn Monroe Christmas Ornament


Marilyn Monroe Christmas Ornaments

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