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Creating A Zombie Christmas Tree

Creating a Zombie Christmas TreeLet’s look at creating a zombie Christmas tree whether it’s a ‘regular’ zombie tree or a Walking Dead Christmas tree.  Zombies have been a hot theme for a few years now and there’s no sign of their appeal slowing down.

When creating a zombie Christmas tree you have to think of the tree itself as well as the decorations and there’s certainly a lot of different ways to go about it.

The first decision is whether you’re going to use a ‘real’ tree or an artificial tree, once that’s decided we can move on to the rest.

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Your Zombie Christmas Tree – The Tree Itself

If you’re going to go with a real tree then you really don’t want it looking too healthy, we’re talking about a tree dedicated to the undead so this is the year to get the straggly looking tree that no one else wants – it’ll look awesome!

If you’re getting an artificial tree I would seriously consider a black Christmas tree as it just has the right undertones for what is essentially a horror themed Christmas tree.   If it’s a black tree you can go with a lush look as it’s embracing the dark side well and truly.

Zombie Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now along with the assorted zombie inspired tree decorations that you can find I would also look at adding a few body parts……….wait, I don’t mean chopping peoples ears or feet off!  You can get some Halloween decorations in the sale and repurpose the (fake) body parts adding a couple to the bottom of the Christmas tree just sort of hanging off the bottom branches or leaning up against the tree as though a zombie had brushed past and left it hanging there.

If you’re really lucky you’ll be able to pick up a string of entrails which you can drape over the tree in place of a garland or tinsel.

Anyway you get the idea and now for the ornaments….

Here’s a few cool zombie Christmas ornaments from Amazon…..

 Personalized Zombie Clear Acrylic Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament Zombie Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament Creepy Zombie Horror Ornament Zombie Tree Ornament Ornament – Walkers in a Winter Wonderland Zombie Circle Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

For some more unique zombie Christmas ornaments you should definitely check out Etsy as you can often find some gorgeous ornaments on any theme there.  Here’s a few of the zombie ornaments available…..

 Zombie sign Christmas Ornament Set of Zombie Ornaments Zombie Snowman Christmas Ornament

Finish your zombie Christmas tree with a tree skirt like this one –

 Blood Splatter Christmas Tree Skirt

Alternatively grab out an old Christmas tree skirt and rub a little dirt into it before flicking fake blood onto it to make it look like a ‘zombified’ tree skirt.

A Walking Dead Christmas Tree

You create a Walking Dead Christmas tree much the same way as above when looking for the type of tree, but when looking for the ornaments we’re going to zone in on TWD as opposed to zombies in general.

I would also be looking at getting one of TWD funko pop figures to put on the top of the tree, not quite sure how you’d fix it on, but I’m willing to bet it could be done quite easily.

Anyway let’s look at the ornaments for this gorgeous tree…

The Walking Dead Christmas Ornaments

 Hallmark Keepsake 2017 The Walking Dead Michonne Christmas Ornament AMC TV Show The Walking Dead Blinking Christmas Tree Ornament The Walking Dead Christmas Ornament Rick Grimes Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

 Lucille Christmas Ornament Daryl Dixon Christmas Ornament The Walking Dead Ornament Set

I’ve also just discovered that you can get TWD Christmas tree lights so I just have to share them here with you.

 Kurt Adler 10-Light Walking Dead Light Set

Other things you can hang on the tree include Dale’s Winnebago (an ornament of a Winnebago that is, not an actual one!), Darryl’s crossbow, an eye patch to represent the Govenor and as mentioned above under the more general zombie Christmas tree body parts are always a good look. You could even pop a TWD funko figure on top of the tree for a really cool look.

If you can’t find a Lucille ornament to hang on the tree, but you have a replica on hand you could always rest it against the tree – that would look awesome!

I hope that’s helped you with creating a zombie Christmas tree – I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried this theme in the past and especially if you have any tips to share.

How to Create a Zombie Christmas Tree

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