A Brides Christmas Ornament Set

Why not start a gorgeous tradition in your family by welcoming any new bride into the family fold with her own Christmas ornament set.   I’m not sure where this idea came from, but it’s certainly a lovely idea.

I’m going to include a set further down which you could buy to give, but you could easily source your own ornaments.   Each ornament has a meaning and the means are –

A rose means affection

A fish is Christ’s blessings

A fruit basket means generosity

A flower basket is for good wishes

Santa is for goodwill

A heart means true love

A bird means joy

A house symbolizes protection

A rabbit means hope

A pinecone is for fruitfullness

A teapot represents hospitality

These are all the ornaments included in the set below, but of course you could make up your own set including these symbols along with other ones if you wanted or slightly different ones that have more meaning within your family.

This is a tradition that I think is a lovely one to be embraced.


Old World Christmas Bride's Collection Ornament Box SetOld World Christmas Bride’s Collection Ornament Box Set











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