Guitar Christmas Ornaments

Lot of 12 Resin Guitar Christmas Tree Holliday Ornaments

Are you looking for guitar Christmas ornaments? If so you’ve found a great collection from acoustic guitar ornaments to electric guitar ornaments these Christmas ornaments are just perfect for guitar enthusiasts of all ages.

Guitar Christmas ornaments also make great gift ideas for music teachers or guitar playing family members and/or friends. I know my daughter has been asking for a cool electric guitar Christmas ornament for a while now……….she may just be getting one in her stocking this year, according to Santa!

I think it would be cool to have a whole tree decked out in a musical theme, not just guitars, but a whole ‘band’ of ornaments. I’m pretty sure both dd and dh would love this idea as well so it could happen in our household – what about yours? The first step towards a truly musical tree is to pick your favorite guitar ornament so let’s have a look at what’s available…….

Electric Guitar Christmas Ornaments

There are so many different types of electric guitars available that it’s hardly any surprise that the amount of different electric guitar Christmas ornaments is also huge. Here is a selection of some of the great electric guitar Christmas ornaments that are available to purchase online. Click the guitar ornament that you like for more information and the chance to see a larger picture.


 Electric Guitar Hanging Ornament Flying V Electric Guitar Christmas Ornament Flame Les Paul Electric Guitar Christmas Ornament Flame Warlock Electric Guitar Ornament Les Paul Electric Guitar Ornament Stratocaster Electric Guitar Christmas Ornament Flame Les Paul Electric Guitar Ornament Electric Guitar Christmas Ornament Electric Guitar Christmas Ornament Zakk Bullseye Electric Guitar Christmas Ornament

 Pretty Guitar Ornaments for Tween/Teen Girls

Cute Pink & Purple Guitar Ornaments That Rock!

Now I must be honest if I brought my daughter either of these guitar Christmas ornaments she probably wouldn’t be very impressed with me as she’s more into black electric guitars or even flames on guitars, not what she would refer to as a ‘girly girl’ guitar!

However, I do know that one of her friends would love the pink guitar Christmas ornament so if you know a tween who still likes pink & purple even if she enjoys rocking out on her guitar then these can make a great choice as a Christmas ornament.


 Pink Guitar Glass Ornament Tween Christmas Purple

 More Electric Guitar Ornaments

These guitar Christmas ornaments are a little different in that they’re not shaped like guitars, but instead are images of guitars on ceramic shapes – choose from oval, heart, round or star. There are some really cool ones and some can even be personalized which would make them a great gift idea.

Electric Blue Guitar ornament Guitars Love to Play Heart Shaped Ornament Grunge Guitar Ornament ornament

Acoustic Guitar Christmas Ornaments

I love the sound of acoustic guitars and I made my daughter learn on an acoustic before she got her electric as I think it’s great to be able to play an instrument that is fairly portable and she now loves playing both which is great. There aren’t as many acoustic guitar Christmas ornaments available as there are electric ones, but I’ve managed to get a small selection for you to choose from.

Just click on the acoustic guitar Christmas ornament that you like for more information about the product and/or simply to purchase it!


 Miniature Spanish Acoustic Guitar Christmas Ornament 4 String Guitar W/Pick Guard Ornament Polish Christmas Ornament Acoustic Guitar Musical Instrument Female Blond Hair Acoustic Guitar Player Personalized Ornament S’mores Guitar Player Ornament Male Brown Hair Acoustic Guitar Player Personalized Ornament

I must admit I would love the s’mores ornament as I remember being at school camp sitting around the camp fire with someone playing guitar and us all singing along – what else goes with camping? Why s’mores of course!

Sets of Guitar Christmas Tree Ornaments

Using sets of these ornaments help the whole tree to look musical, whether you choose to decorate with acoustic, electric or a mix of guitars these Christmas ornament sets are great.

It’s also great to get a set because a single guitar can look very lonely so if you’re only just starting with this rocking style of decoration a set will be a great starting point and you can add a new single ornament every following holiday season until your tree is droning under guitars!!

Don’t forget you can add clefs and musical notes on the tree as well either in the form of store brought ornaments or make your own from air dried clay or even music inspired cookie cutters tied on the tree with ribbons.


 Set of 3 Guitar Ornaments Set of 4 Wooden Guitar Ornaments Christmas Ornaments – Set of 3

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