Retro 80s Christmas Ornaments

Eighties Inspired Christmas Ornaments Are Awesome!

80s christmas ornamentsI love the 80s and the fact that you can now get 80s Christmas ornaments is in a word – awesome! The only problem is which one should you buy, I quite fancy the idea of decorating my entire Christmas tree with a totally 80s theme, but I think my 10 year old might not appreciate that idea!

Stuck in the 80s Christmas Ornament

If you know someone who’s ‘stuck in the 80s’ like I am then let me tell you an eighties Christmas ornament would be a really cool gift idea. I have been given so many 80s compilation cds over the years and although I appreciate every single one of them the majority have the same songs on them so a Christmas ornament (or two, or three!) would be appreciated a lot more by me and I’m sure I’m not alone!

I Love The 80s Christmas Ornaments

What’s not to love about the 80s? I think these retro Christmas ornaments are awesome and will really make a statement on your Christmas tree because the 80s rock!

I Love The 80s! ornament80's Hearts ornamentBright Eye Heart I Love the 80s ornamentThe Totally Awesome 80s Ornament ornament

Retro 80s Christmas Ornaments

What is it that you love about the 80s?

Awesome 80s Ornament ornamentCorey Tiger 80s Retro Unicorn Rainbow ornamentRainbow Hair ornamentCorey Tiger 80s Retro Leopard Print Star Ornament ornament

It was the technology of the 80s that saw some lucky homes get the first personal computer systems…….these were still a long way from what we use today and ran on cassette tapes which had to be turned over as well as floppy discs.

Then there were the retro video games that we all enjoyed like Pac Man and Space Invaders – celebrate the 80s silicone advancements with these retro Christmas Ornaments.

8bit Heart Face ornamentDon't forget floppy disks ornamentGamer Mushroom ornament

80s music rocked and still does, although it’s quite hard to define because of how diverse it was. Can you tell me what is 80s music? I doubt you’d manage to satisfy everyone with your answer unless you said it’s great!

These Christmas ornaments embrace 80s music from vinyl to cassette tapes and boom boxes ……

Colorful Cassette Tapes ornamentCorey Tiger 80s Retro Vinyl Record Ornament ornamentMixTape Heartbreak ornamentRockin' Stereo ornament
80s Rock Guitarist ornamentRetro Party ornament80s New Romantic Ornament ornamentRetro Party Background ornament

More 80s Christmas Ornaments – Retro Dude!

Here’s a few more retro eighties Christmas ornaments for you to choose from – simply click on them to see a larger image.

Stuck in the 80s 2 christmas ornaments Totally 80s christmas ornaments 80s Girl Christmas Ornaments Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Christmas Ornament

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