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Angry Birds Christmas Decorations

Decorate Your Home in Angry Birds Style For The Holidays

Fun Angry Birds Christmas Decorations

Angry Bird Plush Ornament 2.5”

I know a couple of people who are complete Angry Birds addicts and when I saw that you could get Angry Birds Christmas ornaments I just knew they’d love the idea. As I explored further I discovered that ornaments are only the start of a journey to creating the perfect holiday decor for a fan of this highly addictive game.

Let me take you on a special journey and see how you can incorporate Angry Birds into your holiday decor, you might be surprised as to how many ways you can incorporate your love of this game into your holiday decorating.

I think this would make for a really fun Christmas theme, but it’s not one I’ll be adopting this year as I’m trying not to play the game – it sucks me in and I lose hours at a time from my life!!


Sets of Angry Birds Christmas Ornaments

When you want to add a whole theme to your Christmas tree then buying a set of ornaments is a great way to start it off and so here’s a few sets for you to look at here –

Angry Birds Holiday Edition Gift Set - 3Angry Birds Holiday Edition Gift Set – 3

Angry Birds & Pigs Holiday Edition Ornament SetAngry Birds & Pigs Holiday Edition Ornament Set

Angry Birds 5-Pack Mini Christmas OrnamentsAngry Birds 5-Pack Mini Christmas Ornaments


Individual Angry Birds Christmas Ornaments

Of course everyone has their favorite so if you just want to add one or two ornaments on the tree then you’ll be interested in these – be sure to vote for your favorite!

I must admit that although the Red Angry Bird isn’t my favorite character in the game, he does look pretty cool on the Christmas tree …….. decisions, decisions!

 Red Angry Bird with Santa Hat Glass Ball Christmas Ornament 2.5 Angry Birds – White Bird Angry Birds – Pig Christmas ornament Angry Birds Licensed Ornament – Black Bird Angry Birds Licensed Ornament – Blue Bird Angry Birds Space Purple Bird Christmas Ornament



Angry Birds Christmas Tree Lights

Light Up Your Holidays in Style!

Now not only can you get some awesome Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree with you can also get some tree lights which I think look absolutely awesome.

Kurt Adler UL 10-Light Injection Mold Angry Birds Light Set

These lights can be used indoors or outdoors so you can use them at parties throughout the year, but at Christmas I recommend using them on your Angry Birds themed Christmas tree!

I absolutely love these lights, even if you decide not to get any ornaments you’ll make quite a statement with these on your tree!

The different types of Angry Birds Christmas decorations just keep getting better and better…..


Plush Toys Can Be Used to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Angry Birds Plush Toys

If you find small plush toys you can easily use them to decorate your Christmas tree – I have myself done the same with small Coca-Cola beanie toys that I got from a fast food place years ago. They look great on a tree and add some interest.

If you’re looking for a way to add more Angry Birds onto your tree then check out the selection of small plush toys that you can use – remember to vote for your favorite as well!

 Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Orange Globe Bird with Sound Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Red Bird with Sound Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Piglet with Sound Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Toucan Bird with Sound Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Yellow Bird with Sound Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Blue Bird with Sound Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Helmet Pig with Sound Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch Girl Pink Bird with Sound Angry Birds Plush 5-Inch White Bird with Sound



Christmas Angry Birds Plush Toys

This set of mini plushes are all donning Santa hats which makes them a cool addition to any holiday decorating whether crowded around the bottom of the tree, lining the mantle or perching on the branches of your family tree.
Club Pack of 24 Angry Birds Mini Plush Christmas Ornaments 2.5

Using toys as decorations is a cool way of getting value for money that I’ve used a few times over the years with items such as the Coca-Cola polar bear plush toys.


Angry Birds Christmas Stockings

I love Christmas stockings, when I was younger my brother and I used empty pillowcases on the end of our beds for Santa to leave his gifts in. These days my daughter has her very own red, felt Christmas stocking (as does my brothers children). Now if you’re an Angry Birds fan you can now get your very own themed Christmas stocking – how good is that?

Let’s check out what ones I can find for you ….

Angry Birds 3 Adorable Assorted Christmas Plush StockingsAngry Birds 3 Adorable Assorted Christmas Plush Stockings

Angry Birds 19 Red Bird Applique StockingAngry Birds 19″ Red Bird Applique Stocking

Kurt Adler Angry Birds Plush Head StockingKurt Adler Angry Birds Plush Head Stocking


Themed Ornaments You Can Also Use

Not All The Ornaments HAVE To Be Angry Birds Ones!

I don’t know how you play the game, but I’ll let you know about my own habits. Personally I’ve only ever played on the phone, but my daughter has also played the game on her laptop so why not add some Christmas ornaments like these ones –

Orange Mobile Phone Christmas OrnamentOrange Mobile Phone Christmas Ornament

Teenage Computer Hand Personalized Christmas OrnamentTeenage Computer Hand Personalized Christmas Ornament

Yellow Cell Phone Christmas OrnamentYellow Cell Phone Christmas Ornament

Merry Christmas Computer Christmas OrnamentMerry Christmas Computer Christmas Ornament


When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree with any theme I always find that it’s handy to have some plain Christmas ornaments to add depth to your tree and so I’ve got a few ball styled Christmas baubles that you may want to add to your Christmas collection as well.

32ct Red Shatterproof 4-Finish Christmas Ball Ornaments32ct Red Shatterproof 4-Finish Christmas Ball Ornaments

60ct Silver Shatterproof 4-Finish Christmas Ball Ornaments60ct Silver Shatterproof 4-Finish Christmas Ball Ornaments

96ct Gold Shatterproof 4-Finish Christmas Ball Ornaments96ct Gold Shatterproof 4-Finish Christmas Ball Ornaments


Don’t Forget Your Outside Holiday Decorating!

Show The World You Love Angry Birds!

Kurt Adler UL 50-Light 28-Inch 3-D Tinsel Angry Birds Lawn Decor

Forget the boring ‘Santa Stop Here!’ signs, you can add an Angry Bird tinsel tree to your lawn and really make your neighbors take note!

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