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Animal Print Christmas Ornaments

Take a walk on the wild side with your Christmas decorationg this year and incorporate some cool animal print ornaments.

Choose from cheetah print, tiger stripes or zebra print or use a mix of different animal prints to leave your tree looking like it’s been on a safari.



These animal print Christmas ornaments are certainly very fashionable at the moment so get in quick if you don’t want stocks to run out!

If you’re a fan of Cheetah Print Christmas ornaments there are a lot to choose from, but my favorite has to be this heart shaped one –


Cheetah Print Heart Sentiment Christmas Ornament

Don’t you think it’s a cool Christmas ornament to hang on the tree?   Of course there’s lots more to choose from including Cheetah jewel dangle Christmas ornaments and high heeled cheetah print shoe Christmas ornaments – the combinations are certainly plentiful.

What if you like leopard print?   Well you can find yourself some cool leopard print Christmas ornaments as well.   Along with the traditional Christmas bauble shaped ornaments there are lots of fashion inspired leopard print ornaments such as purses, shoes and boots and then there’s the teardrop Christmas ornament which I’ve showcased below.

5.5″ Diva Safari Glittered Leopard Print Teardrop Prism Christmas Ornament

Perhaps you’re more of a tiger?   Tiger striped Christmas ornaments are also very popular and I don’t think you can get much better than the bright tiger stripe beaded animal print ornament that I’ve featured here (although there are alternatives available online).

3″ Diva Safari Beaded Tiger Stripe Animal Print Christmas Ball Ornament (75mm)

When it comes to animal prints, however, my daughter and I are in agreement (which doesn’t usually happen!) that there’s one animal print which is the best for decorating and that’s zebra print!

If you love your zebra stripes then get ready to zebra up your Christmas tree with these Christmas ornaments.

There’s the classic black and white zebra print design which you can find on Christmas ornaments like this one –

3″ Diva Safari Beaded Zebra Stripe Animal Print Christmas Ball Ornament (75mm)

And can I just say that the beaded aspect to this zebra print ornament really suits the black and white coloring. Now the great thing about combining zebra print with fashion is that we’ve seen lots of different color combinations arise and whereas I don’t think you’d ever see a magenta and black zebra when on safari it does look good as you can see on this ornament.

5.5″ Glittered Magenta Pink Zebra Print Teardrop Prism Christmas Ornament

So will you be hanging any animal print designs on your Christmas tree this year?

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