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New York City Sports Teams Christmas Ornaments

Decorate Your Tree with Your Favorite NY Sports Team

New York City Sports Teams Christmas OrnamentsDid you know that if you’re a New York loving sports fan then you can decorate your whole Christmas tree in not just your team colors, but with specially made Christmas ornaments? Of course the rest of the family might object in which case your best bet is to just get a couple of your favorite team’s ornaments to hang on the tree ……. if you get a couple of new ones each year it won’t take long before the family Christmas tree turns into a team’s tree!

There are so many great sports teams from New York that you’re bound to love one of them whatever sport you enjoy from basketball to baseball, from football to hockey New York has top teams in all of these sports. So what are you waiting for sports fans? Let’s get some New York team colors on your Christmas tree this holiday season!

If your family aren’t as into sports as you then maybe you can suggest a New York themed tree and add in a mixture of your team along with some fun New York Christmas ornaments or some NY landmark Christmas ornaments. Tongues will wag when they see your New Yorker’s dream tree so let’s have a look at what Christmas ornaments you can buy…..

Baseball Christmas Ornaments

New York have two major league baseball teams – the Yankees and the Mets. The Yankees play at Yankee stadium while the Mets now play at Citi Field, although it used to be Shea Stadium. Let’s look at some of the Christmas Ornaments available…..

New York Yankees Christmas Ornaments

Have a Very Yankee Christmas with These Holiday Ornaments!
Any fan of the Yankees is sure to love a Yankee Christmas ornament to hang on the family Christmas tree – in fact the only problem I can see is making them take it down again!!

MLB New York Yankee Baseball Stadium Christmas Ornament

I love this particular Christmas ornament as it incorporates Yankee Stadium along with a baseball, but if it’s not the one you like (or you already have it!) then I do have a selection of other ornaments for you to look at as well.
Yankee Decorations for Your Christmas Tree – Cool Baseball Christmas Ornaments

 New York Yankees Jolly Christmas Snowman Ornament New York Yankees Official MLB 4 inch x 3 inch Stadium Seat Ornament New York Yankees Christmas Ornament New York Yankees 4 Pack Nutcracker Christmas Ornaments New York Yankees MLB 3 Pack Glass Ball Slogan Christmas Ornament Set New York Yankees Christmas 12PK Ball Ornament Set 2010 MLB New York Yankees Lil’ Teammates Batter MLB New York Yankees 3D Logo Ornament New York Yankees Gnome Christmas Ornament

New York Mets Christmas Ornaments

More MLB Christmas Ornaments

Any Mets fan would love to create a tree dedicated to their team and what better ornament to hang up first than the team mascot Mr Met himself –

 Kurt Adler 3-3/4-Inch Mr. Met Mascot OrnamentCheck Price Santa Gets There, Orn, Rocket Santa, New York MetsCheck Price New York Mets Stained Glass OrnamentCheck Price New York Mets Glass Train OrnamentCheck Price Kurt Adler 80mm New York Mets Glass Baseball OrnamentCheck Price Reindeer Players, Orn, New York Mets, 3 AssortCheck Price MLB 6 Piece LED Boxed Ornament Set MLB Team: New York MetsCheck Price New York Mets Official MLB 3 inch x 4 inch Chalkboard Sign Christmas OrnamentCheck Price New York Mets – MLB Official 4.5Check Price

Basketball Christmas Ornaments

New York’s major basketball team in the NBA is none other than the New York Knicks. They don’t have nearly as many Christmas ornaments as the baseball teams do, but lets see what they do have….

New York Knicks Christmas Ornaments

 New York Knicks NBA Candy Cane Ornament Set of 6 New York Knicks Official NBA Glass Ball Christmas Ornament 3 Pack NBA New York Knicks Traditional 2 5/8

National Football League Christmas Ornaments

In New York City the National Football League is represented by two major teams (reading this in the tone of the intro to Law and Order makes it sound really cool by the way!) – the Jets and the Giants.

NY Jets Christmas Ornaments

NFL Christmas Ornaments
Who knew that Santa was a Jets fan, well you can tell your kids that when you hang this ornament on the tree…

Santa Gets There, Orn, Rocket Santa, New York Jets

Forget Santa’s reindeer and sleigh, this year Santa’s using a rocket ship so that he can get back in time to watch re-runs of the Jet’s games!

Check out more Jet’s Christmas ornaments here –

 New York Jets Nfl 3 Pack Glass Ball Slogan Christmas Ornament Set New York Jets 3 Pack Ornaments New York Jets Mini Blown Glass Ornament Set (Snowman & Glass Ball) New York Jets Glass Snowman Player Christmas Ornament New York Jets Snowman Bell Ornament New York Jets Glass Football Player Ornament

NY Giants Christmas Ornaments

NFL Christmas Ornaments
Have a New York Giants Christmas with this cool Giants Christmas ornament especially released for 2012 as everyone knows that this is the year the Giants won the Championship. I can’t think of a better way to remind fans of the triumph than giving them one of these special ornaments (released by Bradford Exchange) for Christmas.

NFL New York Giants 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Championship Ornament by The Bradford Exchange

Of course any ardent fan probably already has one, but that’s okay one can be displayed in the Man Cave and one can go on the family Christmas tree – too easy!
More Giants Christmas Ornaments – Decorating Your Holidays with the NY Giants!

 NFL New York Giants 2014 Resin Gingerbread Man Ornament (4-Pack) New York Giants Nfl 3 Pack Glass Ball Slogan Christmas Ornament Set New York Giants Sleigh Ornament 4 pack New York Giants Official NFL 5.7 inch x 3 inch Street Lamp Christmas Ornament New York Giants Blown Glass Snowman Top Hat Christmas Tree Ornament New York Giants NFL Football LED Light Up Lantern Christmas Ornament Team Ball Ornament, New York Giants New York Giants NFL Football Holiday Owl Christmas Ornament Scottish Christmas New York Giants 3 in. Glass Blown Helmet Ornament – New York Giants One Size

National Hockey League Christmas Ornaments

New York is represented in the NHL by the Rangers. If you’re a Hockey fan, let’s check out what Christmas ornaments you can get…

NY Rangers Christmas Ornaments

Official NHL Christmas Ornaments
If you’re a keen Rangers fan then you’ll love to deck the halls in the team colors of red, white and blue and it just so happens to be patriotic colors so you’ve gotta love that! Add an ornament or two from the ones I’ve found below and it will let everyone know that your color choice is due to your team and not your country (although it’s a bonus)!

 New York Rangers NHL 2 5/8” Painted Round Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament Hallmark Keepsake Ornament WAYNE GRETZKY 2014 NHL Hockey Team Glitter Logo Glass Ball Ornament – Pick Team (New York Rangers) New York Rangers Ornament Christmas Ornament Forever Collectibles New York Rangers 3-Pack of Glass Ball Ornaments New York Rangers Acrylic Snowflake NHL New York Rangers The Party Animal Lil Team Goalie NHL New York Rangers Striped Glass Ball Ornament – Royal Blue New York Rangers Knit Sweater Ornaments – Set Of 3

I know that I haven’t covered every New York team, but the Knights and Red Bull don’t appear to have any Christmas ornaments online at the time of posting.

New York City Sports Teams Christmas Ornaments

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