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Cocktail Glass Christmas Ornaments

Mini Martini Glass Christmas Ornaments

Lolita Martini Glass Christmas Ornament Frosty’s Party

If you enjoy a few cocktails then why not hang some on your tree? These Cocktail Christmas ornaments give your tree a unique touch of flair.

Cocktail Christmas tree decorations can also be a really special present to give to someone who loves a nice martini or cosmo.

So in the words of R Meyers (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas) “I hope you have a very Merry Christmas time…..”

Personally I absolutely love the snowman martini glass ornament that’s pictured here – it’s fun and festive and would look fantastic on my Christmas tree these holidays – don’t you think?

Cocktail Glass Christmas Ornaments

Lolita Christmas Martini Glasses

Here are some made by Lolita who also make lovely martini glasses……as a gift idea you could give them the ornament and glass together. For your own tree though, choose your favorite martini glass or get them all!


 Lolita Martini Glass Christmas Ornament Peppermintini Lolita Mini Wine Glass Ornaments – Holiday Diva from Lolita Collection Love my Martini, Hand Painted and Comes with Gift Box Lolita Martini Glass Christmas Ornament Frosty’s Party Mini Martini Glass Lolita Martini Glass Christmas Ornament Silver Snowflake Lolita Holiday Cookies Mini-Tini Ornament


More Lolita Martini Glass Ornaments

Whether you stick with a Christmas theme or a non-festive theme these ornaments certainly help to put the ‘merry’ into Merry Christmas!

I have a friend who would love the ‘little black dress’ style ornament whereas with the increase in popularity of animal print Christmas ornaments I think either of the animal print cocktail glass would be a cool ornament idea.

I must admit I do prefer the holiday themed ones like Frosty, Santa and candy canes, but that could be because I’d like to own matching ornaments and glassware – I can only afford a few each Christmas, but one year it would be nice to have a whole tree full of them ……. along with the actual glassware to match!


Now you can see how gorgeous they all look so let’s talk about the product itself – yes this is the ‘boring’ bit, but it’s also important that you know what you’re getting.

Each Lolita holiday ornament measures 3 1/2″ tall and it comes in a cute box complete with the ribbon and hanger which basically means that it would even look great as a gift idea. I particularly like the idea of giving one of these with a matching Lolita Christmas cocktail glass which also comes in it’s own box.

More Cocktail Glass Christmas Ornaments

Kurt Adler Christmas Ornaments

Whereas I personally love the Lolita cocktail glass ornaments because you can get glassware to match there are lots of other ornaments to choose from. Kurt Adler is a name familiar to many people who collect Christmas ornaments and it appears he has even added cocktails to his list of Christmas themes ornaments for our trees.


Happy Hour Porcelain “Cosmo Girl” Cocktail Glass Christmas Ornament 3.75″Happy Hour Mouth Blown Glass “Stiletto-Tini” Martini Cocktail Christmas OrnamentHappy Hour Mouth Blown Glass “Bikini-Tini” Martini Cocktail Christmas Ornament

Cocktail Christmas Ornaments Make Great Gifts

These cocktail Christmas ornaments also make great gift ideas for a friend who enjoys the odd tipple or two and here are some more – although these ones aren’t shaped like glasses, they’re still pretty awesome!
Margarita Martini Cocktail Alcoholic Beverage Orna Ornament Pineapple Cocktail Ornament Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Christmas Ornaments Vintage Martini Christmas Ornament

Cocktail in a Coconut Christmas Ornaments Daiquiri Strawberry Ornament Rainbows Tropical Drink Christmas Ornament Happy Hour Christmas Ornament

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Cocktail Christmas Ornaments

Some people enjoy beer and some enjoy wine, but if you know someone who loves the odd cocktail or two then giving them a cocktail Christmas ornament as a gift is a great idea.

These cocktail Christmas ornaments add lots of fun to a Christmas tree and will have people talking about how cool they look and what a change they are from the everyday Christmas baubles.

There are just so many to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start like these here –

Lolita Martini Glass Christmas Ornament

Happy Hour ornament

There are cocktail glass shaped Christmas ornaments available as well as disc shaped (and other shapes) Christmas ornaments that feature cocktails – it should be easy enough to find one you like……just not so easy to stick to just one, but that’s okay get as many as you like 😀

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.