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Doctor Who Christmas Tree Decorations

Covering your tree with Doctor Who Christmas Decorations is something all Whovarians would love to do I’m sure.   There are certainly a lot of different Doctor Who Christmas tree ornaments available to satisfy any fan.

Even if you’re not a die hard Whovarian you have to ask the question – Who doesn’t love Doctor Who?   This British Sci-fi series has been running for over 50 years and I like millions of other children can still remember hiding behind the sofa when the Daleks were around!

These days there are so many different ways of decorating your Christmas trees that it’s easy to create a fandom themed tree of your choice and right now I’m choosing Doctor Who!

A Doctor Who Christmas Tree

Turning Christmas into a Time Lord Celebration

doctor who christmas treeDoctor Who Kurt Adler Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree has everything you need for a Doctor Who themed tree – it’s blue and includes a silver garland and 22 ornaments.

The ornaments include the 11th Doctor, the Tardis, the Cypermen and Daleks.

Now this tree would be a great gift and ideal for a younger fan to have in their bedroom or an older fan to have on their desk at work or in their home office. As far as a family Christmas tree goes, however, the tree is only 18 inches so get out your ruler and you’ll see that means it’s pretty small.

The reviews also aren’t that great which is why my suggestion would be to create your very own Doctor Who Christmas tree.   Let’s see how easy it would be….

How to Create Your Own Doctor Who Christmas Tree

A Blue Christmas Tree

Now first you need a Christmas tree and whilst you could use a ‘real’ tree or the same tree that you already have whether it’s green or white or some other color I do think that a blue tree says the Doctor. If you agree with me then you can choose one of these cool blue Christmas trees, if you don’t then skip to the next part to continue creating the ultimate Doctor Who fan tree.

 Vickerman Blue Fibre Optic Christmas Tree – 3′ x 20 4 Foot Tinsel with 70 Clear Lights, Blue Vickerman Navy Blue Fir Artificial Tree – 5.5′ x 42 5′ Baby Blue Artificial Xmas Tree with Clear Lights Vickerman Navy Blue Christmas Tree – 6.5′ x 34 4 Foot Blue Tinsel Christmas Tree with Clear Lights

Doctor Who Christmas Tree Lights

In my house, after the tree is put up we add the lights. Now depending on which tree you go with you may decide not to use any lights as some of the selections above come complete with lights as they are. If you did decide on lights then you could stick with generic fairy lights or go with something more in keeping with this tree’s sense of style ……
doctor who tardis string lightsDoctor Who Tardis String Lights

These Tardis string lights are a perfect addition to a tree designed to show off your love of the Doctor!

Despite the Tardis being bigger on the inside these string lights are of the same time and dimension as you which means that they are the size they state!

In other words with these lights you are getting 10 lights on a 9 foot cord which I think is ample to make an impact on your tree, but if you wanted more you can plug multiple stings into each other.

Christmas Garlands & Tinsel

Now as hard as I’ve looked I can’t find any fun Christmas garland to hang around the Christmas tree that says The Doctor, although I did find a Doctor Who Garland that is nice as a piece of decor, but wouldn’t work (in my opinion) on a tree.

One fun idea that you might like, especially fans of the Fourth Doctor, is to get the scarf that Tom Baker made famous and wrap that around the tree like a garland!

Personally I would stick to silver tinsel if you really wanted to add something to create more depth on your tree.

Doctor Who Christmas Ornaments

The Fun Part of Creating an Amazing Time Lord Inspired Christmas Tree

My favorite part of creating a themed Christmas tree is finding all of the different ornaments that are available to really bring your theme together so let’s check out the selection of Doctor Who Christmas ornaments that I was able to find –


 Doctor Who Tardis Figural Ornament Doctor Who K-9 Blow Mold Plastic Ornament Doctor Who Set of 4 Christmas Ornaments Doctor Who Kurt Adler Yellow Dalek Ornament Doctor Who Weeping Angel Christmas Ornament Ksa Doctor WhoTM Blue Dalek Robot Ornament 11th Doctor & Sonic Screwdriver Ornaments Doctor Who 80mm Glass Disc Ornament-1 piece Doctor Who Cybermen Ornament, 4.25-Inch

Now there are other ornaments that you can add to this tree that will make it even more of a tribute and that’s things such as a recorder Christmas ornament if you’re a fan of the Second Doctor or jelly babies if the Fourth Doctor is your favorite. Other ideas include a coin (for flipping), a cricket ball, bow tie or a fez – any of these as Christmas ornaments will help to add a unique flavor to your Doctor Who Christmas tree.

Now we need something to place on top of the tree…..

Doctor Who Tree Toppers

Now I have to be honest I would’ve preferred to put a Tardis on top of the tree or a Dalek (for nostalgic reasons), but the only tree topper I can find is this Weeping Angel one and I must admit it is pretty cool …..  You can have a choice as to what you would like on top of your Doctor Who Christmas tree – an angel as in the weeping kind or my favorite Doctor inspired tree topper – the Tardis!

 Kurt Adler Doctor Who TARDIS Tree Topper Kurt Adler Doctor Who Weeping Angel Tree Topper


Doctor Who Christmas Tree Decorations

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