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New Orleans Saints Christmas Ornaments

Create Your Very Own New Orleans Saints Christmas Tree

Create a New Orleans Saints Christmas tree that fans will love with a few New Orleans Saints Christmas ornaments.

New Orleans Saints Christmas Tree

If you’re a fan of the New Orleans Saints then why not decorate your Christmas tree in New Orleans Saints Christmas ornaments?   It’s time to decorate your Christmas tree in black and gold New Orleans’ style with a dash of white in the mix too.

This Louisiana football team are based in New Orleans (no surprises there!) and pay tribute to the city’s French heritage with their team logo – the fleur de lis which is often associated with French royalty. I bet you never realized that adding your team colors to your tree could add an aristocratic touch to it did you?

There are a few ways in which you can celebrate Christmas in Saints fashion, one is buy having a table top tree (like in the picture here), another way is to get a tree in your team colors – yes it does exist! Another way is to simply add Saints Christmas ornaments to your ‘usual’ Christmas tree and maybe an official tree skirt as well……

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A New Orleans Saints Christmas Tree

A Black & Gold Team Colors TreeDid you know that you can actually get a Christmas tree in black and gold team colors? It really makes a statement, but unfortunately it no longer seems to be available to purchase anywhere that I look (I will be keeping my eye out for you, however). The tree actually consisted of a black tree with gold lights which got me thinking – why not create your own team tree?

Black Artificial Christmas Twig Tree in Burlap Base

The great thing about having an artificial Christmas tree is that you don’t have to go out and get one each year simply get it out of the attic/garage/wherever you keep your Christmas decorations and it’s ready to decorate.

Now add the gold Christmas lights to complete your New Orleans Saints tree, it looks just as good as if you’d brought a pre-lit one in team colors.

Set of 50 Gold Mini Christmas Lights

One advantage is that you can add other colored lights if you want to use it for a Halloween tree one year as well as keeping it decorated as a Saints tree for the festive season.

New Orleans Saints Christmas Ornaments

Now it’s time to add ornaments to your Christmas tree, because let’s face it a tree is naked without ornaments on it! Here are some specific New Orleans Saints NFL ornaments for your Christmas tree, but remember you can also add plain black and gold Christmas ball style ornaments on your tree as well and just add a few of these ornaments. Sometimes it’s nice to add extra team ornaments every year as long as you have some ‘filler’ ornaments to stop the tree from looking empty.

 NFL New Orleans Saints Silver Star Ornament NFL New Orleans Saints Gingerbread House New Orleans Saints Official NFL Ornament New Orleans Saints NFL Diving Santa Ornament NFL New Orleans Saints Train Ornament New Orleans Saints Player Christmas Ornament New Orleans Saints Jolly Snowman Ornament Official NFL Saints Stadium Seat Christmas Ornament NFL Licensed Top Hat Snowman Ornament

Sets of Saints Holiday Ornaments

Sometimes if you haven’t got any themed ornaments to start with it can be a great idea to purchase a set of two instead of individual ones and I’ve found some cool sets for you to choose from.

 NFL New Orleans Saints Ball Ornament (Set of 12) New Orleans Saints Burlap Ornament Assortment, 4 New Orleans Saints 31 Pack Xmas Ornament Set

New Orleans Saints Tree Topper Idea

What Do You Put On Top of a Saints Themed Christmas Tree?Now I haven’t been able to find a tree topper, but there are a few different ideas that you can use depending on your talents. If you can use a needle and thread then you could buy an angel or Santa tree topper and sew a dress/Santa outfit in Saints colors to dress them in.

Alternatively I think a Christmas Santa hat is a cool idea or a foam finger – I’d go with the Santa hat myself, but I think my hubby would prefer a foam finger on his team’s tree!

 NFL New Orleans Saints Black #1 Fan Foam Finger NFL New Orleans Saints Santa Hat

Support A Different Team?

That’s Okay I’m Sure They Have Christmas Ornaments Too!If you support a different football team then check out what ornaments you can get to celebrate them on Christmas Tree Ideas, Who’s Your Team. From the Arizona Cardinals right through to the Washington Redskins that page has you covered.

If you’re in a household like mine you all support different teams which can get a little problematic when it comes to decorating in team colors – my ideal solution is to get separate trees, but for now we just have an equal number of ‘our teams’ ornaments on the family Christmas tree!

New Orleans Saints Christmas Tree

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Chicago Bears Christmas Ornaments

I think the first time I ever heard of American Football was in 1986 when the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl.   I grew up in the UK so it hadn’t been part of our culture, but that year it seemed everywhere I looked people were talking about the Bears and the Fridge aka William “Refrigerator” Perry.   I watch footy fairly regularly these days and although I’m not an avid Chicago Bears fan I do think of them fondly as the first footy jersey I ever wore was one of theirs after the ’86 win.

If you’re a fan of the Bears (old and new!) then you have probably already seen that they do Christmas ornaments, but have you realized how many there are available?   You can easily buy enough of these Chicago Bear Christmas Ornaments to decorate your whole tree so why not show the world your team colors in style?

 Cool Chicago Bears Christmas Ornaments

 Chicago Bears Jolly Christmas Snowman Ornament Chicago Bears NFL Zombie Christmas Ornament NFL Chicago Bears Thematic Gnome Ornament Chicago Bears Wind Up Mascot Cup Chicago Bears Orange and Blue Set of 2 Traditional Bulb Christmas Ornaments NFL Lil Fan Team Players Ornament – Chicago Bears Denver Broncos Nfl 3 Pack Glass Ball Slogan Christmas Ornament Set Chicago Bears Light Up Ball Christmas Ornament Chicago Bears NFL Large Collectible Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

What about your very own Chicago Bears tree?

NFL Chicago Bears Christmas TreeIf you live in a divided house, or have family who don’t think that their Christmas tree should be covered in these ‘fan’tastic ornaments then you can always get your own tabletop NFL Chicago Bears Christmas Tree.

Now I haven’t actually seen this tree in real life, but we did get another team’s tree for a colleague a few years ago that he brought out on his desk in the lead up to Christmas every year since. It was a great gift idea that he really appreciated and as his wife was not a sports fan it kept him happy enough to have his own tree while she could decorate the family tree with more ‘traditional’ ornaments!

However you choose to incorporate the Bears into your holiday season I hope you have a very festive Christmas this year.   If you want to concede to another family members footy tastes, after all it is the season of goodwill you can always check out more football Christmas ornaments and let them have just one of their team on your tree!

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