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Fox Christmas Ornaments

Fair Trade Finger Puppet Fox Christmas Tree Ornament Dzi Wild Woolie

I read an article the other day that suggested that this holiday season would be the year of the fox aka lots of fox ornaments on people’s Christmas trees.

Now I can’t really think what’s Christmassy about foxes, but I must admit they do look cute! The one to my left reminds me a little bit of Basil Brush who gave me a lot of laughs during my childhood – perhaps that’s part of the reason I think foxes are cute?

If you have never heard of Basil Brush then do google him, although he doesn’t seem quite as funny these days it will give you an insight to a whole generation of children going, ‘boom boom!’

I like the idea of incorporating a fox theme with other woodland animals for a country themed tree. If you don’t like the puppet/ornament here then I have some more below for you to choose from that I think are pretty cool.

 Red Fox Ornament Gray Fox Red Gift Box Christmas Ornament Fox Sleigh Ride Christmas Ornament


Of course there are other fox ornaments available including fun looking fox ornaments like the ones featured on the image below –


Fox Christmas Ornaments


Of course there are other fox Christmas ornaments available including fun, realistic and vintage style foxes so be sure to check them out if you think this is a theme that would suit your tree.

If you do go down this style of decorating I would recommend a traditional green tree and add pine cone ornaments or burlap ornaments as well as the foxes whether you add other animals as well.   This will give your tree a rustic charm that will look fantastic for the holidays.

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