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Furby Christmas Ornaments

When I saw that you could get this year’s must have electronic toy – the Furby – as a Christmas ornament I immediately had  this going through my head in the tune of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ – I wish you a Furby Christmas, I wish you a Furby Christmas and a Furbish New Year!   Now those lyrics are stuck there so I’m madly writing about these ornaments in an attempt to get it out of my head!!!

If you love the idea of a Furby Christmas ornament then you’ll love this selection of ornaments that I’ve compiled.

2012 Furby Inspired Christmas Ornaments

I love the look of the latest Furbies and their colors are simply gorgeous so the fact that you can get Christmas ornaments based on them are awesome, check out the ones that I’ve found for you –

Teal Furby Christmas Ornament Plum Fairy Furby Christmas Tree Ornaments Sprite Yellow Furby Christmas Tree Ornaments

Phoenix Red Furby Christmas Ornaments Yeti White Furby Ornaments Black Magic Furby Christmas Ornaments

Don’t they look absolutely awesome? There are lots of other types of Furby ornaments you can get though including plush ones which are just like mini Furbies, let’s keep looking……

Plush Furby Ornaments

I like the idea of using plush ornaments as they seem more Furbyish to me (if that’s even a word!).

 Furby Christmas Ornaments Set of 4 Furby Ornaments Furby Santa Hat Christmas Ornament Furby Santa Claus Christmas Ornament Furby Caroler Christmas Ornament – Blue Hat Furby Polka Dot Christmas Ornament Furby Skater Christmas Ornament 12 Red, Blue and Purple Furby Xmas Ornaments Furby with Sana Hat Ornament-set of 2

More Furby Christmas Ornaments

These next Christmas ornaments are from Zazzle (like the 2012 inspired ones listed earlier on the page). This company makes quality Christmas ornaments that you are bound to love and here’s some more of their Furby designs –

Santa Furby Ornaments KAH TOH-LOO CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT Bitmap Furby: May-May Christmas Tree Ornament A Mind of its Own 2 Christmas Tree Ornaments

Furby Heart Ornament Furby Icon Christmas Ornament Furby Joy Ornament Bitmap Furby Heart Ornaments

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