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Christmas Ornaments a Chocoholic Would Love!

Now I think if you wanted to create a chocoholic’s dream Christmas tree it would be between six and eight feet tall and made entirely of chocolate.   I’m not sure how practical that would really be however so perhaps instead you could hang chocolates onto the tree in place of Christmas ornaments?

Seriously though these ornaments wouldn’t even last until Christmas Day in my household which is why I think it’s great that you can get chocolate inspired Christmas ornaments for your tree – they look yummy and yet they’re calorie free!


I think Hersheys (especially if you’re a fan of this chocolate) is perfect as a Christmas ornament because the shape of their Kisses is very similar to the shape of some Christmas ornaments.

These red, green and silver mini kisses ornaments are a perfect festive touch for your chocolate inspired Christmas tree.

Of course it could be that you prefer other chocolates such as the ones with the hard candy shell around them …….. yes I’m referring to the cheeky chocolates known as M&Ms.   If you love these scrumptious candies then there are lots of different options for hanging on the tree, in fact you could even decorate your entire tree with m&ms – Create A M&M Christmas Tree.

Now I should say I’m a little partial to a Twix bar in the afternoon, there’s just something about the biscuit base, creamy caramel and smooth chocolate that really hits the spot for me so popping one (in ornament form of course) on my Christmas tree would be perfect.


This set of two ornaments is great – I just love the little Santa hats on the chocolate bars and I just happen to enjoy Snickers bars as well so these are needed on my tree!

There are lots more different types of chocolate inspired Christmas ornaments that you can add to your tree and you can intersperse them with chocolate brown colored Christmas baubles to add more depth to your tree.   In fact some of the brown baubles that are covered in sequins have the look of a big chocolate truffle from  a distance!

Christmas time is a special time of the year which means that you really should be looking at boxes of chocolates or specially made chocolates as treats rather than just the ‘normal’ chocolate bars and you can even get these in ornament form for your tree.


Chocolate Lover Candy Christmas OrnamentsChocolate Lover Candy Christmas Ornaments

2-Piece Chocolates Christmas Ornaments2-Piece Chocolates Christmas Ornaments


Candies in Round Gift Box Christmas Ornament Candies in Round Gift Box Christmas Ornament

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas OrnamentChocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Ornament


There are so many different types of chocolates to hang on your tree this is only the beginning of a delicious looking centerpiece for your family holidays!

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