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Jeep Christmas Ornaments

Military Jeep Personalized Christmas Ornament

There’s just something special about jeeps (I think anyway), I’m not sure if it’s because all the cool kids in the movies had jeeps when I was growing up (yes I’ve just aged myself I was a teen in the 80s!) or if it’s something else, but I wanted a jeep as my first car!

Well the jeep didn’t happen way back then I got a mazda instead! That doesn’t mean I can’t deck my Christmas tree in jeeps however!

Check out some of the cool jeep ornaments you can get for your tree these days –


Fun Jeep Christmas Ornaments

 Hallmark Ornament – 1943 Ford GPW s Camouflage Jeep Ornament Good Will Toward Men Ornament By Enesco

I absolutely love the reindeer in the jeep Christmas ornament above, although I prefer either a black or a red jeep myself – but camouflage looks really good and is a pretty appropriate design for a classic jeep.   It’s not just jeep lovers who would like to hang these ornaments on their trees, if you’re going for a memorial tree or an armed services tree then a couple of jeeps makes a great addition to other ornaments you could hang.

Now I’ve found that Santa enjoys driving a jeep if his smile in a couple of these ornaments is anything to go by!   I’m also including a jeep Christmas ornament where there’s an adorable Boston Terrier driving – this ornament is available in a range of different dog breeds so if you’ve got a favorite I’m sure we can find them driving a jeep from a lab to a pug and many others!

More Jeep Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

 1996 Enesco Ford Explorer Christmas Ornament Boston Terrier Surf Board Jeep Christmas Ornament Limited Edition ….. Good Will Toward Men

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