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Lego Christmas Ornaments

Embracing the magic of Lego with the festive spirit of Christmas is a win/win combination in my opinion and it can be done in several ways including using Lego Christmas Ornaments.

I have always loved using unique Christmas ornaments on my tree that have special meaning to family members so if as a family you all love Lego then why not have a Lego themed Christmas tree?

There are a variety of different ways in which you can add everyone’s favorite building brick to your tree – make your own Lego Christmas ornaments, buy some of the available read to make packets or buy themed ornaments that are ready to hang. Let’s have a look at some of these ideas and be sure to share any ideas you have with us as well so that we can all enjoy a very Lego Christmas!

Lego Christmas Holiday Sets

Santa | Christmas Tree | Snowman – Cool Ornaments for the Tree

Lego have released a series of three Christmas Holiday sets for you to make your own Christmas ornaments and they include Santa, a snowman and a Christmas tree. All great Christmas icons that you can ‘bring alive’ with your Lego! If you have children this can be a great holiday craft activity before decorating the tree, I know my daughter loves making Christmas ornaments.


LEGO Christmas Santa Claus Holiday Set

What do you think of this Lego Santa? This very easy to build set is a limited edition one and contains 42 pieces.

Has a man ever been more loved in the world than Santa?



LEGO Christmas Tree Holiday Set
This classic symbol of Christmas is another very easy to make set and contains 61 pieces.

A Christmas tree really is an iconic sight during the holidays.



LEGO Christmas Snowman Holiday Set
Another easy to make set, this one contains 44 pieces and I think it’s really cute (I do love snowmen!).

Let’s face it Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Frosty!


More Lego Christmas Sets

You’ve seen the snowman, the Christmas tree and Santa, but there are more Lego Christmas ornament sets available so check these out (my favourite has to be Santa on one of the reindeers) –


LEGO Christmas Cool Santas Holiday SetLEGO Christmas Cool Santas Holiday Set

Lego Christmas Elf Girl #10166Lego Christmas Elf Girl #10166

Lego Christmas Elf Boy #10165Lego Christmas Elf Boy #10165

Lego Santa on ReindeerLego Santa on Reindeer

Build Your Own Christmas Ornaments Set of Three

Lego Santa Christmas Ornaments

This is such a fun set and contains 66 pieces in total.   Basically there are three Santas to build and then there are clear plastic  Christmas baubles to put them inside.   These minifigures are so fun to make you could even incorporate them  into your child’s advent calendar.


LEGO Build Your Own Christmas Holiday Ornaments # 852744
In our house I buy little things throughout the year to add to the advent calendar because I don’t like the idea of my child eating chocolate every morning. If you do the same thing then I would add a mini Santa to make over the course of three days and then once they’re made give your child the bauble to put them into. You can then display them on the side until it’s time for you to put up your Christmas tree.

Make Your Own Lego Christmas Ornaments

Of course the whole idea behind Lego is to use your imagination and not be dictated to by what sets you can purchase and with that in mind there are lots of different directions available for making your own Lego Christmas ornaments online. Use these instructions, or just play around to make your own designs!

Lego Holiday Ornaments

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you how to build a set of fun holiday items with Lego. The first object we’ll tackle is an ornament for your tree.

Kids Christmas Craft Ornaments

If you scroll down nearly to the end of this page you’ll find instructions on making a number of Lego Christmas ornaments including a Santa, a snowman and balls.

Hallmark Lego Christmas Ornaments

Already Made for You!

You know that you’re a major player when Hallmark make a Christmas ornament about you! Legos really are in so many households around the world and are enjoyed by so many different people that it’s great to know you can purchase a Lego Christmas ornament for an enthusiast without having to make it yourself!!


Hallmark Keepsake Lego - Fireplace With Santa 1995 Christmas OrnamentHallmark Keepsake Lego – Fireplace With Santa 1995 Christmas Ornament

Santa's Lego Sleigh 1994 Hallmark Ornament QX5453Santa’s Lego Sleigh 1994 Hallmark Ornament QX5453

 More Lego Inspired Christmas Ornaments


Building Blocks Head ornament ornament

I love this Lego inspired Christmas ornament, it’s definately one of my favorites (that I don’t have to build myself). There’s something about the happy minifigure face that always makes me happy (maybe because I’ve always been a sucker when it comes to the Lego people).

Let’s face it I know not everyone is going to want to build a Lego Christmas ornament, but if they have a Lego enthusiast in the house they may want to pop an ornament on the tree to acknowledge their love of these addictive little bricks. These Lego Christmas ornaments are ideal for that, they’re also great as gift ideas for all of those Lego fans you know……..and let’s face it we all know at least one!

Not everyone is such a big fan of minifigures so you can even get ornaments that embrace the original Lego basic brick which is still inspiring children (young and old) to build and use their imaginations decades since it’s inception.
Pop Art Brick - DOUBLE-SIDED ornamentPop Art Brick - DOUBLE-SIDED ornament


Personalized Lego Christmas Ornaments


Vector Photo Frame - DOUBLE-SIDED ornament

You can even get personalized Lego Christmas ornaments which are a great gift idea. There are two different types that I’ve come across so far and they both have the image next to this text as one side of the ornament. The other side of the Lego Christmas ornament is where the personalization takes place.

Take your pick from the two ornaments below as these are your two options for the front of your Lego Christmas ornaments.

Simply click on the one you prefer and it will take you to a site called Zazzle where you can upload your choice of photo and then buy it – how simple is that for a really special, personal Christmas gift idea?

Building Blocks Illustration ornamentVector Photo Frame - DOUBLE-SIDED ornament

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