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A Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree

Celebrate the Holidays with a NFL Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree This Year!

What makes a perfect Baltimores Ravens Christmas tree? Obviously you need some Raven’s Christmas ornaments, but it’s more than that you want the tree to be totally decked out in your team colors.

Check out the tabletop tree opposite, not only are there Ravens decorations on the tree but also purple and gold ornaments as well.

You can actually buy a ready made table top Baltimore Raven’s Christmas tree (just below), but imagine decorating a large family tree – that’s the sign of a true Ravens fan and I’m going to help you in your quest to bring a touch of Raven style to your holidays!

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A Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree for the Office

A Desk Top NFL Christmas Tree

Tabletop Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree

Tabletop Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree

This Baltimore Ravens 16 inch tree set is usually available on Amazon, but at the moment I can’t find any available online – I will provide a link when this changes.

If you’re after a small Baltimore Ravens Christmas tree for the office then this is an ideal one to purchase (when available) and if you’re not ‘allowed’ to decorate the family’s Christmas tree like a true Ravens fan then you could even have one of these in your home office, heck my uncle used to have one for his team on his car dash!

Christmas Tree Lights

Adding Light to Your Baltimore Ravens TreeNow the first thing I string up on my Christmas tree when decorating are the lights – I know some people don’t have lights on their Christmas tree, but I love them and so does my daughter which means they’re staying! Now some NFL teams do have their own Christmas lights available, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any for the Baltimore Ravens.

Sylvania 100-Count Purple Halloween Lights Set with Black Wire

You can however get purple Christmas lights that you can hang on to your tree, some of them are a little on the pinky side of purple though. The ones I’ve featured here are purple Halloween lights which I think are perfect and come on a black wire.

Now you don’t have to just use Christmas string lights on your tree for a lighting effect as some of the Christmas ornaments you can get are light up ones as you’ll see when we get on to ornaments so skip these lights if you want.

Do You Hang Tinsel on Your NFL Tree?

Baltimore Ravens Christmas Tree – Alternatives to Tinsel

After the lights the next thing we hang on to our tree is the tinsel, but the past few years we’ve actually used alternatives to tinsel occasionally and for the perfect NFL Ravens Christmas tree I think alternatives are a great idea.

There’s no ‘official’ Ravens tinsel on the market, although you can get tinsel in lots of different colors if you love the look of tinsel otherwise check out these products –

 Baltimore Ravens Pennant String (3 foot) Baltimore Ravens Mardi Gras Beads with Medallion


Now I bet you never thought about hanging pennant string from your tree, but if you have a big enough tree I think this will be an awesome idea – just wrap it around like you would tinsel and you won’t need many ornaments. The other great thing is that you can use this pennant string to decorate your home during the rest of the year which is always a bonus.

When it comes to beads I have been using a long string of beads to decorate my Christmas tree for some time now and it works really well. You can use beads as well as or instead of tinsel. The fact that these beads also come with a team medallion is an extra bonus as it will look like a tree ornament once strung up.

You can use both of these ideas together, or none of them…..it is your Christmas tree after all.

Baltimore Ravens Christmas Ornaments

NFL Christmas OrnamentsNow it’s time for my favorite part of decorating the tree – hanging all of your Christmas ornaments. There are lots of different Ravens ornaments for you to choose from so let’s have a look at the selection I’ve found for you here –

 Baltimore Ravens Street Lamp Christmas Ornament Baltimore Ravens Painted Round Xmas Ornament Baltimore Ravens Stadium Chair Ornament Ravens Metal Street Sign Christmas Ornaments NFL Baltimore Ravens Silver Star Ornament Baltimore Ravens Logo Candy Cane Ornament Set Baltimore Ravens Glass Snowman Player Ornament NFL Zombie Christmas Ornament Baltimore Ravens Glass Football Player Ornaments Baltimore Ravens Team Sayings Ornament Set Ravens Glass Gingerbread House Ornament Vintage Burlap Ornament Set -, Baltimore Ravens


Topping Off Your Baltimore Raven’s Christmas Tree

Of course you can’t finish off the tree without a tree topper can you? Forget about the traditional star tree topper than you likely grew up with and look at this cool star tree topper with the Baltimore Raven’s logo standing proud, this is the perfect way to top off your Raven’s tree!

Glass Star Treetopper – Baltimore Ravens

Finishing Off Your Baltimore Raven Tree

Now all that’s left to do is to add a tree skirt or something similar…..now the ideas here depend on if you have a real tree or an artificial tree. If you’ve gone for an artificial tree then you’re going to have to go for a tree skirt – or leave it plain. To be honest I have an artificial tree and I usually don’t put a skirt on it.

If you did want to use a tree skirt then I can’t source a Baltimore Ravens tree skirt so the best thing would be to get a plain one in either purple, black, gold or white.

If you have a real Christmas tree then there are a few ways we can ‘Raven’ up this tree!

Depending on the size you can pop the tree into a Baltimore Ravens pail (like the one featured below) that has sand or soil in it.

Another alternative is to use a plain bucket (or whatever you usually put your Christmas tree into) and use Baltimore Ravens wrapping paper to cover it.

As kids my brother and I used to always wrap the bucket our Christmas tree was ‘planted’ into with Christmas gift wrap and it was almost as much fun as decorating the actual tree! Again if you wanted to you could just use paper in team colors, but I have sourced some NFL Baltimore Ravens gift wrap for you (below).

 Baltimore Ravens NFL Metal 5 Quart Pail NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Gift Wrap


Of course you can always add other ornaments to your tree such as ‘generic’ football ornaments or use other items to personalize your tree like ticket stubs from games, there’s really not hard and fast rules when it comes to creating an awesome Christmas tree.

How to create a Baltimore Raven's Christmas Tree

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