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Pink Christmas Ornaments

Buy Pink Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree!

Pink Christmas OrnamentsI must admit until a few years ago I wouldn’t have thought of putting pink ornaments onto my Christmas tree, but times have changed! One of my most popular selling Marilyn Monroe Christmas ornament was a beautiful pink color which is what first got my attention.

The next thing that got my attention was a display in a small baby shop where they had two table top silver Christmas trees one was decorated in blue ornaments the other in pink. The pink and silver tree actually looked very nice indeed, I only wished I’d had my camera with me on that day.

Now I can’t decorate my own tree in pink and silver, methinks my hubby would definitely have something to say about that! I can, however, add a few pink ornaments if I like…………………………and I have found a few very nice ones on my travels.

I’ve found some great pink ornaments for you to look at, so what are you waiting for – scroll down and start enjoying my pink Christmas ornaments collection.

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Pink Christmas Ball Shaped Ornament Sets

If you’ve decided that you want to have a pink themed Christmas tree then you have to make a few decisions, namely are you going to have all different shades of pink or primarily the pastel pinks or the hot pinks etc. The next step is to decide if you’re going to have another theme alongside the pink theme this could be a ‘baby girl’ theme, a shoe theme, a ballet theme, shopping theme etc. Whatever decisions you make a couple of sets of plain ball styled pink ornaments are great as a starting point like these ones here –

 Pink Magenta Sequin and Glitter Xmas Baubles Shiny and Matte Pink Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments Shiny Bubblegum Pink Christmas Ball Ornaments


Pink & Black Christmas Ornaments

Pink and black go together really well and you can add both pink Christmas ornaments and black Christmas ornaments together on a tree and highlight with ornaments like this funky animal print pink and black Christmas ornament.

 Pink and Black Iridescent Animal Print Glitter Christmas Ball Ornament


Pink & Green Christmas Ornaments

Pink and green go well together as well especially a bright pink with lime green.

Candy Fantasy Pink Polka Dot Christmas Ornament


This Christmas ornament shows that green and pink work really well together for a fun themed Christmas tree and I must admit I love this particular pink ornament.

You could combine this ornament with other plain pink, green or blue ornaments to make a statement.



Green Polka Dot Christmas Ornament

You can also add a few lime green ornaments that pick out pink in their dots like this one to compliment your plain pink ornaments and the dotty one above.

Lime green and bubblegum pink is certainly a very ‘fresh’ color combination and works incredibly well on a white Christmas tree.

This is a combination I would never have thought of if I hadn’t seen it in a local department store in the lead up to Christmas last year – my daughter particularly loved it as it does have a youthful ‘feel’ to it as well.

Pink Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Snowflakes are a classic Christmas ornament and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can get pink ornaments that are decorated in snowflake designs. As well as snowflake decorated pink ornaments you can also get pink snowflakes for your Christmas tree and I must say I love the shocking pink snowflake below – it’s funky!

 Bubblegum Pink Glitter Snowflake Ornaments (24) Dazzling Pink Snowflake Design Finial Ornaments Fuschia Pink Mirrored Snowflake Ornament


More Pink Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments come in lots of different shapes and sizes and here’s a few for you to look at –

 Chandelier Icicle Crystal 38mm, Pack of 20 (Pink) Hawaiian Glass Christmas Ornament Pink Plumeria Pink Acrylic Diamond Hanging Ornament


I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my pink Christmas ornaments – do you have a favorite? I have quite a few, but I must admit the hot pink polka dot with green and blue dots ornament is pretty funky ……. my dd would like the Fuschia Snowflake Ornament.

Pink Christmas Ornaments

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