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Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate Christmas with Reindeer on Your Tree

reindeer christmas ornamnetReindeer and Christmas go hand in hand so why not add some reindeer ornaments to your Christmas tree? Without his team of reindeer how would Santa get around the world in one night to visit all of us and leave goodies wherever he goes?

Gingerbread And Candy Cane Reindeer Christmas Ornament

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer or one of his fellow team of Santa’s reindeers there’s got to be room on your tree for a reindeer or two.

I love this gingerbread and candy cane inspired reindeer myself as it looks really festive and the way he’s holding his front right leg he just has to be related to Prancer, don’t you think?

Cute Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Reindeer Ornaments Reindeer Christmas Ornament

We always leave a carrot out for the reindeer along with water in case they’re thirsty from all of that flying, of course we just assume that Santa gives them the carrot as we leave him food and a drink as well. I suppose that Santa could be eating everything, but he wouldn’t do that would he?

More Reindeer Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

On Christmas Eve before our daughter goes to bed she sprinkles reindeer dust on the front lawn so that the reindeer can see where to land. We don’t have chimneys for Santa to come down here you see, but he has a magic key that opens all of the houses in Queensland that don’t have chimneys which is why the reindeer have to negotiate lawns and driveways etc.

Deers Christmas Ornament KRW Vintage Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Do You Want To Know How To Make Reindeer Dust?

Reindeer dust lights the way for the reindeer to land on your lawn and also gives them something to munch on while Santa’s making his delivery. Mostly it’s about lighting their way though so don’t forget to leave out a carrot for them as well.

I was given a recipe a number of years ago, but I’ve changed it to a 50/50 mixture and it seems to work really well.

  • Glitter
  • Oatbran

You simply mix the glitter and oatbran together and sprinkle it on the lawn – the moonlight shines on the glitter and lights the reindeer’s way whereas the oatbran gives them something to eat.

As a side note I’ve used whole oats before, but have used a knife to chop them fine – it seems to work well. Any color glitter can be used so this is generally dd’s job to choose and she decided a couple of years ago that good old silver glitter (although not as pretty as purple) shines best under moonlight.

Buying the glitter and then making up reindeer dust is one of our special Christmas traditions that we do as a mother/daughter thing, even when we stayed at her Grandparents for Christmas she wanted us to make some and showed her cousins how we make sure Santa finds our house in Australia.

Which is Your Favorite Reindeer?

Cute (and Famous!) Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

There’s Rudolph who everyone can name, but then there’s the others if you can think of their names……….. okay I’ll help you out there’s Prancer, Dancer, Donner, Blitzen, Dasher, Vixen, Comet and Cupid too.

All of Santa’s reindeer have ornaments to celebrate them so you could hang all nine on the tree just to be fair if you wanted to, here’s an idea as to what that might look like –

Prancer Christmas Ornament Dancer Reindeer Custom Ornament Donner Reindeer Christmas T-shirts and Gifts Christmas Ornament Blitzen Reindeer Christmas Tshirts and Gifts Christmas Ornaments

Dasher Reindeer Personalized Ornament Vixen the Reindeer Christmas Keepsake Ornament Team Comet Christmas Reindeer Ornament Cupid Reindeer Christmas Tshirts and Gifts Christmas Ornaments

I think Rudolph must be everyone’s favourite, after all he’s even got his own song which is sung every year – you know the words, I be you’re singing it in your head right now, “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose………”

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Ornament Red-nosed reindeer Christmas Eve ornament

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