Find a Purrfect Cat Christmas Tree Ornament Here!

Cat Christmas Tree Ornament
Based on an image from Pixabay

If you’re looking for a cat Christmas tree ornament that is just right then you are going to love the selection I’ve found for you here.

Whether you’re buying a cat ornament to adorn your own tree or whether you’re buying one as a gift there really are some rather mischievous-looking cat ornaments available.

As a former cat owner, I have really fallen in love with a number of these ornaments, especially the ones that remind me of my late cat, Tiger who thought that the Christmas tree was there just for him!

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A great selection of cat christmas ornaments as opposed to cats in christmas trees!

Cats & Christmas Trees

I know that when we used to decorate our Christmas tree our cat used to think we’d just created an indoor playground for him and would hit all of the Christmas ornaments off.  I certainly can’t be the only cat owner who’s experienced this!

Alternatively, he’d lie on his back under the tree and reach up and pat the ornaments from one foot to the other……I used to live in dread of returning home to find him squashed under a toppled tree. Honestly, I’m amazed my hair wasn’t prematurely grey!

I sometimes wonder whether he would have left any cat Christmas ornaments alone or not, I mean cats are pretty smart I’m sure they would’ve appreciated a tree covered in cat ornaments.   They probably would think it was there for us to worship at!

3 Gorgeous Cat Christmas Ornaments

It’s hard to choose just one of these three lovable cat ornaments, don’t you think?

 Old World Christmas Calico Cat Ornament Cat on Bird Cage Christmas Ornament Old World Glass Cat Christmas Ornament

Sets of Cat Christmas Ornaments

Lots of Gorgeous Kitties to Choose From

Let’s face it just one Cat ornament is often not enough which is why I’ve included some sets for you to enjoy looking at and imagine hanging on your own tree.

 Christmas Holiday Personalizable Clay Dough Cat Ornament Assortment Set of 2 … Gallerie II Cute Kitten Ornaments – Assorted Set of 3 Set of 3 ASSORTED REALISTIC CAT or KITTEN ORNAMENTS (3.25 Blossom Bucket Winter Kitten Cats in Warm Striped Scarf Set of Three Resin Ornaments

Siamese Cat Christmas Ornaments

If you have a favorite type of cat then you can get an appropriate ornament to celebrate them.   I’ve compiled a lovely selection of Siamese Cat Christmas ornaments that you may enjoy –

siamese cat christmas ornament

Siamese cats are not just gorgeous, but usually the most interesting members of the family! For this reason alone they should have some say in the Christmas decorating and I don’t know about your Siamese, but my late cat would have showered the Christmas tree with cat ornaments if he had his way….Read More

Personalized Cat Christmas Ornaments

If you want to get a personalized cat Christmas tree ornament, then in my opinion you can’t go past Zazzle. You can order a range of different Christmas ornaments and simply upload your own photo of your cat and their name for a truly unique and personal ornament. This is a great idea for special cats that are no longer with us.

 Christmas Santa Cat Photo and Name Custom Ornament Personalized Christmas Cat Photo Paw Prints Ornament

A DIY Cat Christmas Tree Ornament?

When I saw this cat Christmas ornament I fell in love with it, it also gave me an idea for a DIY cat Christmas ornament.

cat christmas tree ornament diy idea

Now I’m not sure how to add ears to this ornament, but the cat face is certainly one that most of us could replicate.

Arm yourself with a colored plain bauble ornament and a sharpie pen and you can create a very simple version of this ornament.

Another version would be by using a glue stick to draw (I’d use a sharpie first and go over the lines with a glue stick, but this depends on your confidence levels) onto the bauble and then sprinkle glitter on.

Another version would be to buy a clear glass bauble and paint it before doing one of the things above.

There certainly are lots of ways to celebrate your feline friends over the festive holidays so why not have a cat-themed tree this year?

selection of cat christmas ornaments

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