Christmas Tree Toppers

What do you put on the top of your Christmas tree?   Who adds the finishing touch to your tree?   This is where a lot of traditions take place when it comes to the holidays, growing up everyone we knew always had one of two things on top of their trees – a star or an angel.

When we had our daughter we were living in a new country and hadn’t brought our Christmas decorations with us, we’d left them with family ‘back home’.   In the lead up the the holiday season we brought a new tree (we use artificial as a ‘real’ tree wouldn’t last long in our climate), lights, tinsel and ornaments.   I decorated the tree on Christmas Eve which is when I realized that I’d forgotten a tree topper.

My husband isn’t really that interested in holiday decorating, but he knew how important it was to me so he fashioned a star out of cardboard and covered it with aluminium foil and that was the star we used on our tree for about five years until the foil was too ripped!

We now have a Father Christmas topper that my daughter fell in love with one year and my husband is the one that always puts him on the tree.   My daughter and I do the rest of the decorations, but we leave that for him before turning on the lights and admiring our handy work!

There are lots of different types of toppers available to use now from Disney tree toppers to Elvis, Santa and even the traditional favorites of a star and an angel, check out a small selection I’ve prepared for you below –


 Kurt Adler Ivory and Gold Angel TreetopCheck Price Kurt Adler 10-Inch Silver Star TreetopCheck Price Burgundy Santa with Gold Accents Tree TopperCheck Price RAZ Imports Snowman Head Tree Topper 3216196Check Price Gorgeous Red Dressed Angel Bear Tree TopperCheck Price Festive Red & White Santa Hat Christmas Tree TopperCheck Price


There are lots of more ‘unique’ Christmas tree toppers that you can use on your tree as well – toppers from Disney, Elvis, bird inspired toppers and even Star Wars tree toppers to choose from. I thought this next selection would be perfect for a friend of mine (guess what his favorite movie franchise is?)

Star Wars Christmas Tree Toppers

These tree toppers are so cute!   I’m not a huge Star Wars fan like some of my friends are, but I think Yoda would look sensational on top of a Christmas tree – he’s certainly full of knowledge so deserves the high position – don’t you think?

It would be nice to have some of the other characters from Star Wars on your tree, but although everyone has their favorites I’m pretty sure I could get most of the people I know to agree that Yoda would be the best Star Wars character to be right up the top of your tree so check out these cool toppers, but wait someone has heard us and now we have a Darth Vader tree topper available! Who will win the spot on the top of your tree, Yoda or Darth Vader?


 Star Wars Yoda with LED Light Saber Tree TopperCheck Price Kurt Adler Star Wars Yoda Lighted Tree TopperCheck Price Darth Vader Tree Topper With Led Light SaberCheck Price


If you love Star Wars then you can do more than choose these tree toppers for your tree as there are lots of Star Wars Christmas decorations so that you can deck your whole tree out in spectacular Star Wars fashion.

More Unique Christmas Tree Toppers

There are quite a few other tree toppers that you can use besides angels, stars, Santa and snowmen so here’s another three to think about as alternatives to top your Christmas tree with.


 Kurt Adler Snoopy Lighted Treetop, 9-InchCheck Price Doctor Who TARDIS Light-Up Xmas Tree TopperCheck Price Mickey and Minnie Mouse Light-Up Tree TopperCheck Price


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