5 Ideas for a London Inspired Christmas Tree

create a london inspired christmas tree

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If you’re hankering after a London themed Christmas tree you could add some of the festive London Christmas ornaments that are around like the London Taxi Cab, Big Ben, Red Double Decker bus etc or you could go for a more original take on a London themed tree ….

I have five ideas for right proper London themed Christmas tree that won’t look like a tourist attraction!

While some of these ideas would suit a British style tree one of them is a classic London idea that most people wouldn’t even think about!

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  Tea Christmas ornaments

Britain is known to run on it’s tea, in fact Winston Churchill called an emergency cabinet meeting during World War II when it looked like Britain was going to face a tea shortage so it seems appropriate to add a tea Christmas ornament or two and I just so happen to have some for you to look at right here –

 Old World Christmas Holly Teapot Glass Blown Ornament London England Big Ben Teapot Polish Glass Christmas Ornament Decoration


London is home to the Pearly Kings and Queens … the tradition of sewing buttons onto their clothes was started in the late 1800s when a man wanted to raise money for charity. The Pearly Kings and Queens can be found on a regular basis collecting money for charities and you can find out when and where at Pearly Kings & Queens Society Events Page.

To add a ‘Pearly’ touch to your tree simply get a selection of white buttons and string them together on some thread/ribbon/wool to make a garland that you can use instead of tinsel on your tree.


The English are known for their love of dogs, but some seem more representative than others… the British Bulldog is synonymous with England so a bulldog Christmas ornament like the one below would be a great idea, then again you could also have a gorgeous Old English Sheepdog Christmas ornament as well or if you want to add a regal element a corgi ornament may look nice.

 British Bulldog – Union Jack – Ornament Old World Christmas Pembroke Welsh Corgi Glass Blown Ornament

  Keep Calm & Carry On

The concept of the stiff upper lip is quintessentially British and nothing says stiff upper lip or Blitz spirit quite as much as the iconic Keep Calm and Carry On posters which are popping up in homes and offices everywhere. Now you can get Keep Calm Christmas ornaments as well which look great on a London tree, check them out –

 Keep Calm And Carry On Ceramic Ornament Xmas on ceramic ornament


Of course London is the capital of England so it would seem appropriate to fly the English flag on a London tree, the British royal family live in London so the Union Jack (the flag of Great Britain) is another flag that wouldn’t look out of place on a London tree –

 Flag of England Ceramic Ornament Union jack flag national country ceramic ornament

Before you can say ‘Cor Blimey, that’s a cracker of a tree.’ you’ve got a very lovely London inspired Christmas tree, if you wanted more ideas then I do have a post on London Christmas Ornaments that you might enjoy. Combining ideas on both posts could give you a charming tree these holidays.

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