Christmas Trees

You can’t hang all of those great Christmas ornaments without first having a Christmas tree.   There are two options when it comes to Christmas trees – real or artificial.   I grew up always having a real Christmas tree and I must admit I loved the smell of pine, but I know my mother hated all of the pine needles that would drop!!

When I moved to New Zealand I had trouble finding a nice looking ‘real’ tree and so I brought my first artificial Christmas tree and we’ve used an artificial tree every year since.   My daughter has actually never had a so called ‘real’ Christmas tree and actually enjoys helping me to assemble the tree as much as some children probably enjoy helping their parents pick a tree to bring home.

Green Christmas Trees or White Christmas Trees?

Here’s a selection of artificial Christmas trees that I’ve found for you in both traditional green and white which is certainly gaining in popularity over recent years.


6' Grantwood Pine Artificial Christmas Tree6′ Grantwood Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Clear Pre-lit Christmas TreeVickerman Flocked Alaskan Clear Pre-lit Christmas Tree

7' x 50 Highland Pine Christmas Tree7′ x 50″ Highland Pine Christmas Tree

6 1/2 Ft White Pine Christmas Tree6 1/2 Ft White Pine Christmas Tree

GKI Bethlehem Lighting 7.5 Feet TreeGKI Bethlehem Lighting 7.5 Feet Tree

4.5' Pre-Lit White Salem Pine Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree4.5′ Pre-Lit White Salem Pine Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree


Black Christmas Trees

There are lots of different colored Christmas trees available, but in recent years we’re seeing a rise in the number of black Christmas trees being purchased. I think one of the reasons for this is that some people are using a black Christmas tree as a Halloween tree and then re-using the tree as the family Christmas tree. This sounds like a great idea to me and only involves changing out the ornaments (if you like spooky ones for Halloween and more festive ones for Christmas that is).

Of course you might just be looking for a Gothic Christmas tree or want to make a statement. A black tree with silver and/or white ornaments on it can make a very dramatic impact in a room as you walk in, in fact there are lots of fantastic ways to decorate a black tree that I’m very close to convincing my husband that we should get a black tree for our downstairs bar!


Black 6.5 Foot Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas TreeBlack 6.5 Foot Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

4' Pre-Lit Jet Black Fiber Optic Christmas Tree4′ Pre-Lit Jet Black Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

6.5' X 34 Black Slim Fir6.5′ X 34″ Black Slim Fir


More Colorful Christmas Trees to Choose From

From multi-colored Christmas trees to pink, purple, red and orange there’s certainly a lot of choice when it comes to your holiday decor these days.   Personally I think some of these trees would add a touch of fun to my favorite holiday!

HB 6′ Ft New Sparking Gorgeous Folding Artificial Tinsel Christmas Tree Red Color- UnlitCheck PriceFunny Guy Mugs Rainbow Tie Dye 6′ Christmas TreeCheck PriceHB 6′ Ft Sparking Gorgeous Folding Artificial Tinsel Christmas Tree Purple Color 450 Tips- UnlitCheck PriceVickerman Purple Tree with 35 Purple Lights and 115 Tips, 2-Feet by 23-InchCheck Price6 ft. Powder Pink Artificial Christmas Tree with Pink LightsCheck PriceVickerman Colorful Pencil Hot Pink Christmas Tree with 50 Pink Mini Lights, 3-FeetCheck PriceVickerman Orange Fir Tree with 100 Orange Light and 234 Tips, 3-Feet by 25-InchCheck PriceWhimsical Yellow Laser Artificial Christmas Tree 5′Check PriceVickerman Colorful Whimsical Sky Blue Christmas Tree with 35 Blue Mini Lights, 30-InchCheck Price

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