Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments

I always felt like there was something special about lighthouses, in fact when I was younger I wanted to live in one!   The sound of crashing waves on rocks, the spiral staircase inside, to me it was a romantic sounding place to call home and would be a perfect place to live and write novels.

I have since grown up and live in a more pedestrian house with my family, but I still love lighthouses which is why when I saw that you could get lighthouse Christmas ornaments I just had to share.


Old World Christmas Lighthouse OrnamentCheck PriceHoliday Lighthouse #2 Series OrnamentCheck PriceCape Hatteras Lighthouse OrnamentCheck PriceChristmas Ornament Santa on a Lighthouse Check PriceHallmark Ornament Lighthouse Greetings #1 Check PriceHoliday Lighthouse 3rd In Series – Hallmark OrnamentCheck PriceLighthouse Swarovski Crystal  OrnamentCheck PriceHoliday Lighthouse 1st In  Series OrnamentCheck Price8.4 High Decorated Wood Lighthouse OrnamentCheck Price

Now I just have to decide which lighthouse ornament to get for my tree because if I can’t live in a lighthouse at least I can celebrate the holidays with one!

I do love the selection of lighthouse Christmas ornaments that I’ve posted above because they’re shaped like lighthouses, but you can get some that are simply images of lighthouses on hanging ornaments like these –


Goat Island Lighthouse OrnamentCheck PricePigeon Point Lighthouse OrnamentCheck PriceLight House Beach OrnamentCheck PriceScenic Lighthouse Beacon Christmas OrnamentsCheck PriceCape Hatteras Lighthouse Snowflake OrnamentCheck PriceHarbor Town Hilton Head Christmas OrnamentCheck Price

I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find even more gorgeous lighthouse ornaments, but how are you going to incorporate them into your holiday decor?

I will probably just add one or two to our family tree as we have quite a mishmash of different types of ornaments representing things that each member of the family love.

You could decorate your whole tree with lighthouses which would be awesome in my opinion and a great way of showcasing your love of these beautiful structures.

Another idea would be to add a lighthouse ornament  or two to a nautical themed tree, I think I could get my husband to go along with this idea especially if I find a couple of scuba diver ornaments to add to it!

Thinking outside of the box you could add lighthouses to other architecture structures like famous buildings from around the world – perfect for an architect!

However you decide to use your lighthouse Christmas ornament(s), you first have to decide which one to start your collection off with, I quite like the 2013 Hallmark Holiday Lighthouse #2 myself.

Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments

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