Shoe Christmas Tree Ornaments

I Love Shoes at Christmas!

shoe christmas ornamentIf you or someone you know loves their shoes why not pop some on your Christmas tree? Shoe Christmas ornaments make a fun statement on anyone’s Christmas tree – why not yours?

Fashion Avenue Peace on Earth & Perfect Shoes Banner Christmas Ornament

You can celebrate a new family member with baby shoes or even pop on your favorite blue suede shoes! Let’s have a look at what shoe inspired Christmas ornaments I’ve found for you.

Personally I think the ornament pictured here sums up what many women want for Christmas – the obligatory peace on earth along with the perfect pair of shoes (although I’ll freely admit the perfect pair is subject to change on whim!)

Having said that sometimes you just need a pair of high heels and forget about mere words! This set of holiday high heel shoe ornaments are simply gorgeous and just an example of the gorgeous shoe ornaments you’ll find on this page –

High Heel Shoe Ornaments

Baby’s Shoes Christmas Ornaments

What do you give a family who’s celebrating their first Christmas with a new baby? A pair of baby shoes to hang on the tree of course!


Department 56 Snowbabies by Kristi Jensen Pierro Baby Shoes Ornament, 1.57-Inch


High Heeled Fashion Shoe Christmas Ornaments

Taking The Christmas Catwalk!

Set of 3 High Heel Shoe OrnamentsSet of 3 High Heel Shoe Ornaments

Polka Dot & Striped High Heel OrnamentsPolka Dot & Striped High Heel Ornaments

Christmas Tree Heel Christmas OrnamentChristmas Tree Heel Christmas Ornament

Candy Cane Heel Christmas OrnamentCandy Cane Heel Christmas Ornament

Stack of Gifts Heel OrnamentStack of Gifts Heel Ornament

Christmas Ornaments Heel OrnamentChristmas Ornaments Heel Ornament

A girl can never have too many high heels which is why I’ve also included these gorgeous shoe Christmas ornaments ……

Leopard Print Shoes OrnamentLeopard Print Shoes Ornament

Pink Polka Dot Shoe OrnamentPink Polka Dot Shoe Ornament

Red Glittered Stiletto OrnamentRed Glittered Stiletto Ornament

Black & White Polka Dot Shoe OrnamentBlack & White Polka Dot Shoe Ornament

Elvis is the King!

Blue Suede Shoe Christmas Ornaments

Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT New

Elvis Presley sang of Blue Suede shoes and now you can combine your love of Elvis with your love of shoes and CHRISTMAS!! What more can you ask for?

If you want more Elvis Christmas ornaments then check out the webpage below……….otherwise keep strolling for some more fabulous shoe Christmas ornaments.
Elvis Presley Christmas Ornaments
Would you like to hang a tribute to Elvis on your Christmas tree? With these Elvis Christmas ornaments you can do just that! Elvis Presley is the King of Ro…

Flip Flop Christmas Ornaments

Summer Shoes Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate summer with summer’s favorite shoes – the flip flops! These flip flop Christmas ornaments will make you think of sunny days as you gather around your Christmas tree.

 Tropical Flip Flops Sandals Blown Glass Christmas Ornament Flip Flop Design Hanging Ball Christmas Ornament 3.75 Old World Christmas Flip Flops Ornament

Boot Christmas Ornaments

Of course Santa is known for his ‘Santa’ boots which means that we couldn’t really not pay homage to boots as well as shoes on our Christmas tree! I must admit there’s something pretty special about a pair of high heeled boots and then there’s people who love their cowboy boots. Whatever style of boot you love you can hang an ornament onto your Christmas tree to celebrate them.

If you fancy a pair or two of boots to hang on your Christmas tree then you’ll adore the selection that I’ve compiled on the page below –

Boots Christmas Ornaments

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