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How to Create a Coffee Lovers Christmas Tree

Coffee Christmas Ornaments – Add Some Java to the Holidays!

Funny Coffee Ornament

If you love that heavenly aroma of freshly brewed coffee, that little shiver of anticipation just before you take your first sip and then the java-licious flavor meets your taste buds and for just a second (or longer if you’re lucky) you’re transported from your hectic kitchen, busy workplace etc to a tiny piece of paradise then you’re a true coffee lover.

All true coffee lovers deserve to be able to declare their affection for this humble beverage during the holidays and what better way than by hanging coffee Christmas ornaments on their tree?

I like the idea of bags of coffee beans hanging on the tree, but that’s quite a waste of coffee beans when you could be turning them into that elixir we all love, but luckily there’s lots of different types of coffee ornaments you can hang on your tree instead.

I have selected some of the best coffee ornaments for your Christmas tree here and whether you can theme your whole tree around them or whether you have to limit yourself to just one I’m sure you’ll find a perfect ornament right here. I’m married to a tea drinker so I have to limit myself to just one (or 2 or 3 or…..) ornaments on our tree as opposed to a whole coffee themed tree!

Plain Colored Christmas Baubles for a Coffee Themed Tree

What Filler Ornaments Do You Need?

Before we get to the gorgeous coffee ornaments you have to think about what other ornaments you might want to buy. If you’re planning a tabletop tree then you can simply add a few coffee ornaments and it’s decorated, but a big tree…….You’re probably going to need some filler ornaments so that your tree doesn’t look too bare.

Using plain ornaments in colors that compliment your theme you can make your tree look full without having to get too many specialized ornaments. If you’re looking at a coffee themed Christmas tree then you need to look for brown, beige, cream, champagne and gold colored ornaments as these will keep up the warm feel of the tree and look good with the rest of your ornaments.

12ct Matte Mocha Brown Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments


There are different shades of brown that can be used and I like to buy my filler ornaments as sets like the bauble styled ones (pictured to the side) as this is much more affordable.

Sometimes you can get sets that include ball style ornaments with finials, icicles and onion shaped ornaments and these are great for adding more depth to your tree.



8ct Chocolate Brown Shatterproof 4-Finish Finial Christmas Ornaments


These delicious chocolate brown colored finial drop ornaments come in four different finishes – matte, shiny, glitter and holographic which just helps to add a feeling of texture to the tree as well.




As you can see from the selection below there are lots of different sets of coffee ornaments available to add a little ‘java flavor’ to your tree!

Set of 6 Coffee Break Latte, Espresso and Java Glass Christmas Ornaments


Buying sets of ornaments does help to fill out your tree quicker than buying individuals and this set of 6 cute coffee bauble ornaments are perfect.




Coffee Christmas Ornaments (Set of 4)


Ornaments actually shaped like the coffee’s you’d order when you’re out with friends look great among the more ‘usual’ bauble style ornaments.

Another idea for using on a coffee themed tree is children’s tea set cups. If you have a child who’s grown out of having tea parties with her dolls then you can take the cups from the set, add ribbons and tie them onto your tree.

Fun Coffee Ornaments

I love some of the fun sayings that seem to accompany coffee and I loved it when I saw that you could incorporate some of these onto Christmas ornaments as well.

So perk up and add a touch of fun to your Holiday Java decor!

 Christmas Coffee Cups Ornament I DONT DO DECAF – Coffee Ornaments Coffee Ornament with Quote

More Coffee Ornaments for the Holidays

There are lots more ornaments you can get for your coffee themed tree, I could fill pages for you, but I hope that I’ve managed to give you a little taste as to how good your tree could look.

If you still want to look at more ornaments then check out this post –

Coffee Christmas Ornaments – this post has options for ‘coffee to go’ style ornaments as well as ornaments for all of the different styles of coffee from Lattes to Espresso and more.

Extra Ideas for a Very Java-licious Tree

When it comes to a coffee themed tree you don’t have to stick to just coffee, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. One example is teaspoons – who has coffee without a teaspoon to stir it? Simply tie teaspoons to your tree for a hint of silver or use plastic teaspoons painted in festive colors.

Another idea is to add a little something sweet to your tree to compliment your coffee – I always like a slice of cake when I’m meeting ‘the girls’ for coffee so you could add cupcake Christmas ornaments, donut Christmas ornaments etc to your tree as well.

If, like me, you share your Christmas tree with a tea drinker then you can always have a tea and coffee themed Christmas tree and add a joyous plethora of tea ornaments scattered among your coffee ones (make sure there’s more coffee represented though!).

Will You Be Celebrating Coffee on Your Tree?

If you’re a coffeephile then I hope you’ll give at least a little nod to your favorite caffeine source on your Christmas tree even if it’s only one ornament.

Coffee Christmas tree ornaments

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Coffee Christmas Ornaments

I Don’t Do Decaf – Set of 3 Coffee Xmas Ornaments

If you, like me enjoy indulging in a delicious coffee on a regular basis (or just need a jolt of java to get started in the morning!) then you’ll love these coffee inspired Christmas ornaments.

I think a coffee themed Christmas tree sounds ideal, but being married to a tea lover means that I’ll have to compromise a little by just adding a few of these ornaments to our tree!

A great thing about coffee Christmas ornaments is that they can make a cool gift idea for a friend or a co-worker, there’s certainly a lot of different ones to choose from.

I know I meet up with a friend for coffee once a week and her favorite coffee is a latte so a couple of Christmases ago I got her a latte Christmas ornament and she love it! For myself I think a Mocha would be more in order and luckily whatever coffee beverage you prefer there’s probably an ornament to represent it!

Of course if you enjoy a cup of tea as well (which I certainly do) you can always combine some tea Christmas ornaments with your coffee ones and even add some hot chocolate ones, it’s your tree!

‘Coffee to Go’ Holiday Ornaments

There are a few different types of takeout coffee inspired Chirstmas ornaments that are great to hang on your tree for the holidays. If I’d found these when I was still working in my banking role I would’ve given a few of these away for our Secret Santa as there was a core group of us who used to go and get a latte (or other caffeinated indulgence) to go from a coffee shop around the corner
coffee to go ornament

Fun New Ornament by Lisa Schaffer Photo on Flickr

Coffee Lover Christmas Personalized OrnamentCoffee Lover Christmas Personalized Ornament

To make a really special Christmas ornament you can buy any coffee lover their very own personalized mug to hang on their Christmas tree – how cool is that?
If you’re giving someone a cool ornament as a gift I always think it becomes even more special when it’s personalized and it really makes it even more like a takeout coffee cup if it has a name on it don’t you think?
Coffee To Go Christmas OrnamentCoffee To Go Christmas Ornament

This ornament is ideal for people who are always in a rush and grabbing their java injection while racing to and from different places – work, the shops, the gym, school etc. I’m not sure how I got through the ‘school run’ on days when I didn’t have a coffee in the car with me – thank goodness my daughter now walks to school!
Of course there are lots of different takeout coffee places around and a number of them offer Christmas ornaments like the Dunkin Donuts one above (although I can’t find any for sale online at the time of writing). The biggest coffee shop that sells ornaments as well though has to be Starbucks which is why I have a selection of their ornaments available below –

Starbucks Christmas Ornaments

More ‘Coffee on the Go” Holiday Ornaments

Starbucks Christmas Ornaments - Set of TwoStarbucks Christmas Ornaments – Set of Two

If you know someone who enjoys a regular shot of Starbucks in their day then this is a great gift idea – a Starbucks Christmas ornament set featuring a takeout coffee cup and a Christmas blend of coffee – does it get any better?
This Starbucks set was brought out in 2007, but they bring out new ornaments every year which means that some Starbucks lovers will actually collect these ornaments – now that’s a devoted coffee lover!

Starbucks Christmas Ornaments - Set of TwoStarbucks Christmas Ornaments – Set of Two

This Starbucks mugs set of two Christmas ornaments would make a great gift idea. Combining two Christmas ornaments – the red and white Starbucks mugs – this is a great idea for a small gift to a colleague, friend or family member.
You can also buy the Starbucks mug ornaments individually along with ice coffee mugs if you know someone who prefers their coffee cold.


 Starbucks Red Cup Christmas Ornament Starbucks Clear Cold Cup Christmas Ornament Starbucks White Cup Ornament



Christmas Ornaments for a Coffeephile

I Love Heart Shaped Ornaments!

If you worship at the alter of Caffeina, Goddess of Coffee then you’ll simply adore one of these ornaments …… or two or three!

The heart shaped ornaments perfectly sum up the effect coffee has on millions of people – there’s something about the delicious aroma that helps us to start our day and then there’s the taste which not only awakens the taste buds, but helps to wake you up ready for your day ahead.

A coffee is also essential for many of us in the middle of the afternoon to keep us alert for the rest of the day (except for those unlucky ones who can’t sleep when they drink caffeine that late in the day). I’ve heard people say that they need to run an iv line to keep their caffeine levels up, but that’s a waste of this beverage as part of the pleasure is smelling the aroma before sipping (or gulping) the hot liquid down!

Morning Is Grand Coffee Christmas OrnamentMorning Is Grand Coffee Christmas OrnamentI Heart I Love Coffee OrnamentI Heart I Love Coffee OrnamentCoffee Heart Christmas Tree OrnamentCoffee Heart Christmas Tree Ornament

Aren’t these coffee lover ornaments cool? Any of them would look great hanging on your tree, but I’m sure you have a favorite one that ‘speaks’ to you.

I feel that these ornaments are so appropriate for the holiday season as I’m sure coffee fuels many people who have to organize the holiday decorating, cooking, baking, running backwards and forwards to school/church/youth group show and activities, buying and wrapping gifts etc etc. How would we cope with all of these seasonal activities without regular injections of heavenly java?

“Life is just one cup of coffee after another”
Bertrand Russell

With those words why wouldn’t everyone have at least one of these gorgeous ornaments to celebrate the holidays with?

More Gorgeous Coffee Ornaments For You

There are so many different styles of coffee ornaments to choose from that there’s bound to be one that suits just about everyone from the traditional espresso drinker to the modern soy latte drinker. If you’re not really sure which ornaments to get someone then what about a set of the more traditional looking Christmas ornaments here –
Set of 4 Coffee Break Glass Christmas OrnamentsSet of 4 Coffee Break Glass Christmas Ornaments

I love this set as they don’t yell ‘coffee’ and yet they’re an ideal color for a coffee inspired tree. I would love to use these in conjunction with other coffee ornaments if I was going to decorate my whole tree in a coffee theme.
These ornaments are also ideal if you’re not sure of someone’s favorite cup of Joe! Speaking of which do you know where the expression ‘cuppa Joe’ or ‘cup of Joe’ came from?
They say it’s a shortened version of ‘a cup of jamoke’, now when I first read this I thought and what on earth is jamoke? It was apparently a word used instead of coffee in the early 1940s taken from java and mocha. I had never heard of this word being used, but it does make sense that it would’ve been shortened – so that’s your little piece of trivia for the day, I hope you enjoyed it!

Back to the ornaments now starting with a set of bauble style ornaments decorated in cool coffee beans …..

 Set of 4 Coffee Break Glass Christmas Ornaments Set of 3 Coffee Christmas Ornaments Coffee Dangle Christmas Tree Ornament


I quite like this simple ornament as it does mention a few different types of coffee, but personally I would probably get a mocha ornament for myself and if I was buying for someone else I’d get their favorite ‘style’ as it shows that you’ve been paying attention!

Giant Coffee Beans Ornament
Giant Coffee Beans Ornament by Lace9lives

Now I admit I haven’t included any flat whites or tall blacks in the selection below, but if that’s your favorite I’m sure you’d be happy with some of the ornaments that were further up the page. If you’re after lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and the like then let’s keep looking….

Latte Ornaments

Coffee Break Latte Christmas Ornament

“Latte anyone?” You can choose Christmas ornaments with not just coffee, but your favorite type of coffee on them – how cool is that?

I have a friend who I used to meet up with every week for a latte so this is the type of ornament I would have to get her.   The only problem I have now is which of these latte coffee ornaments to choose as  I’m not sure which one she’d prefer – decisions, decisions…..   At the moment I’m leaning towards the simple red latte coffee cup round Christmas ornament.

 Red Latte Coffee Cup Round Ornament Latte Coffee Cup Premium Ornament I Love You A Latte ornament


Espresso Ornaments

Another Type of Coffee Christmas Ornaments

I must admit I’m not an espresso drinker myself, but there are lots of them around so if you know someone who loves their coffee strong then these are the ornaments for them! The only friend I have who enjoys an espresso on occasion doesn’t usually bother with a Christmas tree (I know, I know, what is he thinking, but that’s his choice) so it would be no point getting one of these ornaments for him!

 Espresso Cups German Christmas Ornament Coffee Break Espresso Christmas Ornament Coffee Break Espresso Christmas Ornament


Cappuccino Ornaments

Frothy Coffee Christmas Ornaments To Choose From!

I know several people who enjoy nothing more than a frothy cappuccino to give themselves a jump start on their work day. In fact most of the cappuccino drinkers are people I used to work with, if I was still in the office I’d be buying up some of these for office Secret Santa gifts!

Without wanting to age myself I can remember when some cafes first starting serving cappuccinos and they were considered so fancy! I’d never heard of mochas or lattes back then you either had tea, coffee or a cappuccino if you wanted to be a ‘coffee snob’. It’s funny how times change with all of the selections now available in not just coffee shops, but even the golden arches!

 Coffee Break Cappuccino Christmas Ornament Cup of Cappuccino Christmas Ornament Cup of Cappuccino Glass Christmas Ornament Cappuccino Christmas Tree Ornament Cappuccino Christmas Tree Ornament Cappuccino Neon Sign Ornament

Mocha Ornaments

Chocolate & Coffee Make Perfect Christmas Ornaments!

Mocha is my current coffee of choice because if you can combine coffee and chocolate why wouldn’t you? Unfortunately there’s not such a big selection of coffee Christmas ornaments when it comes to specific mocha ones, but the more general coffee ornaments are always a hit.

These following ornaments are all available through Zazzle and are all available in the round and heart shaped styles featured along with an oval shape as well. These three are examples of their more ‘basic’ ornament and come complete with cord for hanging. Their other ornament (which you can get these designs on as well) look more like a pendant style to me and come with ribbon to hang on the tree with. Available in both square and round designs they have the appearance of being framed in silver, to explain what I’m talking about you can see the square option on an ornament further up the page.

 Red Mocha Coffee Cup Round Ornament Heart Shaped Mocha Coffee Ornament Mocha Coffee Round Ornament

Before we go I’d like to share another coffee quote with you –

“Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven”

Jessi Lane Adams

If you want even more ideas for a coffee inspired Christmas tree then why not check out this site – How to Create a Coffee Lovers Christmas Tree

Gorgeous selection of coffee Christmas ornaments perfect for injecting a little java into your holidays!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.