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Snow White Christmas Ornaments

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Christmas Ornaments


Snow White Christmas Ornaments are wonderful to hang on your Christmas trees. Snow White was my daughter’s favorite Disney Princess so she’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

These Christmas ornaments even include a poison apple which comes complete in it’s own case…..now that would make a wonderful gift for a Snow White fan, as long as they don’t think you want them to eat it!

Hallmark Snow White Christmas Ornaments – Beautiful Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments

Hallmark make beautiful Christmas ornaments that really stand the test of time. Here you can see some of the ornaments they have made to celebrate the Disney Princess – Snow White.

 Walt Disney’s Snow White The Enchanted Memories Collection 2nd in Series 1998 Hallmark Ornament Snow White Set of 2 Ornaments 2004 Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Hallmark Ornament


My Favorite Snow White Ornament – A Disney Princess Christmas Ornament

 The Fairest of Them All – Disney’s Snow White Ornament


This is my favorite Snow White Christmas ornament and it stands 4″ high. I love the fact that Snow White is inside the poisoned apple, I think it would look absolutely fantastic on anybodies Christmas tree.

More Snow White Christmas Ornaments

 Disney Princess Snow White Christmas Ornament Disney Dopey and Snow White Sketchbook Ornament Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 2014 Disney Sketchbook Christmas Ornament Princess (Snow White) Disney Snow White ‘Love’s First Kiss’ Sketchbook Ornament


Snow White’s Evil Queen Christmas Ornaments

The jealous Queen who sent Snow White away to be killed so that she could remain the ‘fairest of them all’ is represented by these Christmas ornaments. If you want to tell Snow White’s story you really need to have the ‘Evil Queen’ on your tree, but to be honest my dd would probably prefer to just have Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on ours!

 MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE WALL 2007 HALLMARK ORNAMENT Disney Snow White’s Disney Store Snow White EVIL QUEEN Christmas Ornament


Snow Whte and the Seven Dwarfs Christmas Ornament Set


Snow White would probably get lonely on the Christmas tree by herself, but not if you get the Seven Dwarfs to keep her company. This set of 8 Christmas ornaments (which is also pictured in the introduction) comes in a unique storybook box (as you can see) which helps to keep them safe between Christmases, but also makes them look extremely impressive if you wish to give them as a gift.

More Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments

Snow White is great, but she’s only one of the Disney Princesses with whom you can decorate your tree with. If you want a tree full of princesses or you just have another favorite then why not check out our Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments post?

Snow White Christmas Ornaments

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Frozen Christmas Ornaments

Disney Frozen Christmas OrnamentsLast year’s Disney movie Frozen still has lots of fans who are keen to decorate their trees in ‘Frozen fashion’.   These Disney Frozen Christmas ornaments allow you to do that in style.

Now I’ll admit my favorite character has to be Olaf and I would happily decorate a tree with just Olaf ornaments (but then I love snowmen ornaments in general so….), however for those of you who love other characters you might like to start your decorating off with a set of Frozen Christmas ornaments like the ones featured below.

Frozen Christmas Ornament Sets

 Disney’s Frozen Holiday Ornament Set- (6) PVC Figure Ornaments Included Set of 3 Hallmark Disney Frozen Ornaments Princess Elsa, Anna & Olaf Hallmark Disney Elsa and Anna Christmas Ornaments, Set of 2

I think that buying sets is a great way of adding just a few of the themed ornaments you want to a tree, you can then add other ornaments such as snowflakes, icicles or just complimentary colored baubles to them for a lovely tree. Alternatively you could add a few more like I’ve provided below.

Elsa & Anna Frozen Christmas Ornaments

Whichever sister was your favorite you can display them on your tree this year –

 Lenox Frozen Porcelain Ornament, 4-Inch Disney Frozen ~ Sisters ~ Tree Ornament Christmas Hallmark Frozen Princess Elsa Christmas Ornament Disney Frozen Anna 2014 Christmas  Ornament Disneys Frozen Elsa Sketchbook Ornament Disneys Frozen Anna Sketchbook Ornament

Olaf Frozen Christmas Ornaments

With such a happy looking face I think Olaf may become (if he’s not already) everyone’s favorite snowman – Frosty might have a battle on his hands! You can get some fun Olaf Christmas ornaments here and add them to a Frozen themed tree or just a battle tree between Olaf on one side and Frosty on the other!

I might just add a few Olaf ornaments to my other snowman ornaments and have a snow themed tree.

 Frozen Olaf Christmas Tree Ornament Olaf Disney Frozen  Hallmark Ornament Disneys Frozen Olaf Sketchbook Ornament Disney Parks Olaf Frozen Christmas  Ornament

More Frozen Christmas Ornaments

Here are a few more ornaments for your holiday decorating…..

 Disney’s Frozen ‘Kristoff’ Holiday Ornament – Limited Availability Disney’s Frozen ‘Sven the reindeer’ Holiday Ornament – Limited Availability Disney’s Frozen ‘Hans’ Holiday Ornament – Limited Availability


Disney Frozen Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Hannah Montana Christmas Ornaments

Hannah Montana 2009 Hallmark Ornament

A great idea is to get have Christmas ornaments that are very special, for example what your child loves that particular year. This year having a tween-age daughter Hannah Montana rules! By buying a Hannah Montana Christmas Ornament for our tree I’ll make her Christmas this year. In future years to come we can look at it and say things like – “…do you remember when you wanted to be Hannah Montana…” Let’s face it Christmas is all about sharing family memories

I wish I’d thought of this idea earlier as we’d have Wiggles ornaments, Dora the Explorer decorations and Bratz ornaments already on our tree!

Out of all of the Hannah Montana ornaments available I must admit I like this featured one, hardly a surprise to learn that it’s by Hallmark as they bring out great Christmas ornaments every year!

Hannah Montana Guitar Ornaments

Hannah Montana not only sings, she also knows how to play the guitar which could’ve been another reason for my daughter loving her as she also plays guitar.   To be honest though I think it was all about the idea of being a secret pop star that sold her on Hannah!

There are some really cute Hannah Montana guitar ornaments available to hang on your tree like these –


 Disney Hannah Montana Christmas Ornament Lenox The Hannah Montana Rockin Holiday Ornament Disney Jeweled Hannah Montana Guitar Christmas Ornament

The great thing about these ornaments is that you can also let your daughter use them as room decor in her bedroom when they’re not on the tree. Once she grows out of Hannah simply wrap them up safely with the other Christmas ornaments and just bring them out once a year accompanied by choruses of ‘oh mom, not the Hannah ornaments they’re so lame….’ etc. As they continue to get older the choruses will change to things like ‘oh do you remember when I absolutely loved Hannah?’ etc.

Check out a few more Hannah Montana Christmas ornaments that would be perfect for lighting up the face of any little Hannah fan.


 Hallmark Keepsake Hannah Montana Christmas Ornament disney hannah montana heart christmas tree ornament Disney Hannah Montana Christmas Tree Ornaments – Set of 5 Disney Hannah Montana Photo Frame Ornament 2010 Hallmark Ornament Traveling In Style Hannah Montana

To complete a Hannah Montana tree you could add microphone ornaments, acoustic guitar ornaments, star Christmas ornaments and butterfly ornaments. Mainly, though choose one of her color schemes (preferably your daughter’s favorite one) and stick with that on the tree. If you just want to add to your family tree then just one or two of the ornaments featured here would be perfect.

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Hannah Montana Christmas Ornaments

If you have a tween aged girl in your life then the chances are you have heard of Hannah Montana and what better way to bring a smile to that girls face than with her very own Hannah Montana Christmas Ornament to hang on the tree.   It also has the added benefit of embarressing her in a few years time (parental payback – it’s great!).

There are a number of different Hannah Montana Christmas ornaments to choose from at the link above, but I thought I’d let you know my daughter’s favorite one and link to it here –

Hallmark Keepsake Hannah Montana Christmas Ornament

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Disney Christmas Ornaments

Disney Christmas ornaments have become quite a collectible type of ornament over the years and many people cover their Christmas trees with the magic of Disney.

There’s something magical about including Mickey and Minnie Mouse on your Christmas tree or one of the beautiful Disney Princesses, even Tinkerbell makes a gorgeous Christmas fairy.

If you have children in the house they may love some of the newer Disney stars like Phineas and Ferb or Hannah Montana, if you’re thinking of your childhood then you might be thinking of Goofy or Bambi or even Pinochio.   One things for sure by adding a Disney ornament on your Christmas tree you’re adding a touch of nostalgia and here’s a couple for you to enjoy now –

Disney Alice in Wonderland Ornament

Disney Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse Ornament
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