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Shoe Christmas Ornaments

If you know someone who rivals Imelda Marcos in the shoe department then these shoe Christmas ornaments are a must buy gift for her!   There are lots of different shoe ornaments available to hang on your Christmas tree from beautful high heels that rival Jimmy Choo on any day through to the most casual of shoes – the flip flop!

I think that shoe ornaments are one of the most fun Christmas ornaments you can add to the tree and as they are available in a number of different colors you can find one to fit in any color theme you like.

Here’s a few totally different ones for you to enjoy, starting with Disney’s take on shoe Christmas ornaments……….

Disney Once Upon a Slipper Christmas Ornament SetDisney Once Upon a Slipper Christmas Ornament Set

Then there’s a plethora of different high heeled shoe Christmas ornaments, my daughter particularly likes animal prints at the moment (it’s liable to change in a week or so, but still….) so I decided to add this one into the mix –

Diva Safari Cheetah Print High Heel Stiletto Shoe Christmas OrnamentDiva Safari Cheetah Print High Heel Stiletto Shoe Christmas Ornament

Finally I’m going to add one of a series of Holiday inspired high heeled shoe Christmas ornaments. The collection (which can also be viewed on the website above) includes shoes that have a jolly Snowman as a heel, shoes which have gifts as heels, shoes which have Christmas baubles as heels and many others. The one I’ve got here has a very festive Candy Cane as a heel – I almost wish these were real shoes, could you imagine slipping on a pair to get into the holiday spirit?

Red and Green Heel Is a Candy Cane Christmas OrnamentRed and Green Heel Is a Candy Cane Christmas Ornament

Of course if you love shoes then you’d probably love a pair of boots as well and I have you covered with a great selection of boots Christmas ornaments available as well.   So many choices, you will definitely want your very own fashionista Christmas tree this holiday season!

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