Zombie Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments

We all love our gingerbread men at Christmas time don’t we? What happens when a zombie tries to eat a gingerbread man though? It appears that they turn into zombies themselves, there really is no getting away from this zombie world sometimes! If you love the idea of having a zombie themed Christmas tree then you might enjoy adding a zombie gingerbread family onto your tree.

We have zombie mom, dad, baby, boy, dog and cat – what could be better? Now if only we knew how the zombie caught them – was it the fox? I’ve never seen a zombie fox, but you never know…..

Gingerbread Zombie OrnamentGingerbread Zombie Ornament

Gingerbread Zombie MomGingerbread Zombie Mom

Gingerbread Zombie DadGingerbread Zombie Dad

Gingerbread Zombie BabyGingerbread Zombie Baby

Gingerbread Zombie CatGingerbread Zombie Cat

Gingerbread Zombie DogGingerbread Zombie Dog


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