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Boots Christmas Ornaments – A Gorgeous & Unique Way to Decorate Your Tree

There are some gorgeous shoe Christmas ornaments available, but sometimes shoes just don’t cut it – boots manage to step it up and that’s why I think if you have a love affair with boots then you should hang a few boots Christmas ornaments on your tree, don’t you agree?

 Black Boots Christmas Ornament Set

Dear Santa,

I think I’ve been good this year and even if I haven’t always been as good as I could have been you have to admit everyone needs black boots – even you wear black boots and your fashion hasn’t changed in years.

I prefer a heel on my boots so I’ve added these gorgeous Christmas ornaments so that you know what sort to leave. I’m sure you still have my sizing from last year.

I hope you enjoy the mince pies – I made them myself this year……

If this is the type of letter to Santa that you’d like to write then you’ll love these next Christmas ornaments that we have, from boots that look like Santa’s very own so some very sexy looking high heeled ankle boots I have a wonderful selection for you to choose from.

You could simply add one or two of these ornaments on your tree or deck out your whole tree in them.   Personally I think I’d use a combination of boots and shoes on a very fashion orientated Christmas tree ……….. in fact this would be a perfect idea for my daughter who has always had a touch of ‘Imelda Marcos’ about her when it comes to footwear!


Hiking Boot Christmas OrnamentHiking Boot Christmas Ornament

Old World Christmas English Riding Boots OrnamentOld World Christmas English Riding Boots Ornament

Old World Christmas Cowboy Boot OrnamentOld World Christmas Cowboy Boot Ornament

Old World Christmas Santa's Boot OrnamentOld World Christmas Santa’s Boot Ornament

Set of Western Cowboy Boots OrnamentsSet of Western Cowboy Boots Ornaments

Field Boot Christmas OrnamentField Boot Christmas Ornament

Kurt Adler Set of 2 Black Boots Christmas OrnamentKurt Adler Set of 2 Black Boots Christmas Ornament

Army Flocked Boots Christmas OrnamentArmy Flocked Boots Christmas Ornament

Working Girl Zebra Boot Christmas OrnamentWorking Girl Zebra Boot Christmas Ornament

Set of 2 Resin Boots with Fur OrnamentsSet of 2 Resin Boots with Fur Ornaments

Set of 3 Resin Flocked Boots OrnamentsSet of 3 Resin Flocked Boots Ornaments

Set of 4 Jungle Short Boots OrnamentsSet of 4 Jungle Short Boots Ornaments


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Zombie Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments

We all love our gingerbread men at Christmas time don’t we? What happens when a zombie tries to eat a gingerbread man though? It appears that they turn into zombies themselves, there really is no getting away from this zombie world sometimes! If you love the idea of having a zombie themed Christmas tree then you might enjoy adding a zombie gingerbread family onto your tree.

We have zombie mom, dad, baby, boy, dog and cat – what could be better? Now if only we knew how the zombie caught them – was it the fox? I’ve never seen a zombie fox, but you never know…..

Gingerbread Zombie OrnamentGingerbread Zombie Ornament

Gingerbread Zombie MomGingerbread Zombie Mom

Gingerbread Zombie DadGingerbread Zombie Dad

Gingerbread Zombie BabyGingerbread Zombie Baby

Gingerbread Zombie CatGingerbread Zombie Cat

Gingerbread Zombie DogGingerbread Zombie Dog


Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Little Robin Redbreast Christmas Ornaments

The little robin redbreast always reminds me of Christmas, growing up I remember lots of Christmas cards featuring the robin with his bright red chest sitting on branches surrounded by snow.   An English Christmas symbol in my opinion which is why I think robin ornaments are a great idea for a Christmas tree.

Bring a touch of mother nature to your tree with our very under-valued robin, he’s certainly a festive touch as you can see from these ornaments.


Robin Mini Plate OrnamentRobin Mini Plate Ornament

Santa Robin OrnamentSanta Robin Ornament

Brushart Robin OrnamentBrushart Robin Ornament




Robins are a very cute looking bird that make great cartoons as you can see, they also look great in vintage designs which means that they fit in well with lots of different styles of tree decor.

I think if you want to add birds to your Christmas tree then you should at least consider the robin, unless you have a favorite bird such as the owl or the peacock that you want to base your holiday decorations around.

Here are a few more robin ornaments to try and persuade you …….
Robin redbreast bird love christmas tree ornament Cute Christmas Robin Redbreast Christmas Tweetings Christmas Tree Ornaments Red Robin in the snow Christmas Ornament

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.