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Siamese Cat Christmas Ornaments

I’ll confess that I’ve never owned a Siamese cat before, but I do think they’re beautiful especially the seal point and chocolate point varieties. Anyone who owns one is bound to love these Siamese cat Christmas ornaments.

Siamese Cat Christmas Ornament

Let’s face it not only are cats part of the family, but they’re usually the interesting members of the family!!! For this reason alone they should have some say in the Christmas decorating and I don’t know about your Siamese, but my late cat would have showered the Christmas tree with cat ornaments if he had his way 😀

These ornaments are also a great gift idea for any cat lover, they seem to add a touch of class to the holiday with their regal stance and cool blue stare.

Gorgeous Siamese Cat Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are designed to make cat owners fall in love with them – they’re just so cute! The great thing these ornaments have over your cat is that they won’t tip the tree over when they’re placed on it – your cat on the other hand…….. let’s just say my late cat used to think that we’d brought him some inside adventure playground equipment for the holidays!

The funniest thing was when something was knocked off of the tree or even if he was caught swinging on the branches he would have this way of looking from us to the dog and back as though to say – ‘the dog did it honestly!’


 Siamese Cat Candy Cane Christmas Ornament Siamese Cats Unique Gift Box Christmas Ornament New Siamese Cat Ornament round porcelain Christmas Great Gift Idea

More Siamese Ornaments

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These next Christmas ornaments are all available through a company called Zazzle who uses an amazing printing process that results in wonderfully clear, crisp images. All bar one of these ornaments are made of a white ceramic and come complete with the ribbon to hang them on your tree with.

The sole one that’s different is the one that looks like it’s been framed – it’s a silver colored metal (not actual silver) that looks just a tad more expensive (great if you’re looking to get one as a gift!).

All of these designs can be brought in any of these ornaments so if you want the square silver colored metal ornament, but you like the image on the first ornament here then you can select the image you like and change the ornament type on the page it’ll take you too – very easy!

Siamese Cat Ornament Siamese Christmas Christmas Tree Ornaments Siamese Cat Christmas Ornament

Snow Cat Ornament Siamese Cat Heart Christmas Ornament SIAMESE CAT -STRIKING BLUE EYES Christmas Ornament


If you prefer other cat ornaments then I do have a selection available for  you to enjoy at – Cats Christmas Ornaments.

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