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Creating A Zombie Christmas Tree

Creating a Zombie Christmas TreeLet’s look at creating a zombie Christmas tree whether it’s a ‘regular’ zombie tree or a Walking Dead Christmas tree.  Zombies have been a hot theme for a few years now and there’s no sign of their appeal slowing down.

When creating a zombie Christmas tree you have to think of the tree itself as well as the decorations and there’s certainly a lot of different ways to go about it.

The first decision is whether you’re going to use a ‘real’ tree or an artificial tree, once that’s decided we can move on to the rest.

Your Zombie Christmas Tree – The Tree Itself

If you’re going to go with a real tree then you really don’t want it looking too healthy, we’re talking about a tree dedicated to the undead so this is the year to get the straggly looking tree that no one else wants – it’ll look awesome!

If you’re getting an artificial tree I would seriously consider a black Christmas tree as it just has the right undertones for what is essentially a horror themed Christmas tree.   If it’s a black tree you can go with a lush look as it’s embracing the dark side well and truly.

Zombie Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now along with the assorted zombie inspired tree decorations that you can find I would also look at adding a few body parts……….wait, I don’t mean chopping peoples ears or feet off!  You can get some Halloween decorations in the sale and repurpose the (fake) body parts adding a couple to the bottom of the Christmas tree just sort of hanging off the bottom branches or leaning up against the tree as though a zombie had brushed past and left it hanging there.

If you’re really lucky you’ll be able to pick up a string of entrails which you can drape over the tree in place of a garland or tinsel.

Anyway you get the idea and now for the ornaments….

Here’s a few cool zombie Christmas ornaments from Amazon…..

 Personalized Zombie Clear Acrylic Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament Zombie Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament Creepy Zombie Horror Ornament Zombie Tree Ornament Ornament – Walkers in a Winter Wonderland Zombie Circle Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

For some more unique zombie Christmas ornaments you should definitely check out Etsy as you can often find some gorgeous ornaments on any theme there.  Here’s a few of the zombie ornaments available…..

 Zombie sign Christmas Ornament Set of Zombie Ornaments Zombie Snowman Christmas Ornament

Finish your zombie Christmas tree with a tree skirt like this one –

 Blood Splatter Christmas Tree Skirt

Alternatively grab out an old Christmas tree skirt and rub a little dirt into it before flicking fake blood onto it to make it look like a ‘zombified’ tree skirt.

A Walking Dead Christmas Tree

You create a Walking Dead Christmas tree much the same way as above when looking for the type of tree, but when looking for the ornaments we’re going to zone in on TWD as opposed to zombies in general.

I would also be looking at getting one of TWD funko pop figures to put on the top of the tree, not quite sure how you’d fix it on, but I’m willing to bet it could be done quite easily.

Anyway let’s look at the ornaments for this gorgeous tree…

The Walking Dead Christmas Ornaments


 Hallmark Keepsake 2017 The Walking Dead Michonne Christmas Ornament AMC TV Show The Walking Dead Blinking Christmas Tree Ornament The Walking Dead Christmas Ornament Rick Grimes Hallmark Keepsake Ornament


 Lucille Christmas Ornament Daryl Dixon Christmas Ornament The Walking Dead Ornament Set

I’ve also just discovered that you can get TWD Christmas tree lights so I just have to share them here with you.


 Kurt Adler 10-Light Walking Dead Light Set


Other things you can hang on the tree include Dale’s Winnebago (an ornament of a Winnebago that is, not an actual one!), Darryl’s crossbow, an eye patch to represent the Govenor and as mentioned above under the more general zombie Christmas tree body parts are always a good look. You could even pop a TWD funko figure on top of the tree for a really cool look.

If you can’t find a Lucille ornament to hang on the tree, but you have a replica on hand you could always rest it against the tree – that would look awesome!

I hope that’s helped you with creating a zombie Christmas tree – I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried this theme in the past and especially if you have any tips to share.

How to Create a Zombie Christmas Tree

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Find a Purrfect Cat Christmas Tree Ornament Here!

Cat Christmas Tree Ornament

Based on an image from Pixabay

If you’re looking for a cat Christmas tree ornament that is just right then you are going to love the selection I’ve found for you here.

Whether you’re buying a cat ornament to adorn your own tree or whether you’re buying one as a gift there really are some rather mischievous looking cat ornaments available.

As a former cat owner I have really fallen in love with a number of these ornaments, especially the ones that remind me of my late cat, Tiger who thought that the Christmas tree was there just for him!


Cats & Christmas Trees

I know that when we used to decorate our Christmas tree our cat used to think we’d just created an indoor playground for him and would hit all of the Christmas ornaments off.  I certainly can’t be the only cat owner who’s experienced this!

Alternatively he’d lie on his back under the tree and reach up and pat the ornaments from one foot to the other……I used to live in dread of returning home to find him squashed under a toppled tree. Honestly I’m amazed my hair wasn’t prematurely grey!

I sometimes wonder whether he would have left any cat Christmas ornaments alone or not, I mean cat’s are pretty smart I’m sure they would’ve appreciated a tree covered in cat ornaments.   They probably would think it was there for us to worship at!


3 Gorgeous Cat Christmas Ornaments

It’s hard to choose just one from these three lovable cat ornaments, don’t you think?

 Old World Christmas Calico Cat Ornament Cat on Bird Cage Christmas Ornament Old World Glass Cat Christmas Ornament

Sets of Cat Christmas Ornaments

Lots of Gorgeous Kitties to Choose From

Let’s face it just one Cat ornament is often not enough which is why I’ve included some sets for you to enjoy looking at and imagine hanging on your own tree.

 Christmas Holiday Personalizable Clay Dough Cat Ornament Assortment Set of 2 … Gallerie II Cute Kitten Ornaments – Assorted Set of 3 Set of 3 ASSORTED REALISTIC CAT or KITTEN ORNAMENTS (3.25 Blossom Bucket Winter Kitten Cats in Warm Striped Scarf Set of Three Resin Ornaments


Siamese Cat Christmas Ornaments

If you have a favorite type of cat then you can get an appropriate ornament to celebrate them.   I’ve compiled a lovely selection of Siamese Cat Christmas ornaments that you may enjoy –

siamese cat christmas ornamentSiamese cats are not just gorgeous, but usually the most interesting members of the family! For this reason alone they should have some say in the Christmas decorating and I don’t know about your Siamese, but my late cat would have showered the Christmas tree with cat ornaments if he had his way….Read More

Personalized Cat Christmas Ornaments

If you want to get a personalized cat Christmas tree ornament, then in my opinion you can’t go past Zazzle. You can order a range of different Christmas ornaments and simply upload your own photo of your cat and their name for a truly unique and personal ornament. This is a great ideas for special cats that are no longer with us.

 Christmas Santa Cat Photo and Name Custom Ornament Personalized Christmas Cat Photo Paw Prints Ornament

A DIY Cat Christmas Tree Ornament?

When I saw this cat Christmas ornament I fell in love with it, it also gave me an idea for a diy cat Christmas ornament.

cat christmas tree ornament diy idea

Now I’m not sure how to add ears to this ornament, but the cat face is certainly one that most of us could replicate.

Arm yourself with a colored plain bauble ornament and a sharpie pen and you can create a very simple version of this ornament.

Another version would be by using a glue stick to draw (I’d use a sharpie first and go other the lines with a glue stick, but this depends on your confidence levels) on to the bauble and then sprinkle glitter on.

Another version would be to buy a clear glass bauble and paint it before doing one of the things above.

There certainly are lots of ways to celebrate your feline friends over the festive holidays so why not have a cat themed tree this year?

selection of cat christmas ornaments

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Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Aurora Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever thought about hanging some Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornaments on your tree? The idea of a prince kissing you awake has been the stuff that little girls have dreamed of for years. You could turn your Christmas tree into the type of fairy tale tree that young girls dream of by adding some of these beautiful Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornaments.

Whether you choose to have a whole tree dedicated to Sleeping Beauty or whether you just add a few Sleeping Beauty ornaments to your tree your holidays are bound to be full of sweet dreams with this gorgeous selection.

Beautiful Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Holiday Ornaments

You could stick with just Princess Aurora on her own like with these ornaments or you could add other characters from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale as well.

 Disney Store Aurora Christmas Ornament Disney Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornament Lenox Aurora Sleeping Beauty Cameo Ornament


Of course for those of us who remember the story it all started at Aurora’s christening so an ornament or two featuring her fairy godmothers might be a good touch. I’ve found a couple which feature Disney’s favorite godmothers, Flora, Fauna & Merryweather.

 Disney’s Sleeping Beauty ‘Flora, Fauna & Merryweather’ Set of 3 Disney Sleeping Beauty – Her Fairy Godmothers Christmas Ornament


Of course what is a fairy tale without a villain? The witch that cast the spell to send Aurora to sleep was Maleficent and it may be that you’d like to hang her on your Christmas tree, not sure that I’d want her celebrating the holidays with me, but….

 Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Ornament Disney Parks Maleficent Ornament Disney Maleficent Christmas Ornament


Of course all Disney fairy tales that feature Disney Princesses just have to have their own Prince and so we have some Aurora and Philip ornaments for your tree right here, starting with the one when Aurora’s true love kisses her and breaks the spell waking her up from her long, deep sleep.

 True Love’s Kiss – Disney Sleeping Beauty Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Disney’s Sleeping Beauty ‘Prince Philip and Aurora’ Ornament Set of 2 Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip Disney Sleeping Beauty Hallmark Ornament


Of course if you can’t decide which ornaments to get, and let’s face it with so many choices it can be a little over whelming, then you can just start off with a set of ornaments like this gorgeous one I’ve found below for you to enjoy.

 Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Storybook Christmas Ornament Set


If you’re after more Disney Princesses be sure to check out my Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments post.

Sleeping Beauty Christmas ornaments

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Disney’s Little Mermaid Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Ariel Christmas Ornaments

The Little Mermaid Christmas tree ornamentsChristmas trees don’t usually adorn the sea bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the undersea home of the Disney Princess Ariel on your tree this holiday season with these Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments.

The selection of Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments that are available to buy are a beautiful addition to any Christmas tree. They really do add a lovely touch of the nautical to the holiday season.

These ornaments will also make any little Ariel fan’s eyes light up in delight (almost as much as after Santa has been). Decking the tree with ornaments that various members of the family will adore just makes your holiday decorating even more special.

Hallmark Little Mermaid Christmas Ornaments – Disney Princess Ariel Christmas Ornaments

This Little Mermaid Christmas ornament features Ariel with her two friends Flounder and Sebastian who are helping her decorate her very own coral Christmas tree. As an aside I do love the idea of using coral as a Christmas tree!

Little Mermaid Ariel 2009 Hallmark OrnamentLittle Mermaid Ariel 2009 Hallmark Ornament

To me this ornament really captures Ariel in her natural environment and always brings a smile to my face when I see it.
I love the way that Flounder and Sebastian are ‘helping’ to decorate the ‘tree’ by draping pearls over it while Ariel adds the star (or is that starfish?) to the top.
If I could only have one of these ornaments on my tree this is probably the one I would pick



Ariel’s Dream – Another Hallmark Christmas Ornament

This set of two Hallmark Christmas ornaments represents Ariel wishing she had legs so that she could be with Prince Eric who she had fallen in love with upon first sight.

Ariel's Dream 2008 Hallmark OrnamentAriel’s Dream 2008 Hallmark Ornament

A great representation of the two sides of Ariel – the princess with legs and the little mermaid.
This represents a great set of Christmas ornaments for any little girl who wishes she was Ariel, I’ve found over the years that little girls in general either want to be a princess or a mermaid and as Ariel was both then I’m not surprised as to how popular she is 🙂



The Little Mermaid Christmas Ornament Set

Disney's The Little Mermaid Storybook Ornament SetDisney’s The Little Mermaid Storybook Ornament Set


This beautiful set of Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments comes in a bound storybook box to keep them safe. It also looks very impressive so would make a gorgeous gift for someone who loves Disney’s Princess Ariel. The set includes Ariel in two different poses, her father, Sebastian the crab, her best friend Flounder and more.

I know not only a very little girl who would love this as a gift, but also a few ‘not so young girls’ who would love to have this set for their tree. You could hang these ornaments on any tree – a real one, an artificial one in green or white, but what I would love to do is to get a pale turquoise colored table top tree to represent the ocean and hang these ornaments on it.

There are so many different Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments available to purchase that it’s impossible to add them all here. I do think that the ornament set is ideal if you want your whole tree to be a Little Mermaid or a fairytale nautical theme.

I have featured a few more below and be sure to check out the other Disney Princess ornaments available if you want to tree dedicated to all of your royal favorites.

 Hallmark Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Ornament Hallmark Ornament: Disney’s Ariel Disney’s ‘Ariel with Eric’ Ornament Set



Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments

Gorgeous Bull Terrier Christmas ornaments - how can you pick just one?Are you looking for Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments? I absolutely love these Christmas ornaments because of a beautiful dog I used to have. Let me tell you the story while we look at some gorgeous Bull Terrier Christmas ornaments together.

When I was first married my hubby and I got our first dog together, her name was Shelly. She was a cross between a Bull Terrier and a Fox Terrier, she was as nosy as a Foxie and as stubborn as a Bull Terrier!

Finding these Bull Terrier Christmas ornaments online are a fantastic reminder of our Shelly who passed away a few years ago.

My hubby met Shelly before me when she was holding on to the lead of a fully grown German Shepherd dog (she was only a few weeks old) and taking it for a walk. The shepherd saw hubby come in and took off with our Shells trying to pull him backwards – very unsuccessfully. Well my hubby was hooked!

That day he picked me up from work and said ‘you’ve got to meet this dog’, well our Shelly was always a very bright dog and this was evident when we first walked into the SPCA. I knelt down slightly and she bolted towards me and did a running jump straight into my arms, obviously I was a goner Shells was getting adopted!

She had been named Shelly after a schoolgirl who had raised money for the SPCA when they were visiting local schools and we thought we’d keep the name as I imagine that little girl would have been so proud 🙂

 Pit Bull Terrier Sleigh Ride Christmas Ornament Black & White Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ornament Pitt Bull Terrier Christmas Ornament Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ornament Cute Christmas Bull Terrier Ornament Fawn Pit Bull Terrier Christmas Ornament American Pit Bull Terrier Xmas Ornament Bull Terrier Christmas Ceramic Ornament Christmas Pit Bull Terrier Ornament Little Drummer Brindle Bull Terrier Xmas Ornament Pit Bull Terrier Miniature Dog Ornament – White Staffordshire Bull Terrier Christmas Ornament


Bull Terrier Christmas Ornaments

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